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Those Irresistible Little Magazine Samples

I love magazines. I subscribe to at least 10. But not like the kind with a lot of words, though. I like the ones with shiny pictures. 223 altre parole

Dirty secrets

When I was 16 I had two periods within a few months where I spent a week or so in hospital.

Both occasions I was very lucky – far more so than I realised at the time. 720 altre parole


Nice Sabbath cover

UK publication Kerrang is a pretty crappy magazine these days but they will give Motörhead and Black Sabbath the occational cover. Kerrang (issue) 3 2017 came out today and Sabbath is splashed all over the cover again. 13 altre parole


If You're Going To Call Me A Name, Let It Be This

I’m 5’1″.

I’ve been called short before, and a lot of other names, too, that I’d rather not recall.

Nobody’s perfect.

But now that I’m all grown up (debatable), if you are going to call me a name, let these words roll off your tongue: 338 altre parole

On Life

Salman Khan acquitted in weapons case

An Indian court on Wednesday (18) acquitted Bollywood movie star Salman Khan of possessing an unlicensed weapon nearly two decades ago, ending a case that threatened to derail the career of one of the country’s biggest actors. 102 altre parole

British Asian Newspaper

Sitting Bull

This looks like a good read. Canada´s History (February/March 2017) takes a look at what happened when Sitting Bull sought refuge in Canada back in the day. 16 altre parole