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Fruit Punch and Rotten Eggs

Each year, word of Miss Karen’s pool parties circled like buzzards at bus stops. It flowed through the halls of the elementary school like an unseen current humming through electrical wires. 795 altre parole


Adrien Brody for Vogue [Behind the scenes]

~ Behind the scenes: Adrien Brody photoshoot for Vogue U.S. July 2015.

~ Imágenes detrás de escenas de la sesión de fotos de Adrien Brody para la revista Vogue, edición de Estados Unidos, Julio de 2015. 8 altre parole

Adrien Brody

TV Guide Magazine: Aug. 31-Sept. 13, 2015 – Fall TV Sneak Peek Issue with 'Heroes Reborn'

TV Guide Magazine‘s August 31-September 13, 2015 features a Fall TV sneak peek with Heroes Reborn stars Masi Oka and Zachary Levi on the cover. 401 altre parole


the week............that was

             a slow week for me. well, kinda, sorta….the weather had a nudge to Fall, which as you know, somewhat depresses me! Labor Day weekend next week, and so i’m looking forward to that (hello NYC!) but know it is the close of Summer!!!!           105 altre parole

A Day In The Life Of Me

The World Is Your Hometown

What if we broadened our scope of who “our people” are from our church, job, neighborhood, state, country, color of skin, language, age, orientation or any other number of other factors” What if we identified as citizens of the world first and added the qualifiers later?

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Elle’s fabulous collage of outfits here makes such a splendid rainbow. While I’m not a fan of the individual outfits, except maybe the two on the outside of the middle row, the overall composition is so pleasing and vibrant and colourful.