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Almost forgotten

This space is a small piece of me. It is hidden in plain sight: first I put it in a corner then I turned the lights off.  34 altre parole



I worry about where my mind is going to take me,
I wonder if it will make my heart hate myself,
I worry about time while I am being transported through my thoughts. 187 altre parole


Orbs and Spirits

My 5-year-old daughter woke this morning talking a mile a minute about the spirits she was seeing: one green one pink/red. The green one she said was a man with brown hair and glasses and the pink/red one was a lady with long, black curly hair. 366 altre parole

Heart Lessons

You're What You Think.

In your Mind lies a great force  next to the force of Human Spirit. The thoughts that pass through your Mind are responsible for everything that happens in your life. 556 altre parole


Let's Talk About Mental Health.

Depression is ludicrous. It’s ludicrous and illogical. And you know that it’s ludicrous when your experiencing it. Most people can wake up and get out of bed without a single thought. 209 altre parole


My Mental Health Story

When I was 11 my brain divulged to me some privileged information. Somehow in the depths of the gray matter between my ears I came to the conclusion that I was going to die young. 462 altre parole


just a little mess


Mood: in a weird state so can’t really define it.

Health: on the edge. ( kinda sick  but not really)

Weather: beautiful sky. And getting colder… 292 altre parole