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ETNIK x Whitout Frontier Project in Mantua, Italy

Italian-Swedish artist ETNIK was until recently in Mantua, named the Capital of Culture in 2015, where he painted this interesting piece for the Without Frontier Project that also counts with the participation of… 156 altre parole

Street Art

Mantova Non Unesco

Mantua historical center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a unique and exceptional testimony of Renaissance’s impact on architecture, monumental arts and town planning. Travelers and tourists flock to Mantua’s cobblestone streets to enjoy its sights and cultural richness. 269 altre parole


New on 500px : Empty spaces full of history by LightR3flex by LightR3flex

Everywhere in Italy, you can walk across empty spaces, empty squares fullfilled of history, place where you can touch history, glory, and splendor of a folk in every brick, stone and grain of sand. 11 altre parole

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