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Our Week With Milo (Oh, and Taylor Too)

Last week was a special one for Wendy and me. Our daughter, Taylor, and new grandson, Milo, came for a week while Clayton was in Africa working on a research project. 185 altre parole

Wayfarer's Journal

Hello February!

Ini November, :)

Jarak kita mungkin memang hanya bertemu di angka 3 jika itu harus dihitung dari tempatku, namun perlu angka 9 untuk mu sampai ke tempat ku. 330 altre parole


Milo Fought the Law, and the Law Won

A British performance artist-cum-author came to a swift, and sudden – not to mention remarkably self-aware – realization on Tuesday morning that he is not a barrister. 230 altre parole


HPAN Helps Five Dogs Get on a Better Path

Pet Path Rescue has been saving a lot of little lives lately. In the last few weeks, they’ve saved eight dogs from would-be euthanasia. Grady, Baxter, Cookie, and Milo were pulled from high-kill shelters, and Spot was an owner surrender to rescue, which kept him from going to the shelter. 15 altre parole


What's in the Box? (51)

Milo spent a distracted six hour shift enchanting windless watches. He felt a little bit hostile towards the watches. He kept regarding them out of the corner of his eye to make sure they weren’t going to do anything suspicious to his brain. 8.531 altre parole

Keep on Running


Malaysia ni seperti kita sebuah maklum adalah sebuah negara Asia atau lebih tepat lagi ASEAN yang terdiri pelbagai kaum.

Yang secara amnya membolehkan kita merasa pelbagai jenis makanan dan minuman dari pelbagai bangsa dan kaum serta agama. 337 altre parole

Successful 3rd try at Pups and Cups Dog Cafe

We were here for the dogs. Nothing more. Nothing less. And yes, this was our 3rd try. The first time we tried going here was super fail. 348 altre parole