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Creative Juice #38

Nine articles, mostly art-related.


Maurizio Cattelan: Be Right Back

Most people who hear the word art would likely associate it with museums, galleries, sculptures and paintings. There is of course a multitude of layers when it comes to art and what people perceive art to be. 515 altre parole


Thinking About Censorship.

Health Care in Trumps AMERICA is safe for a few months, it seems art is not. 

But then, it never really was…

Is art for everyone? 140 altre parole


The Ha Ha Man gets serious

Jonathan Monk likes to make jokes…and he’s pretty unapologetic about it (take a look at Wool Piece II from 2014). Although pretty well known across Europe he’s less so over here. 475 altre parole

Contemporary Art

Toiletpaper Paradise

5:45 pm. It’s Valentine’s Day. Did Brian make reservations at a romantic, dimly-lit restaurant with a three-course, pre-fix Lover’s Day Special? Nope! We headed down to Hudson Street to view the Toiletpaper Paradise exhibit at the Cadillac House. 45 altre parole


Neon 1981-2011. The pre-Facebook non-gallery where artists and "human posts" created and fought

There was art and there was passion. And there was the awareness that «Everything had been done already. All there was left to do was work with waste. 830 altre parole

Arts & Show

Poor Donkey

Artwork by Maurizio Cattelan, ‘Untitled’ (referred to as ‘Donkey & Cart’)

A density of Man’s unworldly things
An old alsatian with her blood shot eyes… 51 altre parole