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In Progress

It is after all sequential that I exist in this form,

Find love that will not conform,

Love that will trust the process of finding peace, 97 altre parole

Hope Explained


Hand grasps hair
Positioning your mouth
Lips and tongue
Mixing our passions
A moan escapes
Throaty rumble
As I draw you close
Throbbing and wet… 13 altre parole

My Poetry

Talkin' Bout My Generation

What secrets does the spirit
of the age divulge?

Allow me, for a moment,
to indulge my insecurities,
anxieties, and the fierce funnel
of chronology in which… 65 altre parole


This One Hair

this one hair is connected to the universe

this one hair forcing it’s way out of the back of my thigh

has unseen ties to the fabric of reality… 136 altre parole


Tuesday Poem - The Inscrutability of Adults

It was always fun staying at the bach with the bunks.
And one big bro fell from off the top.
Pipi fritters and chocolate bomb ice creams… 182 altre parole

Tuesday Poem


270.7.15 Spot the bee on Diascia barberae

12.07.15 Diascia barberae

03.06.15 Rosemary’s present to me

30.05.15 Rosemary’s present to me just planted out

How spooky is this? 322 altre parole