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M.E.D of Investing

How can we minimize the effort required for investing? What is the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) for making money? MED is the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome. 725 altre parole


Between the Spheres

This is what it looks like, in the one hand

Between the Spheres

I try to wrap my mind around it.

An attempt to connect the two – a keen accomplishment (perhaps unique to all the world of humans) – of right knowing what left is doing, and vice-versa. 236 altre parole


How to Melt Old Karmic Patterns with Pure Love

Reposted from: Fractal Enlightenment | by Lauren Simpson-Green

If the West favours the left-handed, logic and analytical side of the brain and the East favours the creative, spiritual and feeling-centered side of the brain, then it’s no surprise that in the West, we approach our problems all too often with cool logic and analysis. 1.403 altre parole


spring share 85

this one looks better .. (click to enlarge ..)

Better than what …
always comparing
always competing
only in time
now it shouldn’t matter
now it doesn’t matter… 10 altre parole


First Time

Jen went with me to the boiler room, carrying her bag of accommodations. I shut the door as she spread out a microfiber blanket with the little blue whales spouting from their blowholes and a little pillow that was shiny like satin but probably something else. 439 altre parole


On your own

Going through this process by yourself is really, really hard. Even if you have a spouse or someone “in it” with you for support, it can feel lonely at times if someone isn’t necessarily fighting the same battle that you are. 542 altre parole