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Habitually Fit

Hey guys! In preparation for the launch of my book, The Mind Diet, I’ve attached a preview of  Chapter 7: Habitually Fit, for those curious, and those who would like a little sample of the book before they buy it. 175 altre parole


The Importance of You

As we each walk out own unique spiritual path, we tend to forget our importance. We learn to let go of so much, most of that which never served us anyway, but in that sometimes we let go of being ‘ourself’. 754 altre parole


You Can Run but You Can't Always Hide

I know from experience that things like unhealthy eating and living habits, stress, lack of rest… you know the list…. can lead to a flare up. 628 altre parole


Untrouble your mind from time to time.

Sometimes we do too much. Too much overall. Sometimes we’re so catched up with putting effort into everything at once, so we please not only our staffers but also everyone that could be connected to what ever we’re working on, we put so much of our energy and power into a project that we often forget that we’re there too. 966 altre parole


Deconditioning from holy words

What is the value of collectively defining who we are?
Some definitions: Souls, Love, Spirits, bodies, nothing, everything, etc.

When we hear that we are “truly love,” what actually that means? 522 altre parole


living with anxiety

I’m sick and tired of seeing people glamorizing anxiety, not just anxiety but depression, eating disorders, OCD, autism, ADHD etc. We live in a time where talking about mental illness is taboo and people would rather pretend they don’t exist than accept the fact that a lot of the people around them are affected by them. 612 altre parole


Mediums for Truth: Storytelling versus Logic

Have you ever been saying something that wasn’t true, and caught yourself in the middle of saying it? “No…no, everything I’ve ever said in my life has been factual and accurate.” … 901 altre parole