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Milo ~ 19 months

We’ve had a great month. The weather has been lovely and we’ve been able to play outside almost everyday. We’ve had no teething or sickness issues, and Milo has been so happy and fun-loving. 1.129 altre parole

Life & Love

SOL #22 - Sleepy Head

We’ve had Milo for almost a year.  He follows me everywhere.  I go to the kitchen and he goes to the kitchen.  I go upstairs and he goes upstairs.  105 altre parole

Slice Of LIfe

This Australia country is Crook as Rookwood

There we go again. It seems that the refugee swap with the US is under some cloud. Australia claims it needs to cut back on spending. 426 altre parole

Gerard Oosterman

Daily Ritual.

Toiz. (2) white room
Lagom&Milo – Luxs Bathroom #06@Kawaii Project
Lagom&Milo – Luxs Bathroom #10 RARE@Kawaii Project
Lagom&Milo – Luxs Bathroom #02 PG RARE… 126 altre parole

It's Time to Wave Goodbye to Milo, For Good

By Kahren Eloyan, Opinion Editor

Earlier this month, a heartening event took place. My faith in humanity, currently plumbing previously-unknown lows, was lifted.

   It was sudden- for a moment, almost everyone was on the same page about something. 893 altre parole


Nervous Systems

Hope everyone is doing well.  I took a break from writing for nearly a year.  The Election was a big part of it.  I don’t think my council was missed.   3.226 altre parole