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So it’s been a great day with my baby girl…. Play time at Kidspace then lunch at Mac Donald’s!

Madam loves an action shot at the park on the swings! 38 altre parole

Point + Shoot

Unobserved Through A Car Window

Most people hate to wait in a car, while others are shopping. But I simply love it. It usually has calming effect on me. I feel happy when I sit peacefully and watch people and things around me while being completely hidden from view. 459 altre parole

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Coca-Cola Genios de la publicidad!

Amada por muchos es sin ninguna discusion la mejor compañia en publicidad y mercadeo del mundo.

Cada programa activado por ellos tiene en su comunicacion un leguaje que une, que te invita a compartir los mejores momentos de tu vida con tu familia y amigos! 197 altre parole

Luis Fernando!!!

Hoy tuve la suerte de poder interactuar con varias personas a las que fotografié. La primera de ellas es Luis Fernando, él dice ser el cuidador de los semáforos de Las Heras y Coronel Díaz. 165 altre parole

Street Photography

In Quotation Marks

Things I love about America, “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”, “Leader” of the “Free” World

Performing “Quotation Marks”


Stick your hands out… 186 altre parole


Friday 23.05.14 Wedding Anniversary

Woke to another dull wet morning, had coffee in bed before going to work via Mac Donald’s for a breakfast treat, work was busy but the day went quickly and it’s a 3 day weekend for us, got home and cooked dinner then spent most of the evening setting up Lynne’s new… 60 altre parole

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