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Watch "Ants Circling My Phone - iphone ant control - Ameisen umkreisen iphone" on YouTube

Saw this through a link, and as the phone rings, the ants Start to move in a counterclockwise direction. Reminds me of the Kaaba. And how Ants are related/correspond to Saturn.


Letting it all out into the Universe

Whenever I used to speak up, people used to repeatedly tell me, “Girl, you must blog”. I used to simply give it a ear and shrug it off wondering, having a wise word to say is an easy thing to do, but to write it all out such that people could read it, well it’s the world wide web is what we are talking about, well that’s not something I thought I was capable of doing. 514 altre parole


Top 25 Steampunk Jewelry Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Handmade Jewelry
Looking for a handmade gift idea? Follow this tutorial to make a beautiful wire rose ring!
Do you love this?
Handmade Jewelry How to price your handmade jewelry Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Bonsai Pendant, Peridot &… 12 altre parole


The gift of discomfort

A couple of weeks ago, I experienced a mini anxiety-attack. It came after a long gap of two years. I thought I had broken all ties with anxiety, tapped all remnants of it out of my system, and bid it a grand goodbye. 532 altre parole


The feasibility of mind uploading

Neuroscientist Kenneth Miller has an interesting post at the New York Times discussing the feasibility of mind uploading:

I am a theoretical neuroscientist. I study models of brain circuits, precisely the sort of models that would be needed to try to reconstruct or emulate a functioning brain from a detailed knowledge of its structure.

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Artificial Intelligence


The mind is a beautiful yet mysterious wonder.  It can sense unease and react in ways that attempt to protect us.  My mind is in disarray.   289 altre parole

What does the Silva Method give?

Becoming a Silva graduate (a graduate of the Silva Method) means to automatically experience the self discipline and logic of the trained mind. Silva training puts you in the driving seat of the direction of your life…