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Night Effects

I smile when others “discover” garden lighting, especially subtle methods that don’t detract from night skies.

My first job after college was being a design grunt at a firm in San Diego’s Mission Valley, in pre-AutoCAD 1989. 334 altre parole


HIGH POINT: design inspiration

Design is a high point in my day.  I’m inspired by beautiful settings.  It’s always a bit surprising to me when people aren’t.  And there are people that are NOT inspired by beautiful settings.   354 altre parole


Life is Noise Gacha Skybox – :HAIKEI:


LED Desk Lamp

I love to read but the lighting in my room is quite dim. It makes it hard to read for any length of time. I’m one of those people that wants a physical book in my hand. 96 altre parole

NAB 2017 - softpanels

Softpanels is a company that makes…..panel lights that are soft.  They came about initially through a Kickstarter campaign that offered soft LED lights at about half the price of the “big boys” in the market.   86 altre parole


How To Find Photography Spots Near You!

Every photographer reaches a point where they don’t know where they are going to take their next shot. This can happen very often, and it is common. 170 altre parole