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Thirty Years Later...

Shakespeare’s Juliet
with a ten-year-old’s line twist
and a handmade dress


A Dream Walk

When I woke up, I could feel the wet sand on my face. I raised my head and looked.
Before me, was the vast ocean and it was evening, the sun was about to go, the wind and everything was with me. 210 altre parole


Nichts Sagend..

any think..
a nothing..
an out think..
a not think..
just a words.
explained less.
sometimes, everything we need to do is just “Not do anything at all”..


For now

I dived into the wilderness,
Under the earth’s deepest trench.
Swimming endlessly.
Meeting creatures, after creature.
They all want my flesh.
I am getting tired. 214 altre parole

normal to you, everything to me.

just sitting next to you sent electricity throughout my body

I was buzzing with out the alcohol, just your presence

the sound of your voice traveled around me and interlocked my fingers, holding my hand tightly. 87 altre parole

guatemala redux (part 3)

Are you ready to talk Tuesday? Isn’t that how they always tell people to keep going … one day at a time? I mean, I don’t want to rush it or anything.  1.529 altre parole


If You Meet Someone Equally As Weird As You, Don’t Ever Let Them Go!

“We’re all mad here…” – Alice In Wonderland

Let’s face it, there are some people out there who have a little extra oomph to their weirdness and man are they awesome. 542 altre parole