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What is "mansplaining"?

If  you ask me, Fiefield rocks.

@Nero explains why Senator Mitch Fiefield is so very brave.  He risks his entire career by calling this common scold to account for her hypocrisy. 20 altre parole

Grievance Groups & Convenient Victims

40 of 366 Pre-Valentine's Day hijinks

Sometimes I just really enjoy myself too much with these sweet dogs. These pictures I snapped today just make me laugh loud and smile big; especially with all of those eyes staring back at me!!! 74 altre parole



So, the Mitchell family should hibernate during winter.

A couple weeks ago, Milo was running around the house and slipped on a pile of laundry, ending up with a gash in his eyebrow requiring an ER visit.   127 altre parole

Here's How the Free Market Will Help Save Free Speech Online

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Written by Harry Khachatrian (@Harry1T6)

The market hasn’t been nice to Twitter as of late. In fact, their shares have been getting clobbered so heavily in the market, it almost makes the Titanic look like a success – the ship, not the movie. 671 altre parole



Skilled Mechanics is the new project of Tricky, and it is one that sees him adopt a more synergetic way of producing a record. Along with DJ Milo and Luke Harris, Adrian Thaws has put together a record of perfectly executed, baroscopic beats, and the result is that we just may have a Tricky record that can be talked about in the same breath as his 21-year-old debut. 141 altre parole

Album Reviews

Rolling Hill


Sometimes a simple contour with some light and shadow are all that you need to make a photo. I like this image in that the lines are basic but the textures, complex. 47 altre parole


38 of 366 Super Bowl Sunday

Instead of being indoors in front of the TV watching a football game and its commercials, we elected to be outside on a beach watching the… 61 altre parole