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Haiku # 169

Summer winds
among the grasses,
the whisper of shadows.


The Face of History

She gazed into the mirror
looking at the face, with sensuous lips
smooth sandalwood coloured skin
stretched lightly over sharpened bones.

With fading smokey brown eyes… 16 altre parole


Forbidden Fruit

Henry tipped his crown
in Anne Boleyn’s direction
he who was married
she who was tempted.

His desire for this woman
led to conflict within the church… 81 altre parole


Computer Operator

Each and every day
I sit before the computer
entering data onto keyboard
line by line, number by number
as my mind wanders in thought… 9 altre parole


Up A Lazy River

There must be two types of people
in this fast, vast, confusing world.
the ones who float slowly,
like life is an inner tube
and they are willing to be carried… 21 altre parole



can’t sleep again
crickets serenade my busy mind
I look at the stars
and count a reason I love you
in each one


Sundry Washoff

Some times the washing whizzes
around like a vertical roundabout of colours
sundry materials mashed by gravity and other
scientific forces and inasmuch
as I can be sure that socks are tougher in pairs… 36 altre parole