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Summer Shenanigans

It’s been awhile.

All apologies.

But no worries.

Milo is still a nutcase, still a chatterbox, still as crazy as ever.

And by crazy, I mean that he may need anxiety medication one day.   967 altre parole

Khasiat Koko Tamar Bersama Al Haddad Marketing

Sering minum kopi nescafe, milo dan yang sewaktu dengannya?

Sudah-sudahlah tu sister-sister muslimah semua (begitu juga dengan brother-brother muslimin yang lain) daripada membeli dan menyokong rejim Israel dengan produk Nestle camtu! 389 altre parole


Camp NaNoWriMo - September Edition

So there’s not technically a NaNoWriMo in September (it’s definitely not the national novel month). But, hey, they already have Camp NaNoWriMo so why not just take the challenge whenever you feel like it? 374 altre parole


Day 15: 10 weeks

Dear Milo,

I love you demon spawn. You make each day more exciting as well as make me bang my head against the wall. So currently you are teething and boy are my ankles having fun. 67 altre parole