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CustomHomeOnline: "Hillcrest House Addition -- An Innovative Approach To Old + New"


The project involved designing a modern, 1500-square-foot addition for a two-story, red brick, Georgian Revival-style house built in 1916 in a historic inner-city neighborhood with narrow lots and minimal set-backs between houses. 68 altre parole


This aquatic grass could help shellfish threatened by ocean acidification (video)

An increase in carbon emissions are showing up not only in the air, but also in water. Now researchers and shellfish farmers are teaming up to see how marine plants can help stave off the effects of ocean acidification. 861 altre parole

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Brief: better living through tide pools

Algae and seaweed blooms in Greenland’s vast network of Arctic tidal pools offer shelter for some animals from an acidifying ocean.

Many mussels, sea snails and other animals with calcium carbonate shells can’t get the chemicals they need to build their chalky exteriors because of the ocean’s changing chemistry, which has been acidifying in the last century due to carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere. 266 altre parole

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EyeQue Insight Visual Acuity Screener: A Medgadget Review

July 18, 2018 

Every year, our “screen time” continues to increase as our gadgets get bigger and brighter. According to the Vision Council, our digital devices are causing 60.5% of Americans to report symptoms of digital eye strain, and it’s uncertain how these devices will affect our vision long-term. 110 altre parole

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Media Coverage: Hagerstown Magazine

Go get yourself a July edition of the Hagerstown Magazine.

They featured our story and the article & pictures turned out great.

The author did such a wonder job caputring and sharing our story. 48 altre parole

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Kate on stage at Truth Be Told

Writing and storytelling are not necessarily the same skill. As a long-time writer who fell in love with The Moth and other storytelling podcasts and events, I thought the transition between the two would be easy. 208 altre parole

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