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Rebel Barons capture London (1215)

On this day in 1215, rebel barons captured London, going  on to force the king, John to set his seal to Magna Carta on the tenth of the following month (*). 280 altre parole

London History

Mammothfest Presents show #1

In 2015, Feed the Rhino was scheduled to headline one of the stages at Mammothfest but sadly, due to illness, the band had to pull out of performing at the last minute. 222 altre parole


Magna Carta, Sandwich, & the Puritans

The town of Sandwich was already 300 years old when Richard The Lionheart came through on his way back from the Third Crusade in 1194.   673 altre parole

Medieval History

Exceptionalism Corrodes the Relationships Which Drive Progress for Everyone

In 1687 the great English astronomer Edmund Halley (of the comet fame) sent an inscribed copy (image left) of Isaac Newton’s freshly published Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica to Giovanni Domenico Cassini, Director of the Paris Observatory.  1.012 altre parole


When the monarchs fell, the oligarchs were quick to pick up the pieces, now the businessman has taken control.

The man has sold the world… 13 altre parole

Books with a Year in the Title

Tonight I will share some books that have a year in the title.

I will start with the oldest date, and the one that I read most recently. 475 altre parole