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The Demons

When there’s no more room in Hell,
sinners will each receive
a computer with a mind of its own 34 altre parole


Truth Is

Your Being

To Give
Back To You

The father The son
The lover The friend

The war within
Wage for work
Forces of nature… 19 altre parole

My Poetry

One Legged Pigeon

By A.H. Diab

There once was a one legged pigeon
Walking on the garden
He can’t walk straight,
He begs your pardon.
Get away from us, you fucking freak, 98 altre parole


Shopping Addiction

i shop
like i’m addicted
as if
i need everything
in the store
i’m not even sure
what i do
with most of the
things i buy… 28 altre parole


Why Did You?

Although I am not one to succumb to hopeless prayer,
My breath still catches at the thought of your footfall on the stairs.
You’d tower over me as I lay, unknowing, asleep, 137 altre parole

My Poetry


My mind carried me halfway up the lighthouse,
for the sake of the view. There, I stopped
and waited, and watched you finish the course… 76 altre parole

Poem Of The Day

Dream of Home

And then we would be a family, you and me and he.

And there would be a separate room, to meet everybody’s needs.

And the kids would have their space to learn,  at their level of autonomy. 102 altre parole

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