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Gird Up (1 Peter 1:13)

We tie up the turkey so that its appearance on the plate is more desirable. I tie up my tomato plants so that they have support in growing and I tie up the dog when I put him out to do his business so the that little bandit won’t run away. 326 altre parole


Why is it Important to realize what the MIND is?

In the early 1900s, in America, there was a man named B.F. Skinner. He was very intellectual, but he was also quite lacking in “C’etc”.  What is “C’etc”? 659 altre parole

Spiritual Bits Of Truth

Business... Mind your own? 

Today, I would to share a thought. Too often we are concerned with the lives and actions of people around us. Whether they are family members or people we care (or even don’t care) about, we find ourselves snooping around in their business. 124 altre parole



When a moment of peace is about to pass – and you know it will pass eventually – sometimes that is the best moment to go back. 94 altre parole

Slipping To Insanity


The day that you may, want to take me with you and take my last breath do it now or later whenever, I just ask for you to do it in a second because I know where you are taking me. 177 altre parole

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Hi Beauties

I couldn’t help myself – here is an Ugly Christmas Sweaters collection, they are so bad that’s it’s amazing I can’t look away: 29 altre parole


How We Live Our Days is How We Live Our Lives

This past week I was volunteering at a camp I used to work at in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Cedar Campus. It was my first time working in over three months and I’m not gonna lie, it was nice. 789 altre parole