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A newspaper is always hungry. It eats everything it can….

These placid newspapers, that have always required so much food,
have now developed a raging appetite. 125 altre parole

Poem Of The Day


So what happens? Each person prays for his native land,
absorbing in fruit and field. And enchanting thousands —
of acres with a single fence. The result is hundreds… 136 altre parole

Poem Of The Day

Free Verse # 369 (touching her isn't enough)

Preparing the day,
your fragrance
rubbed against my neck,
you whose face
from a secret window
always shined upon my life.


Deserting my eyes… 127 altre parole


I Miss

I miss hope
I miss falling asleep to the sound of rain against my windows
I miss waking up to birdsong
I miss routine
I miss family… 62 altre parole

Chronic Illness


“So what these children first need, at times of distress, is to turn to someone to soothe them and calm them. And if they can’t find the soother, or the person who is going to help them solve problems, then the next best thing is to become oblivious to the problem. 402 altre parole


I escape.

I seek shelter

Under her warm protection

She is the substance, the sip of fermented yeast, the wifi

It looks nice out there… 640 altre parole

Haiku # 412

Du bon matin
Dalida chante
l’épine de l’amour


Moon over the hills…
the silent passage
of your breath into mine


City life…
no one hears the wind
whisper in the leaves