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Vicious Machete Attack On Dog Sparks Animal Abuse Rally In Merced

MERCED (CBS/AP) — Dozens of people gathered in Merced to protest animal abuse after a 1-year-old Siberian Husky was tied to a fire hydrant and slashed by two men with machetes. 271 altre parole


and here are the pictures.

Alright, classic Michelle photo dump time.

A couple of animals from the center. Yana Cocha had over 200 but these are my favorite. 718 altre parole

Gap Year

Detectives Arrest 2 Suspects Allegedly Tied To At Least 16 Convenience Store Robberies Spanning 4 Counties

CHINO HILLS (CBSLA.com)  —  Detectives in Chino Hills announced the arrest of two suspects Friday they said were responsible for at least 16 robberies that span four Southland counties. 302 altre parole


Machete-Wielding Chinese Bikers Hunt Pedestrians for Fun

Original post from Epoch Times

‘………….By Frank Fang

Residents of a southern Chinese city who fancy a late night walk or drive could find themselves in a hospital emergency room—if machetes-wielding bikers spot them. 281 altre parole


Sturdy shoes....

In light once
The eyes adjust.
But seeing,
there are many branching
Roads, some well wore
Others unseen
beneath dirt and

I think being… 36 altre parole


'Really dirty' man threatens Loveland woman; she pulls out machete to scare him off

LOVELAND, Colo. — The Loveland Police Department is searching for a “really dirty” knife-wielding man who it says walked into the garage of a home and verbally assaulted a woman only to run off after the woman pulled out a machete. 322 altre parole


Movie Pitch - Friday The 13th: Jason Takes Parliament

GLEN (sweating copiously as usual): Mr Hollywood Producer, sir, I have a great Idea for a new Friday the 13th movie.

HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER: You’ve got about three minutes before security gets here and fucks you up, let’s hear it, dickhead. 79 altre parole