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Skate 3 (Xbox 360/PS3, 2010) - Review

Wicked Sick!

Milo here.

As you’ll know from my voluptuous figure and overall “cannot-be-assed” attitude to life, I’m no hot stuff when it comes to the athletic scene. 1.365 altre parole


When Women Were Lady Fish

By Miles O’Hairspray

​I miss the good old days. The glory of the sea, when men were fish and women were lady fish. Not Angler Fish. 367 altre parole

Creative Writing

Milo Yiannopoulos Confronts Commie Protesters

A group of communist protesters met Milo at the door, protesting his speech at WVU. Milo grabbed a sign that said “Milo Sucks” and proudly flaunts the sign in front of his cheering fans, admitting: “I do.” 15 altre parole


Minnsota Wild @ Vancouver Canucks

My first Canucks game of the season, and my sister’s first ever!

The wild scored the first goal of the game about 5 minutes into the first on Ryan Miller off a rebound. 180 altre parole


Can You See Both Sides?

I spend much of my time at work drowning my ears in podcasts. I like my mind to be busy while my hands are busy packing wheel bearings, inspecting control cables and changing engine components (that stuff gets boring after a while). 673 altre parole


PANDA Award Nomination: Ooh! This is a new one!

Milo here.

So, we’ve been nominated for a PANDA award! How about that?

For those who don’t know, The PANDA award was formulated by fellow blogger and, by this point, all-round WordPress god… 851 altre parole


Bombshell Leaked Documents show Trump Campaign creation of FCNA "Federal Commission for News Authenticity". Rush Limbaugh tapped to take helm.

November 11/27/2016

Breaking – Washington D.C.

New documents leaked in recent online Washington hack show the upcoming White House administration scrambling to create a Commission to fight “Fake News”. 216 altre parole