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My Favourite Music

I’ve come up with a series of blogposts for the coming weeks: my favourites!
The first one… My Favourite Music! 172 altre parole


On Solitude


To sit, in silence — sometimes to think, or to read, or to listen. And other times just to simply sit.

Today the skies are grey and the room around me is filled with the soft sounds of rain on the windowpane and the gusting of wind through the trees. 452 altre parole


"I need good Music" - My heart said.

Sometimes words do not have the power to convey some feelings, they are limited in their scope. Our life is another story where we have moments of joy, agony, torment, surprise, and exhilaration. 694 altre parole


Wrap music

Maybe it’s rap, maybe it’s not.  Hah, word jokes.

I have all but finished wrapping this year’s gifts — cards are next, well writing anyways if not wrapping — and once more I have listened to a track of choice while wrapping.  175 altre parole


Unfinished business

When I was a child, I really wanted to learn to play the piano, but never had the opportunity.  In fact, I was given a cello instead and with all the attitude of a typical teenager, resented carrying it on the bus to school and did not really have the right motivation for practice.  672 altre parole