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in the eyes that stare 

in the crisp air

in a stranger’s hair

the way he sits in a chair

in my reverie


i see you everywhere



I freeze and bones crack
With just your eyes

I gaze and drop jaw
For your soft lips

I feel the urge to pee
When you walk… 29 altre parole

My Poetry

The Playground of Love

I watched her from afar
like a bird
on the branch of night
envisions the sun
from behind far hills rising,
and envisioning her
he feels her breath… 35 altre parole


Two Travel Poems

These poems are very special to me. First published in Cafe Dissensus Everyday, they talk of a time I lost somewhere in this journey called life. 92 altre parole

My Poetry

Let Her Cry

I pray you, let her cry,
her tears ne’er fall in vain;
let angels hear her sigh,
once ecstasy, now pain.

Yet, ‘ere was bolder time, 91 altre parole


As You Fade

There is a certain silence
in your eyes, as you reply;
I see distance in your gaze,
as it now drifts to the sky,
far from our quiet garden… 99 altre parole


The Anal Retentive's Lord's Prayer

The first line of the Lord’s Prayer:

Our Father :
Where “our” is used in contradistinction to “your”
Because He is not everyone’s Father, although he is “our” Father… 105 altre parole

My Poetry