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#Free Physiotherapy assessment #Freerehab #Onestrokepatient

As we approach the season of love, Physioblogs will like to loveup on someone who has Stroke by giving free assessment and rehabilitation to one lucky person WHO CANNOT AFFORD IT. 83 altre parole


Chloe VS Escalators

Chloe vs Escalators – the story of a Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, DCD, SDDMF, not to mention left handed freak.

The thing is I am dyslexic, so dyslexic that it is unbelievable I got an A in my English GCSE. 1.793 altre parole


Face and Flower Illustration

This incredible artwork by Livvy made my day! We are going through some real rough time now and drawing is taking a back seat. With abusive parents in the house you cannot keep your creative side up for too long. 258 altre parole


"Dear, Beth. I am a fuckboy."

I got a rather hilarious email from a reader last night. It was a strange combination unexpected and revolting yet charming to some degree? With his permission, he let me talk about it on here. 2.336 altre parole


Ovulation Tracking, and Our FIRST Doctor Appointment!

It’s here; our first doctors appointment is tomorrow.  The one where we sit down with an OBGYN and disclose that we are beginning the journey of trying to conceive a pregnancy at home via artificial insemination. 636 altre parole


5 beauty must haves!

So I’ve recently been obsessed with these 5 drugstore beauty products. They’re all super affordable and so worth it. So I have a moisturiser, a concealer, 2 eyeshadow palettes and an eyebrow pomade. 356 altre parole


Giving my gut a rest

Baby it’s cold outside. “Why yes, I’ll have that extra slice of pizza.” “Why yes, I don’t mind if I have that extra cookie. It is the holidays after all!” “Sure, let’s have bacon for brunch.” Or, “It’s NYE, another cocktail isn’t gonna hurt,” and “It’s my cheat day!” 181 altre parole

Feeling Whole