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Jam Sandwich filming

7:30AM. As a student this was not a time I was particularly accustomed to. But nevertheless we had to be leaving the house and heading to Salford quays to pick up a tripod, a Tascam recorder, a boompole, a sennheiser shotgun mic, two full tracking dolly kits 2 felloni led lighting panels and a set of 3 ARRI lights. 335 altre parole

Frames in Focus: Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958)

Watching a film you’ve seen many times before still often brings new elements to light, particularly a film as cinematically rich as Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 masterpiece… 460 altre parole


Public Holidays and Furry Problems

Spent most of yesterday evening trying to get Ardent’s fur to work in referenced scenes. That and other texture and illumination problems. It was rough. 79 altre parole