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Smile Effect

Being able to acquire bigger and better things in life is not making us any happier.

We have reached a place in our evolution where time is becoming a precious and valued commodity. 286 altre parole


最早記憶形成期在3歲 研究:2歲前記憶都是假的




綜合外媒報導,英國諾丁漢特倫特大學(Nottingham Trent University)、布拉德福德大學(University of Bradford)與倫敦大學城市學院(City, University of London)等多所學校的學者最近進行了一項與記憶相關的研究。該研究尋問了6600多人他們最早的記憶是在幾歲,結果有38.6%的人表示是在2歲以前,還有893人更表示是在1歲。




Animal or social animal?

Life isn’t what it is, is it? What we see isn’t what it actually is and what we actually is isn’t what we see. Sometimes we know how it is but we choose to ignore it because it either is a thought or a statement which proves us wrong about a particular topic and ya it is particularly true about teenagers cause we have ego and we find it as something great and we call it “swag”. 315 altre parole

My Guarantee To You

Yes, I can offer you a guarantee

“What’s that then?” I can hear you ask

I guarantee each and every one of you, that life changes, everything changes. 158 altre parole


How Things Fall

It’s the end of another week, and I have decided to request a reschedule the interview I had planned for Monday. As life (God) would have it, I’m supposed to be getting my offer to come on permanently at my current job. 408 altre parole


6 ways to tell if you're in The Truman Show?

They call it paranoia. They tell you you’re crazy. To get your head out of your ass, the world doesn’t revolve around you. But in reality my friend, it does. 315 altre parole


I just can't let it go

My grandfather on my daddy’s side was born on July 29, 1898. His name was George Patton Morris. One week from today he would be  120 years old. 141 altre parole