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I reviewed my spendings and I felt grateful I have been given the opportunity to spend this money because I was after the value while spending my money on the price… 74 altre parole


Poetry: Black and White

I wear black and white

and so is my mind

-tina maria-


Zero Waste

I was invited to like a Facebook page, Lindsay Granger Healing Arts LLC, which I did and I learned that this is a semi local business and I also ended up friending her. 569 altre parole

2 tahun untuk hati mu

2 tahun untuk hati mu

Hari ini dua tahun ia mendahului mu

Sorot mata mu tak bisa kau pungkiri kau kehilangannya.

Ku mengerti, ia belahan jiwa mu untuk bertahun silam. 70 altre parole


A Strong Mind

We all have minds. Ok most of us have one! How your mind functions impacts the course of your life and those around you. Unlike your muscles or heart the functioning of your mind has far reaching consequences not just on yourself but sometimes on humanity. 343 altre parole


'Happy Passions' pill anyone?

If there is someone out there capable of inventing a medicine or a machine or a spell to make anxious people go to sleep instead of filling their minds with everything you can possibly imagine, would you please give me some samples? 656 altre parole


Six Word Stories.

“Soulful Eyes, Glimmer Brighter Than Sunshine.”

a simple glance can do oh, so much. it can be the cause of your heart skipping beats; metaphorically of course.

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