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Eating pretty

So about a month ago I was on a search for something to make me look and feel better. I’m interested in nutrition and what exactly food does to the body, so when I stumbled  across “Eat Pretty” by Jolene Hart, I purchased it on a bit of an impulse. 591 altre parole


Doing a new thing.

I am about to do something new.

I am simultaneously excited and terrified as I sit in Starbucks Swindon enabling tax avoidance. I’m stopping for a cup of tea on my way to Create Mind Radio which disappointingly isn’t actually a radio station. 228 altre parole

Poetry: My Church Mind

Do I believe they have done enough? NO!
Do I believe they would do better? NO!
Do I believe they remain on our throne? NO! 121 altre parole



Lead me over stony pebbles

And deep-rooted paths

To the sounds of the universe


Empty words

Trailing like the tail

Of a comet

Lighting my mind on fire. 35 altre parole



When you think about a cage, how do you think about that? Can you imagine you trapped in a cage? Well, most of us are trapped in a way in a cage. 160 altre parole


Exhaling and Waters Lifting

That opening into the universe

Where prayers move in and out with the wind

And silent rivers move

Ferocious in strength,

Yet calm

Waters lifting, 69 altre parole


Divide and rule yourself?!

We blame politicians for dividing and ruling us. But what is fascinating is that we do it everyday! There are so many divisions inside an individual! 378 altre parole