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75% Off - Reader's Digest

Contains digest and original articles on a wide variety of health-related topics. Also contains short abstracts of current medical progress in section entitled “News from the World of Medicine.” 10 altre parole


Tower Imaging

Tower Imaging, Santa Monica. July 2015

Tower Imaging, Santa Monica. July 2015

Tower Imaging is a service that provides a variety of imaging services: X-ray, CT scan, PET scan, MRI, etc. 152 altre parole


Pulp cover of the week

Action For Men (March 1967 issue). Artist unknown.


The Journeyman Issue 3

It’s been a while but issue 3 is now available, contents on the page above. This issues contains a contribution from one of my mentors in magic – Roger Curzon from Sheffield. 23 altre parole


Inside the Curtains, Outside the Words

Nin flipped through the cheap fashion magazines and ran her fingers through the ‘smooth’ pages of gossip columns. Her eyes fixed on the paper like thick, white glue. 367 altre parole


Outside Magazine: November 2016 - 'Vikings' star Travis Fimmel

Vikings star Travis Fimmel is featured in the November 2016 issue of Outside Magazine.

From the digital issue:

Travis Fimmel, 37 who was raised on a dairy farm in Echuca, Australia.

187 altre parole


Two magazine covers looking at things from opposite directions, or so it may seem. PC Magazine (November 2016 issue) and The Week (October 28, 2016 issue). 141 altre parole