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Top five Macrame Pins

I’ve fell in love with macrame and over the next few weeks, I’m going to attempt having a go. For inspiration and tips, I went to good old… 118 altre parole

Vintage Oxford

Macrame: Is Making a Comeback

According to the Toronto Star, July 15th issue, macrame is making a comeback as an art form and decorative trend. I smiled as I read this article. 201 altre parole

Crafty Ambitions: Macrame skills acquired

I never went to summer camp. I was never in a school program where I was taught crafty things. Nearly every skill I have I taught myself. 520 altre parole

Arts And Crafts

Hearts bracelet

I made this macramé bracelet using yarn left from my autumn leaf lace top project.

I started out with two cords folded in half, which I made into reverse lark’s head knots around a jump ring pair. 277 altre parole


Renovation progress

When renovating its all about saving money which means endless painting but its worth it. These next photos show the rooms before I have added decor and hopefully in another 6 mths I will have moved in. 146 altre parole


Styled Wedding Shoot ~ Happy Seasons with Macrame

Having just started out making large Macrame Backdrops for weddings and events, I realised that until they are used in a real wedding, I am going to need to do a styled wedding shoot in order to showcase my work and for it to be seen in an actual setting!   537 altre parole


DIY Macramé Hanging Planter – Create Your Own Boho Basket in less than 5 minutes!

Macramé doesn’t have to be complicated. By using only a couple of basic knot tying techniques, I was able to create this stylish hanging basket in under five minutes. 292 altre parole

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