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If We Started Early

The question that comes up often when it comes to gifted or talented individuals, whether it is in the sporting field, business or academia, is whether it is nature or nurture that has helped to forge them. 644 altre parole



A hush, isn’t privation of words to speak,

It isn’t the quality of being meek,

It’s not lack of melodies,

Or the absence of eulogies. 213 altre parole

Creative Writing

The Minds of Strings

The strangeness of conscious
is connection. The real thing
is hard to believe. These bits
of pain. Came like a gunshot
to heads. And tails between… 24 altre parole


First Steps

I have chosen to take Baby Steps…. hoping that this time the changes I make become ingrained habits because I feel and see the results of them prior to initiating further changes and steps.   1.090 altre parole


Feeling guilty about my guilt...

I have constant guilt. The work on changing the way I deal with guilt, especially about myself is going to be a tough road.

Guilt is one thing that I would say defines me. 128 altre parole

Debt and Minimalism

We are living in a world of consumerism, and it is not what it seemed to be.

When we see banks advertise their credit services, we usually see beautiful people living luxury lifestyles. 162 altre parole


Returning to the Journey

When I was younger it used to bother me that my peers (and often the many adults around me) did not feel, see, or care about the world like I did. 509 altre parole