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تو نے کہا تھا بول دو

تو نے کہا تھا بول دو دیکھو ہم نے بول دیا ہے

وہ جو چراغ تھا نا ، مٹی کا وہ توڑ بھی دیا ہے

My Poetry

kaleidoscope/kho-lied-oh-skoap (poem)

The last time I tried something new was with you

New is an old sphere of influence falling away

Sphere like a circle, a well worn cycle… 471 altre parole

Mental Health

CW14 - Just a Lost Playmate

Assignment: This week our class created a word bank with a zoo in mind. Then we were supposed to write a creative piece using all those words, but without writing about a zoo. 412 altre parole

TPS Class - Creative Writing

Master of the Jinn for the Holidays :)

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

As Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza approach, give the gift of spiritual literature to your friends and loved ones. Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel… 193 altre parole

Spirituality & Religion

Let me say goodbye

All is silent and night is fading.

Dawn is coming, all is ending.

My heart slows the beat

I walk on with weary feet.

All things must pass, well I know… 59 altre parole

your convenience​

Swaying in the night

Floating away during the day

Delicate in strands

Beauty of simplicity all ripped away

To make another’s wishes come true

Terror of day…

57 altre parole

I Fold

I’m no card player, but I fold.
This game has gone on for longer than eternity.
There’s nothing in the hand that I hold.
And the illusion shimmered back into reality. 69 altre parole

My Poetry