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Head to Bob’s Cafe, Muswell Hill, this 20th February – for a macrame workshop , if you’re in the north London area – book here… 184 altre parole


10 Bags of Macrame for Spring

Woven bags and macramé bags are associated with summer, the sea and the absence of the need to think about what you take with you, besides lipstick and phone. 34 altre parole


A Word of Welcome

Hi, everyone! My name is Chloe Valles. I’m 18 years old and attend Texas State University as a second semester freshman studying journalism. When I’m not studying, worrying, or out with friends, I manage my Etsy shop, … 111 altre parole

Weekly Review 2

Good evening, Reader! All good?

I fell ill on Monday and the negative effects echoed throughout the week. I fell behind on school work, which I have now almost caught back up on. 325 altre parole


Hour Seven

Today I did macrame, again!

Strongly recommend it if you haven´t tried.

It feels relaxing and rewarding to make knots, and I never knew!


Hour Six

Today I did macrame again

I made the same kind of bracelet like last time, but this time I didn´t look at a tutorial.

At the end I even attempted to make my own adjustable strap on it. 16 altre parole

Daily Session

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home: made [ DIY macrame workshop ]

There’s many many tutorials online but there’s nothing better than being taught in person, shown how to make and create and having the support and guidance if you make mistakes. 139 altre parole