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Value Your Friendships

You get fond of a guy/girl and they begin to think that your world is solely depended on them? What a fallacy. People chose to be friends with you or make you a part of their world not out of your superiority but out of sheer understanding that we all need each other to survive and because people offer us room to learn and grow. 126 altre parole

Agape at agape

If love longs for response, does that nullify the purity of the love?

If love is truly self-forgetfulness … yet the lover yearns to be loved back … how can we say it forgets itself? 657 altre parole


Life sucks!

When you’ve had a bad day

And you wonder which way

To go in your life

Because you’ve argued with the wife

Your kids hate you… 110 altre parole


Better Not

If I could miss you
I would miss you
More than anything
And anyone
If I should miss you
I could not miss you
As you are the only one… 28 altre parole


Unwrapping Renegades

She gave the girl a gift,
A box that was her own as a child
The girl smiled at the red ribbons,
And shredded the packaging, as she had been taught… 192 altre parole


No Matter What

In this country
We are given legal rights
Some of which we never
Doubt or question…
Just ask Kaep about that
We sell this country on principles… 151 altre parole