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Wondering what makes you tick your tock

Like a game of rock-paper-scissors

or finding what’s behind those doors

As time keeps running the clock

Wondering what’s inside your mind… 60 altre parole


ترے یار بہت ہیں

ترے یار بہت ہیں

گزارا کبھی نہ ہوا جس کے بنا تمہارا

حالانکہ بات سچ ہے کے ترے یار بہت ہیں

چھٹکارا پا سکو نہ کبھی جو اداسی سے تم

My Poetry

Twelve Noon in Dubrovnik video poem

One of the ways I enjoy a holiday is to capture a memory of the essence of a moment. One could take a picture, or a video, or simply just enjoy it. 278 altre parole


Write a Poem with me? Write descriptive imagery using Synesthesia to blend senses.


A russet hum

of leaves in gold hued gasp,

un-link their chain-link grasp, fall

to moss green burr and sod.

Above the sky, Elk grey… 318 altre parole

These are the words of your ancestors-
Your grandmothers who have surfaced from the sea,
leaving the life of comfort behind,
humming growth and livelihood… 264 altre parole

Cleaning Thy Toilet

Most dreaded job to me.

I’d rather eat liver.

And I really hate liver.

No sooner it is sparkly

Someone destroys the shine.

I swear no appreciation… 12 altre parole


Feeling 101



Love hurts, love burns.

Time changes one another.

How does one return to before?

Weekend is gone

Fresh start

Do not repeat

Here’s to next weekend.