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The Perfect Pavlova

During then Xmas period, I had such a disaster with making my meringues desserts!! I wanted to make Lorraine Pascal’s Strawberries & Cream Meringue Layer cake from her ‘Bake’ book and the recipe required 10 egg whites. 203 altre parole


On the menu - Christmas food


On the Sunday before Christmas I made lebkuchen from a recipe from Great British Bake Off’s Christmas book. I had remembered making lebkuchen last Christmas and absolutely loving them and I thought that I’d used this recipe, I only checked afterwards (🤦‍♀️) but the recipe I used last year was from a Lorraine Pascale book. 565 altre parole


Christmas Baking with Lorraine Pascale

I baked Lorraine’s White Chocolate & Cherry Torte with a Crème Fraiche Chantilly.

It was surprisingly easy! 165 altre parole


A Marshmallow World

I watch an awful lot of Food Network.  If I didn’t write about food, and could call it professional research, someone would probably stage an intervention. 663 altre parole


I have mentioned in my earlier posts how much I love to cook, and as a result of this, my recipe book collection is ever-growing. 824 altre parole


Baking Made Easy ep. 5 - Time to Bake

Lorraine Pascale takes us through recipes to relax over, including pumpkin and rosemary muffins, which are good for breakfast, lunch or any time at all. Macaroons may look difficult to make, but really they are just posh meringues, and mini tiramisu cakes are a delicious and playful twist on the classic dinner party dessert. 145 altre parole


Baking Made Easy ep. 4 - Bake to Impress - Three-tier red velvet cake

If you want to impress with baking, Lorraine Pascale has got it covered. First, a beautiful tomato and basil tarte tatin that is both simple and stunning. 179 altre parole