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Coming to

Slowly the heaviness slips away

Taking away the stillness

A whirring begins somewhere in the distance


Slowly feeling out the space

Full consciousness sliding into place… 36 altre parole


I don’t take things in
I just let them settle over
like cold, wet rain into wool
the smell finds your nose
and doesn’t leave… 136 altre parole



a valley fair
lost in time, concerned with nothing–

slowly turning. dense fog.
the sound of hyenas dancing and screaming–
the wild whooping of nightmares… 50 altre parole


Monday Haiku II 

Sunlight paints the door.

The early morning opens.

What will happen next?


their lives, i see them
wisps in the ethereal

vanishing before me as quickly
as they pranced forward.

children are growing up,
they are walking now. 85 altre parole


Essence of today

When sun rays hit, confirmation morning
has arrived, bringing with it new hope.
coping with the fact that today real life
begins, and I pray that it may resemble something great; beyond average, 118 altre parole


Wake Up Call

Rising early

To wake my faith

Since it slumbers

Even while I can’t,

I wrap myself in a comforter

And sink into the crevice

Of our well-worn couch… 144 altre parole

Kerry Peterson