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It's Over

flushed but glowing
barefoot, the numbing concrete
dew ridden skin

spinning under your approving gaze
you said, 'it's over'
amongst unused apple trees

I laugh at
you and me
being just right

time stood still
a hush fell across 
our busy universe

I might, love you
one more time
this is the start

-L.J. Siewerth

If I had one wish...

If I had one wish to demand, I would ask to put an end to the heart contractions causing me this trail of clouds, loaded with agony raining upon my lungs, every time I stumble upon your name… 518 altre parole

My Poetry

New Poem - Home

This poem was first published in Peacock Journal   edited by W.F. Lantry and his team. Do browse the journal for some excellent work.


the shadow of the Oak trees… 79 altre parole

My Poetry

On The Morning After The Sixties: Magazine Covers

There was a certain tendency to read the magazine as an autobiographical novel, I suppose because I live out here and look skinny in photographs and nobody knows anything else about me. 543 altre parole

Poem Of The Day

Relegate Me

take me
feed this surging
kiss me with abandon
assuage my aching need
come to me you must.

Torch me
scorch my skin
build a fiery pyre… 101 altre parole

Rob's World

Ides Of Lovers

Do not wall yourself
dead within my eyes
as Anarkali was, alive
your silent tomb
as if Orpheus
I glance to seek you
but cruel  245 altre parole

Rob's World


Sometimes I lie awake, and I think of how your soul looks like; perhaps it is like Van Gogh’s starry night; where it’s calm and inky and the paleness of lights are gathered to penetrate your nameless parts; and stars staring at your gentle tides; like fireflies, and though there are boats of words in your stream; there is not enough breeze to force them to move, but love is there, In arms that are held, and the secret ineffable conversations between lovers too, perhaps The Rhone does flow in you and your soul is painted royal blue… 284 altre parole

My Poetry