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Something about having little rituals for every day activities add a spark of joy into my days.  Whether it is the activity of clipping my nails and painting it every weekend; or making a concoction of detox water (1 glass warm water mixed with 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar & 2 tbsp honey) and drinking it out of my favorite mug; or tidying up my wardrobe and mentally plan my outfits for the coming week.   90 altre parole

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Nuvole Bianche (White Clouds)

Ok, let him sleep,

Now he can not understand.

No, don’t tell him

Why she doesn’t feel this heart any more.

Wind, you will not tell, 319 altre parole

Pelican ~

"A pelican animal totem usually comes soaring into your dreams as an indication of your selflessness. ... Additionally, a pelican spirit totem that is floating on water in a dream is thought to be a symbol of reflection and balance. 11 altre parole

4 Musicians Who Have Influenced Or Inspired Me

When you like music as much as I do, many of your role models and inspirations will be musicians. And whether it’s through their music or not, they will have some sort of impact on your life. 763 altre parole

Opinion Piece

Ludovico Einaudi - Ora Sheet Music, Piano Notes, Chords

This is Ludovico Einaudi Ora sheet music, piano notes and chords page. Learn to play this popular song in no time with presented video tutorial lesson, which is for free. 58 altre parole

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