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wedding anniversaries

well, its our 23rd wedding anniversary today, and i have to ask myself some serious questions –

1. where have 23 years gone , 2. have i really stayed with one person for that many years and 3.   99 altre parole


The best rock climbing gyms in Singapore

(Source: www.timeout.com)

Boulder Movement

My arms are sore and my thighs are quivering. Yet I can’t let go. Not unless I want to free fall three metres or so on to the, admittedly, cushy crash pad below – but I’m too chicken to do that. 297 altre parole


💄France Villainettes🇫🇷💄

My scout @orelie.pic

My sisters
@pepita_vampira 💋

💄The Villainettes💄

Qu’est ce que c’est ? Un sisterhood, une sonorité, une communauté de femmes. Elles viennent des 4 coins du monde, elles sont d’origines aussi différentes qu’il y a d’humains sur terre. 90 altre parole


     "Blue heaven- Blue Kajal "

  “Blue heaven- Blue Kajal “

Blue Heaven Cosmetics: as they say is India’s most trusted online cosmetics brand.

Well i was passing by a cosmetic shop when this great vibrant packing caught my attention..Hence I bought this and thought of trying.. 81 altre parole


“If your absence won’t make any difference, your presence won’t either”- Decision

Feel free to comment on this one; thanks for reading.


January 17, 2018: All things come to an end


  • Work 8am
  • Class 1:30pm
  • Work 4:45pm
  • Dinner w/ Friends
  • Sleep


The past couple weeks have been pretty mundane. You know that scene where Squidward does the same exact thing every day? 551 altre parole