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Tatarsky, Alexandra

Alexandra Tatarsky was the young woman who appeared at the Andy Kaufman Awards in 2013, claiming to be Andy’s daughter.
She was brought on stage by Andy’s brother, who talked about a mysterious letter he received a few years back, that he believed was from Andy.
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Parinello, Al

Al Parinello (Andy Kaufman Award executive producer) said that Michael Kaufman’s suspicions about his brother date back to approximately the late ’80s, when Michael discovered among Andy’s letters an elaborate plan for staging his own death. 250 altre parole

Lawler, Jerry

“Andy and I worked together back in the day, and I feel like we became really pretty close friends. I know that Andy talked even back then a lot about the idea that the ultimate prank that he could ever pull would be to fake his own death and then come back 10 or 15 years later.” 527 altre parole

Kaufman, Michael

Michael Kaufman is Andy’s younger brother, born two years later.
He met his wife Pru after she was hired to Warner Cable by Al Parinello… 449 altre parole

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Eddie Pepitone are on @midnight;
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Consent is Sexy and More Importantly it's Necessary

Trigger Warning: This post discusses consent. It briefly mentions sexual assault, especially as it occurs on college campuses. Though it does not go into great details it may be triggering for some. 727 altre parole


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When Easton Bell Sport was looking to consolidate many locations into one, the company looked to the expertise of a team that could take it to the finish line quickly and cost-efficiently. 299 altre parole

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