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Life's Bully

Death is a bully,
isn’t it?
Life is short,
and Death is quite tall.
Death defeats life often,
but we can’t do a thing.
We can’t expel death from the earth; 9 altre parole



Come and know Me
like My Father

come know My Father
as I do

let us be
joined together

revealing My great
love for you. 48 altre parole


Appropriation; A Likeness to Blackface

Today, in America, it’s really cool to be black. Now don’t misunderstand me, it is cool to be black but not cool to be a black person. 438 altre parole


Today was.... a huge wave

My dreams

Last night was filled with dreams of my love. The whole. Night. Through.

Even when I woke up in the early morning hours, not wanting to open my eyes because I knew I’d stop dreaming, he was still there. 532 altre parole



Indulge in my prose

For it was meant for you

Laying under the moon

A brave and chaotic soul

Overwhelmed with feelings

Ignited by dreams… 7 altre parole

5 Ways to a Happier You

While we all strive to achieve our grandest dreams, happiness or contentment may be elusive along the journey. Don’t be dismayed I have a few tips for you on how to be just that: happy. 549 altre parole

from the porch, quietly rush by

remember you were the one who would stay

at least

you said you’d never leave as i tugged at my sleeve and tightened the noose while pain rushed in a momentary lapse of loose appendage drop feelings… 34 altre parole