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Blood & Velum, Ink & Parchment

Tools of our craft – we are blessed to not lament the expense of wasted paper when a scene doesn’t work. Our fingers are not perpetually stained with ink.* 417 altre parole


A DIY Day of Bliss

A few days ago I stepped outside of my box. Not too far mind you though admittedly I should stretch myself more. What did I do? 1.644 altre parole


Piano spelen - #1

Na mijn eerste post heb ik niks schrikbarend weinig gedaan met de blog. Ik vond het daarom tijd om eens iets nieuws te schrijven, en wel over iets wat ik de laatste tijd met veel plezier doe. 438 altre parole

#Music - Spotify Playlist for focus

The above embed only plays excerpts of each track.
You can listen to the whole playlist using this link below for the Spotify web player. 9 altre parole


A Tip to Stay Focused During Essay Writing

Another two months seem to have slipped through my fingers since I last wrote a blog post, but at least this time I have a valid excuse. 614 altre parole


The memories of music

I’ve been following The Daily Post for some time and more recently their series of daily prompts.  I half-heartedly started on something intended to be deep, somewhat cynical yet wholly moving – and promptly gave up after two paragraphs.   258 altre parole


Mix Tape: Volume 3: Side 1 (There is beauty in everything)

Everybody’s view of what is and isn’t beautiful is different, my own is that there is beauty in everything, it may not always be pleasant, or uplifting, but it can still be beautiful in some way. 172 altre parole