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Paolo Poggi: the forgotten story of Italy’s itinerant goalscorer

If Italian football was a Trivial Pursuit category, Paolo Poggi would feature prominently among the answers. The scorer of the fastest-ever goal in Serie A? Poggi, of course. 1.499 altre parole


Eating Donkey with Locals in Mantova

Creative Edge Travel is about deeper, authentic connection to off-the-beaten-path towns in Italy. I’m always saying that the people I meet during my travels are what make it really meaningful. 1.156 altre parole

Mantova, per la vecchia proprietà dellAcm salta il concordato

Mantova, per la vecchia proprietà dell’Acm salta il concordato – Cronaca – Gazzetta di Mantova

Cerca su Gazzetta di Mantova

01578251009 – Società soggetta all’attività di direzione e coordinamento di… 14 altre parole

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Como - How Green is Our City?

If looking down on Como from any of the surrounding mountains and seeing it nestled at the end of its glimmering lake, who would ever think to question the ecological purity of such a stupendous setting? 1.688 altre parole


From GERMANY, born in 1939
Played for: Köln, Mantova, Roma, Milan


Provenance Soup (Dried Fava Bean Soup, Mantova-style)

Dishes with history, provenance and ones that create a memory the first time you try them are my favorite kind. I recently had Zuppa di Fave Secche… 1.135 altre parole


Snapshots from the world...

New day, new destination. Time to spend some days in Italy. Looking forward to some nice and happy days with our families!

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