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Magna Carta

Okay, let’s lay down some ground rules: I have five of them. I’ve spent some time meditating on them, so indulge me.

100% Vegan.

When I say “ 563 altre parole


King John and the Magna Carta

King John of England faced much adversity while ruling. France was being ruled by King Phillip II and quickly became a military opponent for King John. 291 altre parole


Saw the Magna Carta at Salisbury Cathedral

As my husband and teenagers would attest, my knowledge of all things historical is ridiculously bad! Apart from a few facts about the Industrial Revolution and explorers discovering spices from different parts of the world, my lack of knowledge gives us all a source of laughter! 208 altre parole

Steampunks & the Lincolnettes #blog10

Hello Lovelies,

Back sooner rather than later for a change, following a scamper to the petit and bijou City of Lincoln. A veritable cornucopia of visual delights was to be found but due to poor timing, I kept… 979 altre parole


I Predict A Riot – Part Twenty Six

The London wrestling riot of 1221

Sporting events have raised tensions amongst participants and onlookers, particularly when there are underlying causes of discontent and it seems this was as true in medieval times as it is now. 566 altre parole


Rule of Law

So, you don’t like the way things are going? You don’t like President Trump? You don’t like Confederate monuments? You don’t like illegal/undocumented immigrants? You want to smoke marijuana without being arrested? 516 altre parole