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in the morning (you are speechless)

The object of your desire stands before you naked
as a new house, slender legs a white-picket
fence, the grass inside it green and wet with


10:18 A.M.

Come back and revere

All of your delightful, controlled fears.

Step forward and proudly say,

“It’s always been that way.”

Once you’re comfortable and done, 21 altre parole


Claims there are no secrets

There are no lies,

No faults in the tales

no covers to guise.

Still no secrets

again, no guise,

Although the tales told

Are covered in lies.


My Cracked Pot - A Poem by Evangeline C. Novio

My Cracked Pot

I noticed the crack first slowly spreading at the outer side of my favorite clay pot where I cook the native dish you used to like. 140 altre parole

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Morning Crisp at the Cottage - A Poem by Patricia McGoldrick

Morning Crisp at the Cottage

We stayed up late.
Sitting back
in our yellow Muskoka chairs,
to see the stars,
we were graced with the Northern Lights, 128 altre parole

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Process - A Poem by Nate Maye


spinning circle
that tells us
thinking is going on

a wait
sputtering sound
the car is trying
to turn over

just not quite
yet… 81 altre parole

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Frozen Cattail - A Poem by Kimberly Peterson

Frozen Cattail

One solitary cattail piercing the snow
Encased, a sheen of ice
Freezing the moment when
Its brown crushed velvet skin
Split to spew forth parachutes of future hope… 152 altre parole

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