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All parties deny involvement after US arrests ex-Hong Kong top official Patrick Ho on multi-million dollar bribery charges

All parties involved in the alleged bribery scheme engulfing former Hong Kong official Patrick Ho have denied any involvement, after the Ugandan foreign ministry said it was erroneous to link its minister to Ho. 803 altre parole

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Journalism Skills

Throughout this fall semester, there are many things I have learned and improved on as a journalist. Skills such as learning how to interpret or create infographic and statistics, learning the different writing styles of a sports journalist, or being able to interact constructively with sources. 450 altre parole


Our view: ocean acidity threat warrants stronger state response

In 2014, with rising ocean acidity threatening Maine’s fishing and aquaculture industries, a state commission issued a series of recommendations for localized research that was delivered with optimism. 517 altre parole

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Ocean acidification: climate change's evil twin

A recent report shows rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere are about to make the world’s oceans uninhabitable for many sea creatures, threatening entire ocean ecosystems. 856 altre parole

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The other CO2 problem

Marine life is threatened by the actions of humankind; overfishing is killing off some aquatic species to the point of endangerment; fertiliser run-off is polluting water courses leading to algal blooms and eutrophication; vast swathes of mangrove forests have been cleared to make way for shrimp farming. 762 altre parole

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Tim Pratt on Transference

BookLife has published extended interviews with the BookLife Prize judges, which means that I got to hear more both about author Tim Pratt and what he thought of my strange little novel  436 altre parole

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EyeQue Insight Tests Your Vision, Stores the Data

The team at EyeQue has startling facts about the world’s vision. They say that one in five kids aged twelve and under in the US are nearsighted and that myopia is beginning earlier than it has in previous generations. 8 altre parole

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