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Gathering the gold drops...

Nice nature walk today. And yesterday was snow all day long. Now this golden day. Colorado is like this in April. Listened to The Eagles. Witchy Woman. 286 altre parole

Photograps I Love

Mermaid of the West

Mermaid of the west

Beneath an ocean digging

Grand promises for you

Finding freedom and living

Epic years of races by train

You are the best victory


PMS Texts!

Chocolate dream

How dinner can’t ever be

No salad, burgers, or cheese

Cookies with bacon, YUM!

My hunger never escaped

OMG, seriously!


Captive Hero

Align me with failure

There isn’t an excuse

Captive hero

I have to fight

Being free and weak

The brave one will build

The path we make… 10 altre parole


When You're Drunk and High and Insecure

Sometimes I look in the mirror

And I hate my own face

Other times I just wanna

Destroy the human race.

Make me bow

And I’ll make you kowtow… 69 altre parole

My Poetry

We have to look harder some days. #poem #plastic #life

As I sit on the pavement on Hope Road, I notice the area is full of the things you chose.

And now I have a moment to breathe, and the air is full of smoke mixed with ocean breeze. 460 altre parole

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Hello 😊

Along with the numerous short stories I post on here, I also have a poetry blog. It’s a mixture of my own poems and a little love for some of my favourites: if you’re interested then head to… 44 altre parole

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