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Is Donald Trump too much like Sonny Corleone?

I have been on my own roller-coaster of reactions to the Trump candidacy, as The Donald (his NYC nickname for many years) gyrates and gesticulates with characteristic bombast. 608 altre parole

Body Language

“I Can’t Try to Be an Activist If People Don’t Know My Real Story”: Tangerine’s Mya Taylor | Filmmaker Magazine

“I can’t keep beating around the bush because I’ll eventually run out of bushes to beat around,” sighs Mya Taylor. We’ve just spent 90 minutes together in her… 23 altre parole


Smell That Bird: A Thanksgiving Comeuppance

Holidays for us were always a Steven King book. An overly long and sickening affair. My sisters, upon hearing of our brother John’s plan to leave the country for Thanksgiving, called him a traitor and used him as target practice for their eye-daggers. 1.476 altre parole

Short Stories

'The Freshman' At 25: Cast And Crew Recall The Madness And Genius Of Marlon Brando (And Thumb-Eating Lizards)

Imagine if Sylvester Stallone told a reporter that Creed is such a terrible movie that it’s making him retire from acting. “It’s worse than Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot… 5.580 altre parole


Celebrating The Glenn Ford Movie Poster

Yes sir. When I went to see Superman on the big screen in 1978 Glenn Ford was the one actor I recognized. I hadn’t yet been turned on to the legendary Brando. 352 altre parole


Listen To Me Marlon a Must See on Showtime

One of the best films of 2015 debuts on Showtime tonight at 9:00 p.m., and I urge you not to miss it. It will be aired in repeat broadcasts in the weeks ahead, so check your Showtime listings and On Demand as well. 813 altre parole


Cartoon - Even the Hollywood Stars are Doing it !! Become a Wedding Officiator !!

From a recent news item (enclosed), it is learnt that Tom Hanks officiated at a secret wedding of actress Allison Williams. We also learn that he is a former Divinity student and would be interested to do more of this if the fee is right – buttresses the argument for having extra sources of income. 47 altre parole