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Column: Federal budget cuts could harm ocean, Chesapeake Bay

The past 10 years have witnessed significant progress toward understanding local and global effects of climate change, thanks largely to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 701 altre parole

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Everyone's Talking About Us!

We’ve been getting a lot of mentions in the press lately, with welcome recognition of the contribution Tomorrow’s Warriors has made to the British jazz scene, and specifically the London scene. 461 altre parole


'Game changer': new vulnerability to climate change in ocean food chain

Excessive rates of carbon dioxide affect the health of key micro-organisms in the oceans, potentially undermining the base of critical marine food chains, according to new research by US scientists. 596 altre parole

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Acidic oceans could stunt the growth of the world's coral reefs by 2100, researchers say

Researchers fast-forwarded ocean acidification in the Great Barrier Reef to study its impact on corals.

They found that the growth of corals was slowed due to a lack of minerals. 565 altre parole

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How can you watch what isn't there?

by Josie King

When you turn on ESPN, you can expect to see coverage of Pittsburgh versus Philadelphia, LeBron versus Curry, and any other male sports league game, but when do you expect to see coverage of women’s sports? 838 altre parole

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Celebrities call for the end of deportations

Notable figures, politicians, artists and actors have co-signed an open letter published in The Guardian today calling for the end to charter deportation flights, and to drop the charges of the #Stansted15. 439 altre parole

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