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Method and Madness: The Dueling Brandos of Listen to Me Marlon and Lost Soul

Was latter-day Marlon Brando the corpulent madman of myth, or a visionary genius who’d already moved on to the next level of movie acting? While the perception of the 20th century’s most famous actor as a paycheck-cashing recluse in his later years endures in the public consciousness, two recent documentaries cast a different light on the unraveling of the man who revolutionized cinema performance—and in turn expose a method to his supposed madness. 1.423 altre parole

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The Challenged Church

Most of us have heard at least one sermon on the Greek word “ekklesia.” We know that it has to do with being “called out,” and that it means the assembly of those called to be in Christ. 556 altre parole

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Tahiti: Paradise Found.

Despite the excitement of flying on to the unknown wonders of Easter Island, our next destination on the round the world adventure, we were a little sad to be leaving the paradise of Tahiti – and paradise it really was! 867 altre parole



Even though Last Tango in Paris is mostly famous for its highly charged sexual scenes accompanied by blasphemy which therefore caused a scandal at the time of its release and must still have the pope cursing the day it hit the screens, what got overlooked is that Last Tango in Paris is a poetic and narrative masterpiece. 1.439 altre parole


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Marlon Brando is known for his brooding good looks and charisma on the big screen, but a new documentary from filmmaker Stevan Riley explores a more intimate side of the iconic actor. 24 altre parole

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It All Falls Apart (Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau, 2014)

Following the efforts of filmmaker Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil) to make his adaption of H.G. Wells the Island of Doctor Moreau, … 346 altre parole