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Body Mind Soul Spirit - Soul

My soul is not my mind. Emotions, will,
And thoughts, intentions, of my deep-most heart –
Though using my mind’s logic – such are still… 96 altre parole

My Poetry

You and I.

I cry tears for me

And I cry tears for you

Making me tremble

Shaking the earth

Did I cause such hurt

To you?

Do I have an idea… 49 altre parole


Honestly me.

Taking a moment to breathe simple poetry

Honest to the page; honest to myself; refreshing sage

Entranced and awakened; it was romantic

But Perhaps. I need to find myself… 13 altre parole


The Nineteenth New York, Drinks Before Dinner

If you don’t work in shops, you sit in tailor’s.


As a people, we practiced excess,
in everything — entertainment, sports,
endless toil, taxes and death. 291 altre parole

Poem Of The Day

Win no matter what...

This is the truth of life that no one can deny…Yes ‘WIN’ is not just something external this is something internal, something that gives you happiness that nothing in this world does..So this post has an aim, an aim to inspire… 140 altre parole

My Poetry