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New details have been revealed in the Craigavon 2 case which rubbishes 'evidence' against the two men

‘New details in the Craigavon 2 case rubbishes ‘evidence’ used against the two men’

In another miscarriage of justice the two men, John paul Wotten and Brendan Mconville remain held indefinitely even when it has been shown that the evidence used to blame the two men is farcical at best, but sinister more than anything else. 391 altre parole


Anti-internment March, Belfast 2015

On the 19th of August the annual march against internment will take place. Each year the march has grown and each year the message has gotten louder that the people are against internment and those who carry out the deeds. 265 altre parole


Internment does exist and human rights abuses continue happening inside British jails.

If you believe that everything in the North of Ireland has moved on and that policies such as ‘internment without charge or trial’ had been done away with after the signing of the ‘Good Friday agreement’  you would be wrong. 946 altre parole


Britain's First and Last Colony

Repression in Northern Ireland by Eugene Egan looks at the current detention without trial case of Martin Corey, and provides an historical sketch of British rule on the island.

Maghaberry prison: Open Letter to Justice Minister David Ford

Brussels, July 20th 2011

Dear Mister Ford,

If you would decide to show a little compassion for Brendan Lillis and Roisin Lynch, partner of Brendan, then I would strongly appreciate that, Mr. 383 altre parole

Prison News: British government violates human rights


The UK government violates human rights, as we can see in the case of Brendan Lillis, the Irish prisoner who is detained in the British Maghaberry prison and risks to die. 459 altre parole