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George Michael - Freedom 90

I adore his style of singing. He was my teen hero. He still is. What a lovely voice quality.

This is one song that still makes me want to hit the dance floor. 833 altre parole

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Η Gigi και η Kendall μόλις πήραν ένα τεράστιο κομπλιμέντο από τη θρυλική Linda Evangelista!

Η Stephanie Seymour έριξε πολλή χολή τον περασμένο Ιούνιο για την Kendall Jenner και την Gigi Hadid, όμως μια άλλη σούπερ σταρ από τα χρυσά χρόνια του μόντελινγκ στην δεκαετία του ’90 έχει μια εντελώς διαφορετική άποψη για τις σημερινές συναδέλφους τους.

Έτσι, όταν ρώτησαν τη Linda Evangelista αν έχει κάποια συμβουλή να δώσει στην Kendall και την Gigi, εκείνη είπε,


Flashback to the 90's!

A lot has changed in the world of fashion since the era of (true!) supermodels. Note: This golden period began in 1990, with the era-defining Vogue cover of Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista and Tatjana Patitz- photographed by Peter Lindbergh. 186 altre parole


Breaking-Up with VOGUE

As a child I couldn’t wait to go grocery shopping with my mother, solely so I can make my way to the fashion magazine aisle and marvel at the glamorous Guess campaign ads as I couldn’t wait to run my fingers through those scented glossy pages. 329 altre parole


'90s supermodels Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, and Naomi Campbell reunite to pose in stunning elephant charity campaign

Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and Linda Evangelista haven’t posed for a campaign together in years, but the trio of top ’90s supermodels has joined forces again for a good cause, lending their faces to the #KnotOnMyPlanet campaign, which supports the Elephant Crisis Fund. 98 altre parole

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