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Homeowner fights off 5 would-be robbers with machete

SARASOTA, Fla. — Video shows a Florida homeowner jumping into action and using a machete to fend off five would-be robbers.

The suspects were armed with a shotgun when they broke into the man’s home in Sarasota on Friday morning, according to a… 139 altre parole


WATCH: Man Fights Off 5 Gun Carrying Intruders with Machete

Surveillance video captured a Florida homeowner, fighting off 5 would-be robbers with a machete. Video shows at least one intruder carrying a shot gun.

Police responded to a call early Thursday morning, regarding an intruder with a shotgun. 95 altre parole


Amazon Is Changing Its KDP Reports Tool

Some of you will have noticed KDP’s switch to a new interface:

The new dashboard offers several advantages over the old one. The tabbed browsing allows you to access… 308 altre parole


Day 2 off the couch!

I ran today.

And I felt…. AMAZING. Really.

The first mile sucked, as usual. But then in mile 2 I realized that my running suddenly felt….effortless. 587 altre parole

Into the Jungle - Tackling the block

Eventually the window lightened and as soon as I could extricate myself from between my two colleagues, I headed out into the school playground.  A couple of biscuits, some water and a quick swill with a toothbrush and we were ready to move.  455 altre parole


16-Year-Old Girl Accused of Hacking Uber Driver to Death

LINCOLNWOOD, Ill. (AP) – A 16-year-old girl walked out of a suburban Chicago Walmart holding a machete and knife she’d stolen, climbed into an Uber car and began hacking at the driver, prosecutors said at a hearing on Wednesday. 507 altre parole