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Winner: Pluto, followed by Droppin’ and TomTwin

Pluto, who had been missing from the leader board for quite some time, roared back tonight. If he had known that it was Marlon Brando whose autobiography was titled “Songs My Mother Taught Me” he would have had a completely clean sheet. 315 altre parole

A Streetcar Named Desire

How can we spend a week in New Orleans without mentioning this film? Well here’s how: though it’s set in New Orleans, it sure wasn’t filmed there! 349 altre parole


Leonardo DiCaprio Surrenders Picasso and Basquiat to Feds | artnet News

This is just CRAZEEE shit… A Picasso? Marlon Brando’s Oscar? I mean, how the hell? What the Fuck? Et Al…… This just seems that more disturbing shit is gonna unravel from this…. 27 altre parole

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'A Streetcar Named Desire' Was a First Stop for Many Top Stars

Variety declared “A Streetcar Named Desire,” which opened Dec. 3, 1947, “a smash success.” That was an understatement. The Tennessee Williams play became a hit on Broadway, on the road, and in its 1951 film adaptation; it won the Pulitzer and became a staple of American theater, making the characters Stanley Kowalski and Blanche DuBois synonymous with sexy brutes and high-strung, fragile women, respectively. 387 altre parole



A Short Story By Caroline Kennedy

Harry Rose had a very distinct, some would even say, “charming” character. It wouldn’t take long for anyone meeting him for the first time to come to this conclusion. 1.626 altre parole

Short Stories

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - Film Review

Few studies of Hollywood method acting are likely to feature Jim Carrey. Brando? Naturally. De Niro? Definitely. But Ace Ventura? The Mask? The father of modern slapstick? 495 altre parole