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Meaning To My Life

A Doctor can save my life,
A Lawyer can defend my life,

A Solider can protect my life,

But it’s gonna be only YOU,

That will bring some meaning to my Life.


happy happy...pappy!!!

That’s me by the way, I just put some make up on and starting dancing the “giggy giggy”

Lets go under 300 words to the point so I don’t bore you. 304 altre parole

English Literature

i attached you to all the love songs i know, and now the memory of you pains me whenever i hear them.



Ongewild laat ik sporen na

In het boek dat ik van jou mag lenen

Kleine ezelsoren

Een gekreukte flap

Een koffievlek op pagina éénentwintig

Je moet lachen om mijn onhandigheid… 6 altre parole

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A Common Cold

My girl sleeps now…

Last week her first cold developed and it threw us for a loop… and by us I mean me.

There is something that happens when you become a parent. 528 altre parole


One Year Later...Last Kiss, Part Two

“First kiss ever I took

Like a page from a romance book

The sky opened and the earth shook

Down on Copperline”  — James Taylor… 1.222 altre parole