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Hey you… I know… <3

I know now. Maybe I’ve always known.

That she needs me.

She needs me to need and love her like I need her to need me and love me. 43 altre parole


The King of the Clock Tower

Gone the three ancient ladies
Who creaked on the greenhouse ladders,
Reaching up wings —
To wind, to wind
The sweet-pod, the lilacs
Nasturtiums, the climbing… 21 altre parole

Poem Of The Day


Cotton candy clouds
Cream soda rain
the vanilla fudge ground.

And twizzler trees
Maple cookie leaves
through powdered sugar fog.

As toffee puddles… 11 altre parole


Love's Sweet Conundrum

What seems so very simple
is not so what it seems;
(To complicate the matter
our lives are full of dreams.)

Enthralling tours of wonder… 229 altre parole


This Sun, How It Doth Bleed

And lo, this sun, how it doth bleed,
breath within me burns for its life;
how implosive this sun doth reside,
yet ‘twas no more than a vast light… 79 altre parole


Written For a Friend (9/4/16)

(photo source: SunO TuM LouT AaO Na)

You once told me that we were meant for each other. That, because we saw a reality as well as a fairytale within one another – a sense of calm, rather than butterflies – you knew that we were simply destined to be together. 132 altre parole

My Poetry

Walk Nearer

I’m in your life
for a reason,
though just for
a brief season.

You all ease
by me everyday,
breeze through me
then slip away. 98 altre parole