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Friday Photo: March 2015

March was another fortunate month of travel and it was hard to pick a favorite shot. I was going to use a shot of the beautiful Hori Teien, a hidden garden located outside of Tsuwano in rural Shimane Prefecture. 433 altre parole

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Going Geisha

In August last year, when I went on a 4-day Kansai trip with my other half Yuka, there was one place in particular she was dying to go to: Kyoto. 1.027 altre parole


Satsuki |Geiko san| - video

The word geisha literally means “arts person” trained in the traditional arts. The beauty of a Maiko san and a geiko san is something that is classically around the idea of tradition and is not focused on the 20th Century idea. 36 altre parole

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Okiya Kyoto |maiko san|

There is nothing quite like a first hand encounter with maiko san. The thrill is hard to describe, the mixed emotions of meeting them in their okiya many thoughts rush through your mind. 134 altre parole

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Nijo Castle, Toji Temple, Gion Corner

13 August 2014

Today another sightseeing day of Kyoto. It started with visiting Nijo Castle.


Next up was the last-minute addition to the sighseeing schedule: Toji temple, the five storied pagoda. 571 altre parole

Japan Trip 2014


February 25th is Baikasai: Plum Viewing Festival.  It is held at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. In this ceremony for the masses, maiko and geiko from Kamishichiken prepare and serve green tea.   341 altre parole


Experience: Miyako Odori

Kyoto is home to five hanamachi, or geisha neighborhoods. Every year, each neighborhood’s geisha (or geiko, as they are known in Kyoto) and maiko put on a demonstration of their accomplished skills. 478 altre parole

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