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Loads of things going on at the moment, my family home is undergoing major renovations, and I’m doing most of the work, so I’m pretty busy with that during the week; in the weekends I’m working at a clothing shot, and that keeps me pretty busy too. 62 altre parole


5 Best Places to Live in Italy

As you know Italy for its “Dolce Vita”, there are some spots that will make you feel like home, even if you are far from your country. 527 altre parole


Visiting the Historic Mantua, Italy - "Sleeping Beauty" - Very Significant City During the Renaissance Period.

While I was traveling in Northern Italy a few years ago, I have also visited a historic city of Mantua (in Italian Mantova) located in Po Valley, almost the equal distance between Venice (Venezia) and Milan (Milano) and very close to Verona. 1.811 altre parole


In the space between

Natural and man made pillars in Mantua and surrounding region. Click to zoom in.

Photography Of Architecture

AV Heterologous

What we see is not what we see but it’s what we are.

Fernando Pessoa

To see is something that has to be learned. It’s not obvious at all that everybody see what is in front of them. 576 altre parole

Buenos Aires


This month it is time to tackle  Traces of the Past in colour again. My photo shows a panorama of old Mantua (Italy) with the skyline that seems to pertain to some other times. 221 altre parole

Thursday's Special

Tüti i asan i mena la cua e tüti i coioni i dis la sua - di Leonardo Taschera

Per inaugurare l’anno nuovo e con immenso godimento propongo qui senza miei commenti questa inattuale, unzeitgemässe Betrachtung* – dell’amico Leonardo Taschera

Tutti gli asini agitano la coda e tutti i coglioni dicono la loro                                               313 altre parole