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Metric - Live It Out (2005) - Review

When I compiled my top ten favourite bands of all time, I was rather surprised when this band didn’t make the cut. The reason, however, is that this is by far their strongest album and, arguably, one of their only good ones, save for some of their later projects. 517 altre parole


Milo & The Wisdom of the Sea, Getting Closer to the Drum Roll

I don’t normally have the courage to share all of the pitfalls or victories I’ve encountered over the past five years as an unpublished author of the Milo Series. 518 altre parole


Morton Grove Shelter Rescues Horrifically Burned Cat

(STMW) — When the staff at a Morton Grove animal shelter received Milo’s picture five weeks ago, they didn’t know if he would live or die. 422 altre parole


Wednesday's Morning Call

Good morning, everybody! Today is Wednesday…2 more days to Friday!

It’s 7am here, in Singapore. I am drinking my favourite milo now. Produced by Nestlé, milo is a chocolatey, malt powder mixed with either hot or cold water, or even milk. 33 altre parole


Mini-Review: Various Artists - The Catcher of the Fade (2015)

This is definitely going to be a shorter review, but I wanted to be on top of things (plus I’ve already listened to it roughly seventeen thousand times). 233 altre parole


Milo Minis: A Spin, Twirl, Stretch, High Fives and A Head Tilt!

It’s been a LONG time since we’ve seen a new video clip from The Mighty M. We get it ALL in this one!!

Do You Want Rice with That?


Arkansas is the top producing rice state and produces over 50% of the nation’s rice. I see fields and fields of it growing while driving in eastern Arkansas. 1.212 altre parole