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Pill 91 | "A Permanent Solution to your Temporary Problem"

Warning: Video contains blood and gore.

No, not suicide. Not today. Today it’s about people. They come, they go. But I think I finally understand the logic behind friendships, relationships and I’v accepted what it is. 427 altre parole


I forgive and give thanks 

This Thanksgiving I decided to forgive. Forgiving is something that gives you strength, knowledge and allows you to move on in life. Doesn’t mean you necessarily forget (but don’t dwell on it as well) … 67 altre parole


Chapter 38: Thoughts

Dear readers,

I think often. I do it sometimes without realising I’m doing it. I think to keep my sanity & because my mind never seems to cease from being active. 436 altre parole

The Journal

Personal Success

Do not be seduced by popular depictions of success.
Your success is the vision that resides solely within your mind.
Because it is personal, it is achievable. 50 altre parole



Hardly The Life of Riley

When I think back before the age of 35, before I got Married and staled with responsibility and children and someone to blackmail me into going to the store, I was a pretty carefree person!  561 altre parole


You Should Know Mike Robbins

I’m so excited to talk about Mike Robbins for Wow Wednesday.  I think this guy rocks.  Mike is a an Author and Speaker and while it’s evident that it’s his gift, he’s much, much more. 483 altre parole


Cloudy days

Today has been a cloudy day for me. In fact, the past month has been pretty cloudy.

That’s what I like to call it.

I get myself out of bed every day, and I exist in this world inside a fog. 592 altre parole