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The Baltic Table

Scandinavia is the sleek, cute, design capital of the world then the Baltic’s are their cool, hipster cousins. A little grungier and a little more artsy, the Baltic’s don’t have as much money as their rich Scandinavian kin but they’re the Northern Europeans that you wanna sit with at lunch. 1.109 altre parole


Exercise Iron Wolf II kicks off in 2 training grounds in Lithuania

An international two-week exercise Iron Wolf II is kicking off on Wednesday in Lithuania’s Gaiziunu training ground in the Jonava district and General Silvestras Zukauskas ground in Svencionys district. 108 altre parole

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NATO fighter-jets enjoy 1st quiet week in 6 months

NATO fighter-jets guarding the Baltic skies enjoyed the first quiet week in nearly six months, with no scrambles last week, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry said. 78 altre parole

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Šnekutis, Vilnius (Užupis branch)

Polocko g. 7A, Vilnius 01204, Lithuania
  • Quality and/or choice of drinks –8/10
  • Style and Decor – 9/10
  • Character, Atmosphere and/or Local Life – 10/10
  • Amenities, Events & Community – 8/10…
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Local Life

Clothes for Poor Weather Conditions

I think this topic will be really relevant for me and other lithuanians – even our country name Lietuva means “rainy land”! If you’re not living in sunny California or French Riviera, you are probably dealing with the same problem – there are so many clothes in your closet, but you must hide under big, baggy black sweaters because it’s too cold and too wet!   179 altre parole


Baltic Breaks.

It’s Friday, meaning this time two weeks ago, the SALT group went on a weekend adventure to Tallinn, Estonia and Rīga, Latvia!

All twenty-four students, four interns, and one of the recruiters, Jennie, boarded a bus on Thursday and drove through the night to Tallinn. 1.199 altre parole

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