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Running Made of Music

Beginning slowly
step by step
an anxious heart beating so fast
a high inner heat
mind still busy
one thousand of thoughts
the past and the future present… 77 altre parole


Cracow and Ludovico Einaudi escapade

I’ve been thinking what to write about this week. It’s been a little hectic. I had no time to do other stuff than work and university related, so when I sat down to create a post I felt I was in trouble. 486 altre parole


Van Gogh Shadow : Luca Agnani

1. Fishing Boats on the Beach at Saintes-Maries
2. Langlois Bridge at Arles, The
3. Farmhouse in Provence
4. White House at Night, The
5. Still Life… 29 altre parole


Ludovico Einaudi @ The Bridgewater Hall ~ 14 March 2016

This was my first time at a classical concert. Ludovico Einaudi is a brilliant pianist whose music is very popular. His songs are used in so many adverts and shows. 337 altre parole


Music to Read Books By

Last week I wrote about the books I’ve been reading, so naturally (to me, anyway) I thought this week I’d write about the music I like to listen to while reading those books.   822 altre parole

Faith And Practice

Minutia: An Encore

Which way
Does your hand point
When the wind blows?

Which way
Do your eyes wander
When the sun sets?

Tell me
Help me know… 370 altre parole


The Intouchables.

R and I spent a lazy sunday afternoon watching The Intouchables over a 13 inch monitor. She brought Lady M’s signature mille crepes for me to try and they were delicious. 60 altre parole