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I listened and it was good

I closed my eyes and raised my hands
In the air they glide. . fingers flowing
Steady deep breath, and head turning about. . . slowly… 122 altre parole

Desert Island Discs

I have only ever listened to one ‘Desert Island Discs’ episode in my life. That is to say, I have only ever listened to one… 1.289 altre parole

Ludovico Einaudi 2015

Not exactly a travelling experience but it was such a wonderful evening I thought a blog post was necessary.

I was fortunate enough to see my favourite classical composer live; Ludovico Einaudi. 150 altre parole


Just Because I Like It

I’m posting this simply because I like it and to document the day in my life when I started listening to music by Ludovico Einaudi.


To-Do Lists, the Dichotomy Paradox and Clouds

Anytime I find myself feeling overwhelmed with all of the planning and preparations I should be making, I open up my note app on my iPhone or a I add another electronic post-it to my desktop and I start listing all of the things I still need to do. 572 altre parole