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Traditional Beauty of Kyoto: the Geisha

Nothing says Kyoto like geisha. While the western world is largely familiar with these fascinating artists through the dramatic if almost completely inaccurate Memoirs of a Geisha  291 altre parole


Costume Drama

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They all have their exits and entrances…”

Oh the joy, the joy, of costume drama in Kyoto. 196 altre parole


Day 13 - Kurashiki, Kyoto

Before heading to Kyoto I wanted to see the old town, and found a shop dedicated to everything cat related! Excellent! I bought my friend Daisuke (who I introduced on day 2 when we went to Kamakura) some kibi dango as a souvenir, and then rejoined the group to go to Kyoto. 222 altre parole

Becoming a Maiko – Kyoto, Japan

After some hot tips from my friend, Nikola, and a bunch of research online, I was super excited to be transformed into a Maiko on my upcoming trip to Japan. 372 altre parole