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rub the mind

headache and  no  fault as  the mind soothes

and  where are you called a loser

because the reign

and free as its own pain

and digest as its own hits… 42 altre parole


The mind's asylum

The mind’s asylum

No real way to put it, not one bit. It is a shadow that creeps from the corners of the walls to leer down at you from a distance. 172 altre parole


When stress subsides, the other senses soar...

Last year – my year from hell, I got into the habit of eating frozen bought chicken kiev’s with mashed potato nearly every week night. Bland, carb loaded and devoid of many nutrients, … 560 altre parole

Ordinary Encounters And Happenings...

Violence and Humans

We live in a culture of violence. We have been trained by a culture of violence and we are all agents of passive violence. This is because all of our relationships are based on self-interest, discrimination and a perverse need for gain. 199 altre parole


How To Clean Your Brain Without Washing It

Open the windows of your shuttered mind

to the unencumbered breeze of fresh thought

Let it gently spread; swirling through half-opened

doors into darkened corners to remove… 16 altre parole


April 29, 2017 --- Memory V

Memory V

Walk along the shore,

feel the tide pull

at my ankles,

taste the salt,

mind the rocks—

sharp ones

that the sea can’t… 86 altre parole


Bird Food

In my very first blog post, I talked about how thoughts remind me of birds–some fly through, others stay around for a while. Some persistent, annoying little ones stay around for no apparently good reason. 206 altre parole