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2 Way Street

This is a phrase my mom used to say all the time. What she meant by that is, she shouldn’t be the one to always have to make contact. 214 altre parole


Breathing Exercises

Are you feeling stressed, tired, having a hard time sleeping, is your mind running in circles? Try adding some breathing exercises to your daily routine. 154 altre parole


Facts (and Minds) are Stubborn Things

When making his defense of some British soldiers during the Boston Massacre trials in December of 1770, John Adams (later the second President of the United States) offered a famous insight. 1.729 altre parole

Behavioral Biases

Pedro Calado l'ha ribloggato su SocioTech'nowledge.

My opinion about "Love"🔞


My first problem connects with ”love” and with the rest of banal and sentimental things. You think I am in love?….. like other teens do?……. 332 altre parole

15 Years Old

Page One

Page one represents the beginning of the first chapter of a new book in the volume of my life; the previous ended quite abruptly and is now resting on the shelf. 235 altre parole

my amazing body

I think one of things I take for granted the most in life is my body. After finding these facts, it’s hard to believe that I so easily overlook it. 356 altre parole