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The Wild One

Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?

Whadda you got?

James Dean was not the first American teenager nor was he the first screen rebel, with or without a cause.

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Don Juan DeMarco: The Greatest Lover That Ever Lived

Don Juan De Marco:

In brief, a retiring psychiatrist begins to uncover the life of a young patient who claims to be Don Juan, the greatest lover that ever lived. 582 altre parole

Don Juan

Scottish Ballet "Streetcar", A Vibrant Departure

Fifteen minutes into the Scottish Ballet’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire the projected image of an antebellum mansion that is the backdrop for the ballet’s first scene shatters in a dusty, noisy crash of boxes that have been piled into a twelve foot high wall at the back of the stage. 633 altre parole

By Steven Woodruff

Top screen adaptations of plays 

Many great films are based on or directly adapted from plays. Apart from the hundreds of Shakespeare adaptions there are a few that really work just as well on stage as on screen. 1.292 altre parole


Day 14 - Guys & Dolls

My time of day is the dark time.

Time for some super nostalgia. Guys & Dolls was my senior show in high school, and the last musical I have performed in….eight years ago (gulp). 411 altre parole


Reel to Real: Best Cast Ensembles?

The “Lethal Weapon” films have an interesting claim to fame. The series is noted for having significant continuity within its cast. Even recurring characters and minor characters like Roger Murtaugh’s younger family members and his L.A.P.D. 90 altre parole

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Marlon Brandon

Ultras liberali Marlon Brandon ai ishte aktori me i paguar dhe me i nderuar I ekranit me te madhe nje rebel I cili talentin e tij si aktor e perdor si nje teknik per te fshehur cmendurirat ai eshte nje kampion per ngriten e zërit per te drejtat e njeriut vecanerisht per te drejtat e Indianve te Amerikes ai eshte nje djal I prapt karriera e tij egnimatike e te cilit me interpretimet te paimagjinushme. 200 altre parole