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Swedish Rocket Knives

There are trends in YouTube videos among various video producers. A few weeks ago, it was all about fidget spinners until some niche tech blog ran that meme into the ground. 228 altre parole

Cnc Hacks

Run. Wait. Exterminated.

My machete sprung into life, ripping through the dense bushes of the wild, torches of flame were trailing me, lighting up the dead of the night, I was in deep trouble, invoked the whole village to hunt me down because of my inadvertent blunder. 516 altre parole


"Learning to cook" - Daniel 'Prince' Fortune 'MDOC #86753 - Maine State Prison

My mother taught me many things:one of the most important things was how to cook.Cooking is very special. I grew up in a large household, so food, the preparation, and the gathering together to eat food, was always an event. 150 altre parole

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Texas Law To Allow Open Carry Large Blades Including Bowie Knives

As of September, all Texans will be allowed to carry blades that are longer that the currently allowed 5.5 inches thanks to HB1935, a bill signed into law last month by Gov. 114 altre parole


Danny Trejo Gives LA the Nacho Donut

The further manifestation of Nacho Donut into Physical Form. I am not even mad. I just have proof that I am the original Nacho Donut. Check out this article about how the guy from Machete has brought me out to Hollywood… 11 altre parole


One Armed Clown With Machete Duct Taped To Body Arrested By Maine Police

31-year-old Corey Berry was arrested by the Maine State Police for drunkenly strolling along a Maine road last Tuesday.

Seems like it could be a fairly normal occurrence, until you see that Corey was arrested while wearing a clown mask (creepy), and while a machete was duct taped to where his arm  105 altre parole


One-Armed, Machete-Wielding Drunk Clown Arrested

A one-armed man in Maine is accused of drunkenly wandering down the road wearing a black-hooded sweatshirt, a clown mask and terrorizing people with a machete taped to where his arm had been amputated. 31 altre parole