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the worlds end

tornadoes, massive hurricanes, a hailstorm, super volcanoes, aliens, the rapture, trump/

all ways the world could end/

but what do i look like worrying about that/ 27 altre parole


Una historia de arraigo

Cuando la música suena mejor que nunca, y la cantas y bailas a todo presente. 211 altre parole


the voice of gratitude.

I opened my eyes and I saw the sky.

It rained, which may be out of sadness, but it could also release the droplets out of happiness. 479 altre parole



“I forgive you for it wasn’t in my plans but you deserve a second chance” (Poodieville forgive you lyrics)


This lyrics above are simple but powerful don’t we all agree to some extend about forgiving others and giving them second chances even though we truly don’t believe they don’t deserve them at times.However if we were in the same situations we would like to be forgiven. 198 altre parole

Burning Bridges

You have been left

to your own devices

now that what anyone says

no longer suffices.

They have held their

hands up in surrender

tired of walking on eggshells… 82 altre parole



It may not make sense now but someday it will.

Have an awesome week enjoying the festivities.


Some Days You Just Gotta Keep Your Head Down and Try Not to Drown (12/15/19)

Oh boy today was a day and half, let me tell you. You know, I normally expect Sundays to be slower than say… Friday or Saturday; well at least Sunday nights. 1.827 altre parole

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