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Luminous, Almost Night and Making Monsters

Salut, denizens of Terra, this third planet from Sol!¬†Things have been busy for this human citizen lately. For REASONS. So I’ll just get right down to this updatey thing… 619 altre parole

Welcome to the Word of Naz

Hello world

Welcome to my blog!

I have recently discovered that I enjoy writing poetry (maybe not amazing, award winning poetry), but poetry that speaks to my feelings, thoughts and experiences. 33 altre parole

Fun Writing

Speak, That I May Live

If you were but to ask;
I would alter the very orbits,
both of the earth and moon,
so that you would always be
bathed in soft sunlight by day, 96 altre parole


Lightning Strike

The world around me
Is illuminated.
It burns through me
And I see everything,
And every detail,
In an instant.

A blue settles
In the blink before… 42 altre parole



An offering for
Happy, sleepy smiles
For both,
Nestled together
Arms provide
Tactile counterpoint
To our lips

My Poetry

Haiku to the end the Weekend

One of my haiku poems from Another Afternoon at the Haikulodeon over at Dagblog

with no one aboard,

boat with peeling paint drifts on

its own journey home


He Came to Earth to Reign

He came to earth to reign

He preached the gospel to man

So we could come unto Him

He bled and died for me

That I may come back

With my family