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Oh Jesuit, my Jesuit! (a Sunday night story)

As a kid I played at the feet of Jesuits. Not in some creepy “show me on the doll where he touched you” sort of way, I literally played at their feet under our dining room table; tying together shoe laces, tapping on their legs and hiding as they peered under the table pretending not to know what just tapped them. 1.209 altre parole



You were Blue,

and I adored you

Calm and cool

My Love

Where were you?

Distant, cold

You took my hand

Your icy blues were hard to stand. 67 altre parole


Baked With Love

This is straight up ooey, gooey, delicious, beautiful, almost-too-amazing-to-eat, baked with love goodness! I said “almost” too good to eat. *Chomp* *Yum*


Emotion Overload...

Once in a while I get myself in to a little funk and nothing around me seems to make me happy. How selfish does that make me? 819 altre parole


The Best Quotes of Jane Austin's Heroines

Whether you’ve read Jane Austin or not, if you’ve ever taken an English lit class, you’ve no doubt heard of the British writer who created a legacy of intelligent, independent young heroines in a time where marriage was a woman’s chance at success. 793 altre parole


Her love filled his heart

She had a classic look and a timeless smile, a being of grace and inner peace. She possessed such wit and loved the fun, She loved days lazing in the sun, her perfect body she liked to show in classy and sexy tight clothes. 84 altre parole