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Running Your Home Based Business: What You Need To Know

From magazines and online articles to news specials and paid programs, there is an endless amount of information out there when it comes to opening and running a successful home business enterprise. 146 altre parole


Eventually, you will find a real place that feels like home.Your whole world will open up in ways you kept believing were possible.And you will be so happy you held on long enough to make it there. 34 altre parole



The shoes I wear ain’t my size,
The smile on my face isn’t
The happiness it represents,
I walk boldly towards them
Greet with a smile… 49 altre parole


First Against Thirst

The image above was not taken too many years ago (relative to many images that appear here), and it is difficult to determine if the original wood frame structure has been demolished or given a new ‘skin’. 57 altre parole


A New Take on Old Art: Kehinde Wiley

To my WordPress following and regular blog readers,

I knew about this African American’s work already since they had a replica of his work in the DIA. 273 altre parole


Japanese Magazine Guide

Japanese magazines are one of the must buys when you are in Japan. Whenever I get the chance, I’ll buy one. Why you ask? Because they are really the most inspirational magazines in the world. 281 altre parole