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Why Gays Need to Move to the Right

As New York and the West Coast prepare for gay pride weekend, police officers and the media are preparing for violence, and it’s not from homophobic fly-over Americans. 1.061 altre parole


MMM: #788 For The People - Melting Watches

Milo here.

Still workin’ on some other bits n pieces, so proper reviews are gonna have to wait a few more days, but, hey, we’ll always have MMM. 290 altre parole


The Paris daisy.

The Paris Daisy

There is just nothing more comforting than a single, little and insignificant flower. I say ‘insignificant’ in its beauty┬ábeing so shy and┬ámodest. 522 altre parole

Gerard Oosterman

Milo's Crazy Dance

Here is our possum bear having fun playing with his dad.


Tag! You're It!

Here is a short video of Morty and Milo playing tag. This is from just a couple of days ago.


Baby Milo

Here is a picture of Milo on his second day home.

We haven’t received a copy of Milo’s birth certificate yet. Hopefully soon!

But here he is today at almost six months old! 6 altre parole


MMM: #666 Stop Stop - The Black Keys

Milo here.

I know! I know! We’ve already done a #666, so I guess the cat’s out of the bag. While I do have an actual ranked list of all the songs that I vaguely like (going up to #801 and counting) from which I pick my songs for MMM on, this list is a constantly changing thing that I’m forever altering. 232 altre parole