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Time stands still.

Time stands still. The galaxy swirls around me, somehow pulling me towards the stars and expanding the universe at the same time. Echoes of something lost – or was it something hidden? 31 altre parole


"Introductio Ad Regnum Tarantulae"

Link to the song Introductio Ad Regnum Tarantulae

“Introductio Ad Regnum Tarantulae” could possibly be my favorite Ludovico Einaudi song. Like the fact he brought some of the finest musicians together to create this song and the album this song opens for. 326 altre parole

February 12 • 22 • 10 songs on shuffle

Sorry for the late post! Sadly, I imagine it will be the same situation tomorrow. Stressful times at the moment! ☺

  1. Groupie Love- Lana Del Rey…
  2. 41 altre parole

"Divenire" by Ludovico Einaudi

Divenire means “to become”. And that’s exactly the story that this piece tells.

This orchestral/piano work is the title track of Ludovico Einaudi‘s album  664 altre parole


The writing soundtrack for Intraterrestrial

The creative process is a magical thing, and every creative person out there has their own unique way of tapping into it. Some people just flip open their laptop and go. 607 altre parole