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Divine "Divenire"

It’s a tune that I have hummed along and gently shaken my head to hundreds of times over the years but it never once occurred to me to look up a video of it. 112 altre parole


Musings: The Sophomore Slump?

Guess who just turned in her Gender final papers and is now officially done with fall semester??

I’m done with exams- accidentally finished my 61-question psychology final in fifteen minutes yesterday, but it happens…still got an A (minus) so it’s okay.   882 altre parole


An Arctic Ice Breaker

Global warming and the truth of the extent is becoming increasingly evident as the years pass by. The next big issue on the ever-growing list we face, is the possibility of an ice-free arctic summer. 739 altre parole


Pianis Ternama Ludovico Einaudi Melakukan Pertunjukan Memukau di Laut Arktik

Komposer dan pianis terkenal asal Italia, Ludovico Einaudi baru-baru ini bekerja sama dengan Greenpeace, sebuah organisasi peduli lingkungan. Ludovico Einaudi memainkan karya terbarunya ‘Elegy of The Arctic’ di tempat yang unik, yaitu di ruang terbuka Kutub Utara dengan latar belakang bongkahan es yang mulai mencair. 40 altre parole



This is Ludivico Eunaudi with Divenire. Google translate says it means Become. Enjoy!