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Why people like Milo and Donald Trump are going to save us all.

By Tokay

By now chances are that you know who Donald Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos are. Donald Trumps is a businessman, reality TV star and of course a presidential candidate that has america by the balls. 496 altre parole

Milo Cupcakes

WHEN YOU LOOK AT PRODUCT DATA ALL DAY LONG, it becomes part of you. So it seems befitting that when my best temp (from Australia) leaves, I throw a product-themed party for her and the office. 297 altre parole



Giving T my (cute) puppy eyes look and (shamelessly) asking for a cup of iced Milo.

Later in the night, he regretted letting me have the energy drink ‘cause I wouldn’t stop talking shit when he wanted to sleep :P

Dallas Zoo Welcomes A Bouncing, 175 Pound, Baby Boy Elephant

Babies are the best! Especially, when they’re adorable elephant babies!

Back in March, the Dallas Zoo took in five elephants from Swaziland. One of those elephants, Milo, was pregnant. 54 altre parole


Sofea Exclusive

RM 100 sm/RM 105 ss

Material :cotton spndex lembut +manik dijahit tgn

Free size s to L

Bahu :15-15.5
Dada :36-38
Labuh tgn :22.5… 64 altre parole

Emerald Green