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6 Pack Caddie - 6 Shooter Style

Headed for a tailgate, a concert in the park or just an evening of visiting with the neighbors, it is always nice to bring along your beverage of choice to sample during the event. 27 altre parole


Deadpool Spatula

So back in 2015 I made the Batula (Batman Spatula) and it was a fun project. At the time I had planned to make a Deadpool one on my CNC but my CNC broke down and the project died along with it.Since I recently bought a used scroll saw and needed a first project, I decided to revive Wade and give it …
By: kludge77

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Light Cage

A lamp made of walnut, balsa wood and paper. Sawing I sawed a piece of walnut into small boardsand the small boards into small sticks, using a cross cut sled and a push block. 30 altre parole


Turntable Cabinet OSB

I decided to make a cabinet for my turntable and decided to go for OSB, I like the chipped wood look but this cabinet can just as easy be made out of plywood! 32 altre parole


Shoe Bench

Here is the finish shoe bench. Detailed Plans Cutting plans. I used pocket hole joinery. Building the Carcase Assembled Frame. Shelf Detail Used 1/4 spacers. Final before staining Here is what the shoe bench looks like. 21 altre parole


IJDMTOY Subaru JDM LED Rear Fog Light Installation

The Subaru WRX is a car enthusiast’s dream, and can be easily built to one’s personal specifications. Car lighting fans would be pleased with the set of 3-in-1 Subaru WRX LED Rear Fog Light with triple functions, including brake light mode, tail light mode, and reverse light mode. 8 altre parole


The Instagram Struggle: What the Hell Is Up With My Feed?

My instagram is no joke.  I know that statement may seem pathetic to some, but in all honesty I don’t care. I truly think about each and every Instagram I post and how it’ll look next to the rest of my pictures.   330 altre parole