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Perfectly Imperfect

Life can entirely consume you with its craziness. You are completely separate from the world in a get through the day, and repeat mode. You’re alive but not really living. 203 altre parole


Time and Again

Its always the one question that keepsĀ bothering me all the time. Every now and then, a new format, a new situation, a new angle or a new perspective to ask the same thingĀ . 386 altre parole


Choosing a More Simple Life

My son is four months old. Since he was able to turn his head, he has always been attracted to the lights, movements, and sounds of our living room television. 278 altre parole


Hump day thoughts

Spending time with those you love. Its something you should never be able to get enough of. I know I can’t. Yeah everyone needs their space once in a while, but returning and wanting to spend time with that person or hopefully “those” people are what fuels your life. 464 altre parole

Photography By Mike Hartley


Written by Jacob Ibrag

Standing still upon a wet stone in the lake

behind the cabin, she closed her eyes and began to count

to seven. 111 altre parole


'She's not me'

She isn’t me and she never will be, when you close your eyes its my face you will see, when you hold her close its me you will feel and smell, when you say you love her, you will wish its me that is saying it back. 218 altre parole

Trying new things- Pt.39

Heyy guys! So I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t really know what to post tonight until about an hour ago and it’s gonna be quite short but oh well! 199 altre parole