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the coming


onwards and upwards the birds rise,

in quick sketches on the skyline,

as the waxing moon leaves us

within a bowl in the hills

traversing the ribbons of road ahead; 8 altre parole


Positive Constructs of the Mind

Is it possible to witness melancholy from afar?

From the perspective of what Eastern philosophers call ‘the silent witness’, ‘the true Self’, that self shared with all creation, Universe, ‘God’ to some, what never changes and is infinite—even if this may be no more than a construct of the mind—is that not better than a pill? 125 altre parole


Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Journey

Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Journey’ tells the story of Hannah Nydahl and her adventure bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the West.

From her wild and idealistic roots as a hippy in Copenhagen, the film follows Hannah and her husband Ole to the hedonistic city of Kathmandu, where in 1968 they became two of the first Western students of His Holiness the 16th Karmapa – the first consciously reincarnated lama of Tibet, and the man who would change their lives forever. 106 altre parole


Bodhisattva Mindfulness

There’s a long section in “Way of the Bodhisattva” where Shantideva writes about mindfulness. I’d like to share some of it with you here.


404 altre parole

Happiness/Unhappiness from within

Recently the main focus has been trying to be happy from within. That mediation or other similar forms of therapy can bring you happiness. Or at least let you let go of things that might be getting in the way of your being happy. 356 altre parole


Butt ugly III - Escape

The rope was tied to the pole in the roof. The noose was tightly secured, an effective running knot. There would be a minimum of suffering. 286 altre parole


It Happens Sometimes

Your mind can run down
a rabbit hole to darkness.
Keep searching for light.