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India Rises

From the balcony
India rises
yet modern
her vast horizon
steel stained
metal tendrils
far reaching.

From my window
palaces do not
stretch far
temples fall… 45 altre parole

Rob's Ruminations


Give me flowers and you’ll have my love for a season
I’ll live inside their blooms
opening myself for you in the mornings
when you roll over to check… 36 altre parole


Weekend Poems


Melancholia is…

a language beyond words

a language…

that breathes and festers behind

the shadowy precincts of time

a language…

that lingers like a nightmare… 132 altre parole

My Poetry

The Storm Of Being

As with the wind,
my flesh is restless
to this vain earth;
and o’er yon horizon,
swift along its edge,
it needs oft to sway… 90 altre parole


Nam myoho renge kyo....

This is a short poem based on  Nichiren Buddhism’s practises called “NAM   MYOHO  RENGE KYO” which can be described as the essence of  “LOTUS SUTRA…”” 156 altre parole

My Poetry

Free Verse # 386 (my love for you is a faithful dog)

This life
rich in small moments,
a cup of strong tea,
how the jasmine
under the moon smells,
towards the end of winter
the sun on my face, 222 altre parole


Haiku # 443

If for a moment
I can touch you…
how distant the stars…


Waking from the dream
in which I saw you…
the coldness of dawn… 6 altre parole