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Viewing Notes: The Bachelorette Ep. 1

I’m back. You’re back. We’re all back. No need to ask why. So pack it up, pack it in. Let me begin.

~ The bachelorette this season is a woman named Rachel. 2.092 altre parole


Vegan protein banana pancakes

You might have noticed I’m a bit obsessed with pancakes. Tiny bit.

Most recent version was a result of the following:

Watched a video about PCOS. 350 altre parole


Divorce Recovery 101: You are not Alone (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Julian A.

Founder & Owner of: Second Innings

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor and Family & Life Writer

Hello friends, welcome to my first blog post. 531 altre parole


I NEED 48 hour days!

Finding time….I find as I get older, finding time for myself is becoming rarer and rarer.

I did think that when my son was young, I had no time…but as I get older, and now that he is older (i.e – he has moved out of home…years ago!), days seem to go so much faster. 501 altre parole

Middle Aged

Inspired by Syrian, Iraq crisis

I catch a breath now?
I’m reaching death now
off the heartbeats
in the curse of your mercy… 151 altre parole


Back in Port Townsend

Man it was warm out today and I spent it doing yard work all the live long day. It was a tiring day and rather humid. 431 altre parole

Just Things

Poems of a Young Man: "Breakthroughs"

False breakthroughs

break through

and then expose themselves

as progress posers, leaving-


I see them:

A million different fingers crooked

all beckoning me… 49 altre parole

Kevin Keelan