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the sky that final evening
was smeared red with death,
and a tangible odour of fear
hung oppressively in the air,
by the half-shut windows, 169 altre parole

My Poetry

Tanka # 102

Dans un coin du monde
la chandelle prie,
le clair-obscur de ses soupirs
des vagues chuchotant
dans le cœur du poète.



I wander out
Brain hazy and feeling run down, 38 altre parole

My Poetry


Pity that your pity is insincere
Pity that your disinterest’s all too clear
Pity that you’re rolling your eyes just now
Pity that you think you’ve still got a hold, somehow… 28 altre parole

My Poetry


Don’t give me the moon. I just asked for the night off.

Don’t give me your love, I just asked for a date.

Give me all your heart and I’ll give you a coronary- 119 altre parole

My Poetry

How to calm down 

Blip Blop

Nlom nlom

Bop bop
Peep peep

Slurp slurp

Tip top

Dippity dop

Let’s do it once more

Blip Blop

Nlom nlom

Bop bop… 15 altre parole

My Poetry

Time travel

I wore my best self today, as a mask,

as I wore you for a while just to hide

that you mirror the forgotten side of my heart. 222 altre parole