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Minutia: An Encore

Which way
Does your hand point
When the wind blows?

Which way
Do your eyes wander
When the sun sets?

Tell me
Help me know… 370 altre parole


Unspent emotion

My words inspired by this.

Thank you to Writing of M for introducing me to this stunning piece of music.

The feelings run across me like a bow across strings. 138 altre parole

The Intouchables.

R and I spent a lazy sunday afternoon watching The Intouchables over a 13 inch monitor. She brought Lady M’s signature mille crepes for me to try and they were delicious. 60 altre parole



“The moon will always dwell in the darkness

in order to be seen, and the night shall

be filled with music. May you fall asleep…

92 altre parole


Many months back, an acquaintance shared her moving forward solution was to be indifferent. She wrote of her negative experiences in considerable details I could feel her critical emotions and hate. 168 altre parole



Where do I begin?

Where should I start?

How do I tell you?

Am I supposed to hold your hand in a certain way?
And where do I stand -to the left or to the right of you? 356 altre parole