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Why I Travel

Hi! Welcome to The Girl on a Journey Around. My name is Elizabeth Edmunds, and I am currently a 17-year-old senior in high school with a love for the world. 357 altre parole

Mid-week bonanza

I get to do one of the coolest things right in the middle of the work week, in the middle of work day – yoga! My company conducts a yoga session every Wednesday. 141 altre parole


Bass Locations and Barnett Results - BCB132

Weekly Report:  The ice is out up to Houlton Maine area.  We are going fishing in the next few weeks.  (We recorded this two weeks ago but are only posting it now so the dates of some events may be off). 242 altre parole

While out for dinner

My boyfriend tells our waitress what beautiful earrings she had. The waitress says that she had her earrings for 14 years. I said “the only thing I have that’s 14 years old or older is me.”

Constraints on Creativity

I got to be a substitute leader for Nora Scully’s Art Spark today. I asked people to build what gets in the way of creativity, and what supports creativity for them. 172 altre parole


The Ethical Question mark: Part 2 Welfare Standards

As you may have read from the latest recipe I posted, as part of making a healthier change to my diet, I have decided to go on a gluten free vegan diet. 189 altre parole

Institute Updates