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Roots Run Deep

August, the month where we used to sing/scream at the top of our lungs “Tanggal tiga puluh satu, bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh” amongst other patriotic songs while waving our flags at school assemblies. 603 altre parole


Mud Cafe: A Homely Brunch

Living like a local: From huge pastries to milo and lemony lemonade, this cafe just makes you feel cosy. 227 altre parole

Week 48

Ayy. I don’t really have much to say up top this week except fuck nazis & fuck white supremacists & fuck fascists too. RIP Heather Heyer. 687 altre parole



Erik was standing in the kitchen doorway. “Auntie Hyacinth? Uncle won’t talk to me or get up.”

Hyacinth sighed. That this was happening at ten in the morning, after breakfast, with Erik neat and combed and ordinary, was particularly annoying. 3.725 altre parole

How the far-right co-opted "free speech"

This column was published at Maclean’s on May 1, 2017

It was the third time in as many months that supporters of President Donald Trump gathered in Berkeley, Calif., the historic birthplace of America’s Free Speech Movement and the cradle of anti-war protests in the Vietnam War era—but when met with counter-protesters on Apr. 1.303 altre parole

Free Speech / Censorship

Sing! China - Singers, 4!

See what I did there ?

After the success of Nathan Hartono on the first season and countless of Milo endorsements later, it seems that more local Sunny Islanders have been spurred to: 228 altre parole

I don't know...

Three of us live in our house.  School is starting soon for two of us.  The third is a dog.  He doesn’t go to school. 137 altre parole

Life As A Mommy