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Nice Joan Smalls cover

The Spanish edition of Harper´s Bazaar features a nice Joan Smalls cover for the October 2016 issue. She is a model from Puerto Rico.



September 2016

I keep seeing financial publications that have covers that are so removed from reality it is just mind-boggling. I mean I like Fantasy as much as the next bloke, but this is just silly.

Just sayin…


Airsoft Action

UK publication Airsoft Action looks like a good read. This is the November 2016 issue. You wouldn´t want to meet that chap in the woods.

Nice touch.


What is Beauty

You will NOT find out by flipping through magazines. Nor will you find out by looking at conflicted celebrities, watching any Hollywood movie, watching TV, and even by trying to avoid all those annoying adverts that come on before your favorite youtube video. 243 altre parole

Ever wondered what it's like inside Vogue?

Hi gals,

Did anyone else see the programme on BBC called Absolutely Fashion?

Ever wondered what it’s like inside the vogue offices?  Haven’t we all! So this was a two part programme on BBC, it is still available on BBC Iplayer, the second episode aired last Thursday. 202 altre parole


Skin Art 167

US publication Skin Art (issue) 167 looks pretty good. I wonder if they added the horns to this shot? My mind goes to “Maleficent” when I see that.



Shopping spree

This is a good cover. US publication Foreign Affairs (issue) 5 2016. A lot of people are out there swinging their dicks right now (as George Carlin would have put it).

We live in dangerous times.