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The One Whose Eyes Open When You Close Your Eyes

happiness gone forever
The days of receiving your letter
Or amid blowing leaves, on the quiet
streets of a small coastal town
late at night typewriter sounds.

Poem Of The Day

Walking To Martha's Vineyard

The dusk was gone now, burned away
(from inside)
There was no
I, there
and no person —
finally, waiting
on the other side, only… 12 altre parole

Poem Of The Day

Do not post your elbow

~a poem for Tumblr

Do not post pics of your elbow because

Guys be like ‘you have such beautiful elbows’

And before you know it… 470 altre parole

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Belief is all it takes...

Lord Buddha a name which became immortal  by his thoughts and his special “peace” of mind….This post is dedicated to the greatest teacher of  all time  who taught the lesson of  peace to this entire world  and made it much more beautiful… 152 altre parole

My Poetry

100 Submissions in 100 Days – #2 AGNI

I am going down the list from the public Google document Journals That Pay FOR POEMS. Yesterday’s post was A Public Space, where I did TWO submissions of a total of FIVE poems but I am only counting it as ONE submission. 367 altre parole

100 Submissions In 100 Days

100 Submissions in 100 Days - #1 A Public Space

The first submission I will do is to A Public Space.

A Public Space is an independent magazine of literature and culture founded in 2006.  336 altre parole

100 Submissions In 100 Days