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Spiritual Rebirth Among the Cherry Blossoms in Japan

It’s remarkable to live in a country such as Japan that has a living mythological tradition that supports the spiritual needs of its people.

Instead of a dubious afterlife, the focus on the miracle and awe of the here and now revealed through nature is in every mindful cup of tea, every pathway and house, every art form. 528 altre parole


Setsubun @ Yasaka Shrine

  • Name: Setsubun at Yasaka Shrine
  • Date: February 3rd (and 2nd)
  • Time:  Feb. 3rd 11:00 – 16:00~; Feb. 2nd 13:00 – 16:00~
  • Cost: Free
  • Place: Yasaka Shrine…
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Maikohan Cuppuccino

@ Caffe Ciao Presso

Hello! I dropped at a cafe at Kyoto station to get warm today. What I ordered is…. Maikohan cuppuccino! I’ve wanted to try this because this is Kyoto limited. 38 altre parole

Demystifying Geisha

Ever since reading Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha around my middle school years, I’ve been fascinated by geisha culture and society. As for many in western society, Golden’s book was my first in-depth look into the geisha world. 560 altre parole


"Just like a tattoo..."

Next Monday is my 33rd birthday. If you’ve read any number of my previous posts you know I’ve been talking about getting a new tattoo. Well I officially have an appointment Tuesday afternoon/evening to get it done. 1.420 altre parole

Kyoto hotel’s Maiko-han Bar event lets travelers drink with geisha at amazingly affordable prices

Foreign guests welcome at lobby lounge function that sidesteps the cost and pretense of orthodox geisha services. 400 altre parole


Geisha Paparazzi 

We played tourist: we brought out our cameras to “hunt” and “shoot” Geisha… genuine Geisha and Maiko! Before anyone berate me for this, let me assure you that we were discreet. 479 altre parole

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