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Stop acting like a child: Fruits of #Feminism

@CHSommers @Nero @nypost I loved seeing the students who cheered you on…best moment was "STOP ACTING LIKE A CHILD" pic.twitter.com/4trKWaCobF

— Jenny Hatch (@JennyHatch) April 28, 2016…

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Hungry hounds

My chow hounds are always hungry. When they’re not lying next to us on the couch or bed, they’re right under foot in the kitchen or at the dinner table. 113 altre parole


The Savage Sacktap - Unscripted Savagery 4

Bitches be raining on my parade, white knights are a huge problem, southern homophobes need to chill the fuck out, and what the hell is this social justice warrior screaming about. 18 altre parole


I relish

in the strangeness

of the pearl river

where I might’ve been born

were I Venus

and untouchable

and not jealous

or scorned.

today I am almost. 26 altre parole

The Triggering, A Response and Why the Truth Hurts

Yesterday evening, I attended a panel discussion about political correctness. The speakers invited to the event were academic Christina Hoff Sommers, radio host Steven Crowder, and the infamous Milo Yiannopoulos who is currently a third of the way through his “Dangerous Faggot” College Speaking Tour. 582 altre parole



I’m guessing it was 1990 when I first met George Buck. He calls himself Milo now, I think he didn’t like the sound of his name to be associated in any way with George Bush and who would? 408 altre parole

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Demon Road: Desolation by Derek Landy

After Skulduggery Pleasant Derek Landy amazed with the start into a whole new story with Demon Road in which Amber discovers she is a demon and not only her but her parents and their friends, too. 337 altre parole