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Independently Dizzy

I like to be independent. In fact, I love to travel and experience things by and with myself. Not to be bragging, but I love me. 233 altre parole


Late night thoughts 8/21 @2:31am

Is there an age limit to self loathing? I don’t know. I don’t think so. But I don’t feel like doing it anymore. When does it stop being repentence and start just being really corrosive. 8 altre parole

Daily Life

Masih Seperti Dulu

…hingga detik ini kamu masih orang itu, ku kenal dengan hatiku masih seperti dulu…

Daily Life

I'm a blogger after all.

Recently, I wrote a paper, well, a scientific paper. I have done a research, did an analysis, calculation, and wrote it to a paper and done. 289 altre parole

My Life

Welcome to my blog, try the fish, it's on sale...

Hello, and welcome to my blog.  So, I guess I’ll start off by introducing myself.

My name is William Hubler and I am a dirty vb.net programmer.  106 altre parole



Hey y’all!

So I am the most unhealthy, out of shape, unathletic, stubborn/picky eater in the world.



I am making a turn.

I am entering my sophomore year at university and I do not want to be tired. 193 altre parole