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My Head

I don’t have a multiple personality disorder,

I just have several voices in my head.

And why would I try to navigate this fuck up of a life, 171 altre parole

My Poetry


The music we call classical,
I learned as a child playing piano,
symphonic and chamber music
with broad rectangular sound,
bound in a green bookseller. 72 altre parole

Poem Of The Day


I composed this poem on the 20th of August in the year 2017.

Dear God,

If you do exist, is life a lousy hundred-year plan that you market with extreme skill for Divine.Co? 50 altre parole


Tanka # 108

Hold me into you
as the heron’s flight
in a sea
of moonlight


Additional Stanzas to: The Song of Thorin

Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To seek those things our fathers hold. 246 altre parole

My Poetry

Reading Philosophy At Night


Now I read philosophy in the morning.
When I was younger and lived in the city,
it was always at night. That’s how
you’ll ruin your eyes, my mother… 270 altre parole

Poem Of The Day

How Poets write Poems (perhaps) - and my own writing process


“The poet, is occupied with frontiers of consciousness beyond which words fail, though meanings still exist.”

T.S. Elliot

Two modes of thinking

Perhaps there is no instruction book or check list to be followed. 1.845 altre parole