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Free Verse # 407 (better than poetry)

Love came bearing
the gift of the moment,
the gaze of eternity
burning in her eyes.


In the timber of her voice
a candle burned, 121 altre parole



You look at me as though I am broken
And you want to fix me with golden leaf,
Let it whisper into my cracks and crevices, 112 altre parole

My Poetry

White Board

She stands clear and fair,
Shining with emptiness of scribbles,
Wanting ink her skin to taint,
She stands still unwritten on, bare.

Her body shows she yearns words, 47 altre parole

My Poetry


Little birds sing,

Old negro spirituals.

Around the harbour,

These tunes they echo;

To cement the hearts,

To dry seas in eyes,

Of men, women, 191 altre parole

My Poetry

Who Will Marry Musuma?

Who will marry you Musuma?
With beauty of the morning sun,
Eyes of a twinkling sky,
Touch as soft as clouds,
Musuma, who will marry you? 114 altre parole

My Poetry

A Gem Of Black Soil

Hear her speak,
Its flames of wild fire burning sweet sensations down your ears,
Imbued in wisdom and traditions of our ancestors,
Clothed in enchantment of the blue sky. 95 altre parole

My Poetry

My Wife's Dream

How neatly my wife sleeps,
I should like to sleep like her.
She must be dreaming of me,
I must long to see her dreams; 69 altre parole

My Poetry