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"Just like a tattoo..."

Next Monday is my 33rd birthday. If you’ve read any number of my previous posts you know I’ve been talking about getting a new tattoo. Well I officially have an appointment Tuesday afternoon/evening to get it done. 1.420 altre parole

Kyoto hotel’s Maiko-han Bar event lets travelers drink with geisha at amazingly affordable prices

Foreign guests welcome at lobby lounge function that sidesteps the cost and pretense of orthodox geisha services. 400 altre parole


Geisha Paparazzi 

We played tourist: we brought out our cameras to “hunt” and “shoot” Geisha… genuine Geisha and Maiko! Before anyone berate me for this, let me assure you that we were discreet. 447 altre parole

Logs / Diary

Meet a Geisha in Gion

There is a great mix of modern and ancient here, and we stayed in a traditional Japanese house owned by a local sake-making family reopened as Kyotomachiya (traditional Kyoto-style house). 457 altre parole


Entertainer by ...

… any other name, but much more than that. Last year whilst roaming the streets of Gion, Kyoto it was raining pretty hard, thwarting any chance of seeing the famed female entertainers scurrying about throughout the evening. 454 altre parole

Other Asian Adventures

High Noon in Pontocho

To each of you who came to my art exhibition “Entranced” this month, thank you so much!  Many of you saw me working on this drawing and some of us discussed techniques together. 154 altre parole


Maiko Makeover Experience in Kyoto

Salah satu keindahan budaya Jepang dapat kita lihat dari sosok Geisha dan Maiko, yaitu pada kimono indah yang mereka pakai serta make up dan tatanan rambut mereka yang sangat khas. 439 altre parole