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Lunchlecture VVTP by Leo Kouwenhoven

Technical University Delft 28-11-2014

As a part of the celebration of the birthday of the VVTP (Association for Applied Physics), Leo Kouwenhoven gave a lecture about his research on the Majoranas. 397 altre parole

Seminar Report

Majorana Particles

Speaker:      Leo Kouwenhoven (Department of Quantum Nanoscience, TU Delft)

Subject:       Majorana particles

Location:     Auditorium TU Delft

Date:            Friday, November 28, 13:45-14:40

Author:        Jasper Veerman

On Friday, November 28, Leo Kouwenhoven spoke about his work on Majorana particles. 225 altre parole

Seminar Report

A Particle hiding for 80 years

From an article “Found: Traces of an Exotic particle that elluled physicists for 80 years” by Kelly Dickerson/LiveScience

A mysterious particle made of both matter and antimatter has eluded physicists for 80 years, but now, researchers have spotted traces of it. 689 altre parole