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What To Do: go shopping

Yes, I said it! Go spend a little money and treat yourself, Connecticut. It is officially tax free week which starts today into Saturday. Clothes and shoes under $100 are exempt from the 6.35 sales tax that we normally pay. 269 altre parole


Blog #338, Day 350.

Sunday August 20th, 2017 at 8:28 PM.

I have a hall meeting at 10 PM, which is just too late in my opinion.

I almost died looking at textbook prices today. 54 altre parole


Not The Perfect Yogi

I’ve been teaching yoga for over 3 years and practiced (sometimes intermittently) for 7 years. And for whatever reason within the last year I’ve had thoughts of shame creeping up on me that I wasn’t setting a guiding example for my students – I wasn’t the perfect yogi. 526 altre parole


Welcome to RE-Active!

Welcome to the active lifestyle blog of Ralph and Elizabeth (i.e. RE-active). Our goal with this blog is to help people stay active through all stages of life by sharing our experiences and things we have learned along the way. 21 altre parole


Canning Garlic Dill Pickles

Hey Everyone!

Today, I picked some more raspberries before coming back in and got started canning pickles with my mom.

Today we got 19 quarts of pickles made today. 129 altre parole


Getting What I wanted

I feel like I think this to myself all the time. But im slowly fullfilling my goals for this year. I just bought myself that I am going to be paying for. 98 altre parole