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Coffee Blog : life is short 

I saw this quote on my coffee cup and it made me realise how true the quote is. I know it’s done for promotional and Branding purposes but that quote is so true and real.

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The right ways to use face masks

Exfoliate and Tone before applying// You should always apply a face mask to clean skin but instead of just washing your face with water you should cleanse and exfoliate this is because the ingredients in a face mask won’t work when you have a layer of dead skin on your skin surface. 92 altre parole


America first, Greece second!

Το βίντεο που τα… σπάει στο διαδίκτυο

Την αρχή έκανε η Ολλανδία, τη σκυτάλη πήρε η Γερμανία και αμέσως μετά ακολούθησε όλη η Ευρώπη και σιγά σιγά όλος ο κόσμος.


I want my leg- 4yrs old cries out (graphic pic)



Looking very beautiful and unassuming, four-year-old Adamu Rukayya cuts the image of a vibrant, young girl. And as expected of children of her age, she would always join her friends in the neighbourhood to go to school and play around the house during their leisure. 1.446 altre parole



Two weeks ago, my sister and mom came to visit me and watch Step Sing! I am so blessed to have spent that weekend with them and get to explore my new city and school with Mollie! 24 altre parole


Look Around You and Even Look Back

Yes, it’s still February. Even though it is February the weather has been “nice” these past few days. I only put the quotes around nice because it is still February and it’s not suppose to be this warm so early on. 640 altre parole