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Ron Galella: Flash al desnudo

Él les tomaba una fotografía cuando menos lo esperaban. Capturó instantes reveladores de celebridades durante una época en que eran impenetrables y admiradas por todos. Fue demandado, convertido en estrella y odiado por los famosos a los que retrataba. 1.224 altre parole

Top 100 Movie Review: #3 - The Godfather (1972)

The Offer We Just Can’t Refuse

A front row seat to the underbelly of Mafia crime, the movie about the Corleone family has plenty of malevolent retribution to enjoy. 659 altre parole

American Film Institute

Marlon Brando 1976

Marlon Brando in a scene from The Wild One (in German: Der Wilde) on a superposter in Bravo of 8 April 1976, to go with an article on his film career

The Savage Hippie Video Podcast Episode 13 (Part II): Take THAT Hitler

Here is the audio to second part of the thirteenth episode of the Savage Hippie youtube show. I got way too drunk from Popov, but on the positive side, thanks to viewer questions, we got some good stuff in there; discussions about Marlon Brando, Bradley Smith, that time… 57 altre parole


From Godzilla to Some Like it Hot why the 1950s is my favourite film decade

The decade that fabricated teenagers and giant radioactive lizards also devoted birth to the melodramas of Douglas Sirk, the wry satires of Billy Wilder and insured Hitchcock at his finest… 814 altre parole


Fashion in Film: Menswear

For someone who can’t match anything except black to white, I really do have a strange fascination with fashion. It’s something I haven’t delved too deeply into on this blog yet (although I do have the beginnings of a… 1.247 altre parole

Star Wars

Happy Birthday To...

Hello, hello!!

Well, as we know, several of our classic stars make their birthday on April. Then, in this first week of this month, let’s celebrate the birthday of five of them! 87 altre parole

Happy Birthday