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I am an Innie

Getting deep this morning…

Insecurity: doubt, fear, unease, exposed to danger, not stable

Anxiety: distress, uneasiness of mind, angst

Areas of experience in which we are not confident in ourselves or the world… 377 altre parole


a candied misnomer

laden with false saturated sweetness

they are paintraders

merchants of malady

swapping out the boulder crushing you

with an easy grin

displaying relief with an open palm… 75 altre parole


Guarding Your Mind & Time | Apostle John W Rhodes of KOHA - YouTube

Guarding Your Mind & Time – Apostle John W Rhodes of KOHA. This is a brief excerpt of the above teaching, it digs deep on the great purpose in guarding your … 7 altre parole

Spiritual Enlightenment in Bali

Bali, known as the “Island of Gods” is a place where many come to seek transformation, peace, and enlightenment through meditation and spiritual healers. It is an island that is vibrating with so much positive energy and love that it is hard not to feel overwhelmed with happiness. 863 altre parole


Story about the absence of fear

Human beings can be scared of failing, but for some people, the desire for and courage to seek success exceeds fear. That’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. 392 altre parole

The Happiness Journey

The process of processing grief

To the world you were one person but to
one person you were the world.

Could have, would have, should have are the start of every single sentence that goes through my head or more to the point every single time I question myself. 532 altre parole

Ugh, perfection.

It really gets to me that people have this visualisation of things are supposed to be or go in their heads. How a relationship is supposed to be, or a first date and how people are always going to be nice to you and your bestfriend will always be your bestfriend because sadly it doesn’t always go down that like. 128 altre parole

Be You