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In My Mind

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Fear is in the heart of the destroyer

Defeat is in the hopes of the victor

Sleep is in the fears of the unawakened… 24 altre parole


Adventures in Northern Pakistan: Lake Saif Ul Mulk

When you’re huddled around a campfire and the many stories are being recollected, there comes in the conversation, a tale worth sharing. A tale of adventure, a little courage and above all the will of the free spirit. 539 altre parole

Things are best when felt!

Today after so many days, I had a peaceful sleep. I felt light for the first time in this new year maybe. For the past one and half month it seems like I was living in an alternate reality!! 57 altre parole


Enfant Knowledge

The hidden surprise

as the future

we kept.. 68 altre parole

Multitasking Is Not Killing Your Brain

February 13, 2016

Don’t worry, you can’t break your brain by channel surfing on the internet.

Luckily, things aren’t that dangerous or simple.

Moreover, I promise you that even though you have now started reading this article, if you decide to… 1.061 altre parole


Shameless plug for me and the Edmonton Public Library Writer in Residence

My old pal, former J-school mate and accomplished novelist, Wayne Arthurson, is Writer In Residence (WIR) at the Edmonton Public Library.

And on Sunday, February 21 at 2PM he’s having me in for a workshop at the Stanely A. 394 altre parole

True Story (Law of Attraction)

My good friends, Wayne and Caroline, just returned from a vacation to Hawaii. They stayed on the Island of Maui, and often frequented Wailea Beach, which is known for its big waves. 683 altre parole