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Validate me

Validate me,
You’re the only one I see.
Only your seal of approval,
Makes my day less dull.
Validate me,
Let me be carefree.
Only you can give me assent, 65 altre parole

The Antiquities Collection

For her, your mind is a library – a collection of books; some could even quite comfortably be placed in an antiquities collection. Some are scattered thoughts, whilst others are carefully catalogued. 293 altre parole


Perfectly Flawed?!...or Flawed Perfectly?!

It’s all about perspective…how does one know what is flawed and what is perfect?! We don’t know nothing!! Your opinions and perspective is just that…what’s not liked by you is liked by others…and visa versa…who is right and who is wrong?! Nobody.


I am the same person...

I am this kind of a person who tries to stay strong still does mistakes,But some mistakes just seem to never stop following me. People around me judge my life but they don’t get how hard it is for me to stand up. 228 altre parole


The RoseBerry Mind Puzzler by Go Games Look

Apart from these categories of games Shooting games and Puzzle Games are also popular with the players online. The puzzle games and shooting games are destined to relieve the stress of the people. 229 altre parole

Mousepads Mind Technology IMAGE 24310623 by MSD Mat Customized

Perhaps if there seems to be a zipper pocket or possibly a small-sized pocket to save the dongle, then it might be a marriage created in heaven. 233 altre parole


Am i at-least a pixel in this vast Universe?

Out there millions and millions of objects populate the space with such massiveness that even the Hubble space telescope could only capture 4.3 GB of data in one image  (as the Andromeda 4 K Gigapixel video shows). 128 altre parole