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Inhale the clouds

Exhale the dust

Count the stars on the back of your eyelids


Trace the outlines of your memories

Dance among those precious, 66 altre parole


A note to sun

I see you at the end of the horizon standing with your own firm graciousness, i tried to look at u as if its your concern, but you look a bit gloomy today a bit vulnerable from within, i can not empathize you more.. 105 altre parole

in the morning (you are speechless)

The object of your desire stands before you naked
as a new house, slender legs a white-picket
fence, the grass inside it green and wet with


10:18 A.M.

Come back and revere

All of your delightful, controlled fears.

Step forward and proudly say,

“It’s always been that way.”

Once you’re comfortable and done, 21 altre parole