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"Hot Coffee" lawsuit comes up again in jury selection in Mississippi.'

Over the last month, I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in two civil trials in Mississippi.  One was in extremely conservative Lee county in northeast Mississippi and the other in the moderate, yet conservative, Oktibbeha County in east central Mississippi.   1.269 altre parole


Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals (1998) - Review

Did You Just Assume My Gender?

Milo here, wondering how I got “here”. I mean what is “here”? I’m not physically in your computer. In fact, I’m writing this ages before you even read it, so shouldn’t it be “there”? 1.916 altre parole


MLB Postseason

The Cubs Play against the Dodgers for the Pennant… and a chance to play the Cleveland Indians for the World Series. My top two favorite teams, the San Francisco Giants and the Toronto Blue Jays, were knocked out, Giants in the NLDS (National League Division Series), and the Jays making it one step further to the ALCS, (American League Championship Series). 99 altre parole


Character Design

Lately, in my General Illustration II class I’ve been working on a character design project and now I have to take my character and create a comic using it. 300 altre parole

Marywood University

MILO peng time! MILO van journeys to Westgate this Friday (October 21)

(Source: www.greatdeals.com.sg)

Who wants some good o’ iced MILO?

Happiness is always located around a MILO truck, well that’s because everyone gets a free cup! 89 altre parole


Just one of those days

I’ve been sick in bed all day today. This morning when I woke up, Pops took me to Urgent Care, and I was told that I have the tummy flu. 79 altre parole


Milo Yiannopoulos Schools CNBC "Journalists" on Western Civilization (video)

The fact that Milo has to explain basic Western Civilization to these people is VERY indicative of just how far public schools have failed and radical our universities have become. 50 altre parole

True Talking Points