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Creative Thinking

It’s something we have to ‘learn’ in a class I have at school this period. We have to do a lot of different kinds of tests like searching for creative ways to use a brick, or pointing at objects and saying something completely different. 225 altre parole


When the Silence Screams...

It’s like you’re sitting in a vacuum, where there’s nothing, not even a single atom is there to make even the most minute sound. The only thing you hear is the sound of silence, and you listen to it, carefully. 118 altre parole


Book Quote of the Week - 017

“These men are known as capitalists. They are motivated by the desire to build, construct, achieve, render useful service, earn profits and accumulate riches. And, because they render service without which there would be no civilization, they put themselves in the way of great riches.”

Napoleon Hill


Have Auto Repair Needs? Keep These Tips In Mind!

If you spend any amount of time driving a vehicle, it is crucial to understand the ins and outs of automotive repair. Unfortunately, too many people do not have such an understanding. 28 altre parole

Diesel Repair

No more soap for me

My favourite philosopher, Alan Watts, has an interesting idea that humans are not born into the world, they are born from the world. We are not manifested out of thin air into our mothers’ wombs; we are grown in the same way apples grow out of apple trees. 781 altre parole

What is Patience in Our fast Paced World? (1 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Jolia L.

Founder & Owner of: Be Yourself

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor and Successful Living Writer

Patience is another word for peace of mind. 264 altre parole




Mungkin semuanya sudah mati sekarang

Aku pun tak tahu sejak kapan

Maafkan kalau kau mau,

Kalau tidak,

Aku pun mengerti
Kalau aku jadi kau, 55 altre parole