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Into Dawn, I Wander

Into dawn, I wander,
tempered by age,
balanced by time;
in my time,
and into each dawn,
I have roamed before,
a precipice surpassed,
each dawn, in wonder, 104 altre parole


For My Mom, My Guardian Angel

For my Mom
Who is now
My guardian angel.

 In Memory of Mom

 She’s an Angel now,
Roaming on earth
And in Heaven above;
Ever with us in our hearts, 28 altre parole


Senryu # 119

Her face
in my winecup…
moon and stars


Fading memories…
through the dark
the sigh of dewdrops


In the silence of my heart… 10 altre parole


Free Verse # 289 (a wounded bird)

To unlearn all my words,
become an adept
in the religion of her silence


His touch
in her veins
volcanic lava,
a poem in her womb… 102 altre parole


"Dastardly" poem

Jack and Jake
Went to the lake
So Jack could drown his son

The town asked “Why?
As Jake would cry
And Jack replied “It’s fun” 31 altre parole


Haiku # 206

Alone with my thoughts…
bats flapping their wings
through the windless dark


Last Cry Before Dawn

Cry, that your voice be the wind,
pitiable tears, endless weeping,
cry all through the night,
and fill the dark with sorrow;
call out to the distant moon, 98 altre parole