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Tis a Gift

No privacy now.
In a land where freedom is the aim,
all are watched, and some seek fame!
We have lost the simple game. 18 altre parole


Prostituting Love

Love walked calmly into my life
with your gun held firmly against its back,
forced to pretend that it came to me
all on its own. 161 altre parole

Writer's Block

My thoughts,
crumpled into balls,
meet their deaths
in a trash can.

pray that they become
more than just
wrinkled words.

Manessah B. 8 altre parole

Two Little Words

There are two words some people fail to say
whenever some kindness is thrown their way.
Two little words that literally take 44 altre parole

What is Greatness?

Some people are at a loss when they try to articulate or define

what the word ‘greatness’ means and what it actually describes.

But Moonwalkers have no problem at all and they usually respond with passion. 135 altre parole

My Poetry

invention of variance

i wonder

does my hunger feel different than yours?

do i die a different death?

don’t you know

we have the same mother?

(she has already put a curse… 82 altre parole

Spilled Ink

The Way You Look At Things

When you say that the beauty of deep space
is not within your grasp,
has the thought ever occurred to you that
it is not the distance… 79 altre parole