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hugh_donnetono asks:

So Grass is your favorite type, and Vileplume is your favorite Pokemon, right? Why?

To be honest, some of it is probably buried so deep in things that I decided I liked as a 10-year-old that it’s unrecoverable. 

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I’ve been saved by grace, I’m insanely romantic, expressive, goofy, loud and can be a sensitive baby. I can’t stand that about myself…I wear my heart on my sleeve, though its not always a good thing, its part of who I am. 726 altre parole

Middle School is Going to be Awkward: a Vlog

Middle school is going to be awkward so get ready everyone! I posted my first vlog, so make sure to check it out, like and share with our friends and subscribe. 9 altre parole


Day #29 (30 Day Writing Challenge)

Five weird things that you like….

1. Sushi. People tend not to like it but others do. I just know that I LOVE it!

2. The smell of gasoline. 61 altre parole


To say my plan is foolproof,

Only proves I’m on my high horse

And I need to get down,

Maybe the way is to be let down, 52 altre parole


I can’t cope.

What is human nature? Is it to be mean? Because everyone I seem to encounter lately are mean, or can be harsh sometimes. I am mean sometimes too. 165 altre parole

Cyberpunk World Building: Sanctuary. (Part-3)

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Hi all, welcome to another part of my Cyberpunk world building series! So, in the last part I discussed the factions of my world and gave them substance and purpose in Sanctuary. 721 altre parole