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That Day

That day I made my way over to where he stood, a place where our dialogue did not require words.

His leg braced his posture while he watched the shoreline lap, his boat sits on a harbor of illusion until the ripples break away its silhouette. 27 altre parole

Trying to do university/life with a chronic illness

Life is hard. University is hard. Like super hard. Whether it’s your first or third year of an undergraduate degree, your masters degree or your PhD. 1.938 altre parole


Reaching the world before life and light - 30 Day Challenge 3: Day 2

Well, today I did it. Actually, I’m surprised by how fast my new regime caught on. Admittedly, I feel tired but nothing to what I was expecting in all honesty. 311 altre parole

30 Day Challenge

Nine signs your woman is getting extra sex somewhere!

Well, rightly or wrongly, sex experts say the following are the signs to watch for if you’re suspecting that your woman is having sex with some other man! 276 altre parole


How we feel about 'meat eaters'.

Somewhere along the line, there has been a beastly rivalry brewing between the vegan community and the meat eater community. And its understandable,  the meat eating community stands for everything that vegans oppose. 375 altre parole

Train(ing) my way ❤

It’s weekend time, time to relax. Get your train(ing) mood on, sugars! <3 get in a train to anywhere and start your Getaway or Simply train for a healthier lifestyle <3 Whatever You Choose, stay Positive ✌ Be Calm And Be Tha Change 💪 and Always Hope Dream Wait.

take care, xx Zoe xD


New campsites coming to the southern interior

As anyone who has tried to find a camp site on the Friday before a long weekend can tell you, finding a free space can sometimes feel like winning the lottery. 157 altre parole