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It’s always nerve-racking to take off your clothes on film. But doing it with a woman felt safer than with a man. You know you can say, ‘Don’t grab me there: That’s where my cellulite is’! 7 altre parole

Naomi Watts

69th Cannes Film Festival Best Looks

Another year comes another Cannes Film Festival in showcasing a multitude of films covering all genres and styles, and in particular highlighting the commercial viability of European films. 268 altre parole



A successful investment banker, Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal), begins to unravel after his wife is killed in a tragic car crash. What starts as a complaint letter to a vending machine company turns into a series of letters revealing startling personal admissions. 65 altre parole


Naomi Watts Covers New Beauty

On caring for her skin: “I used to cover myself with baby oil to the point where my skin was crackling off! I am a lot better now about staying out of the sun and I try to be disciplined; I always have a tube of sunscreen on me. 752 altre parole


Demolition - Review

I originally wrote this review in the middle of a six hour wait before I got to see the Scottish premiere of Green Room at the Glasgow Film Festival.  427 altre parole


Funny Games (2008)

A pair of young sociopaths take a young family hostage and force them to endure a series of torturous mind games for their own amusement. 233 altre parole



When a young woman dies, her father and husband sit in a hospital waiting room, trying to process the devastation. Now widowed, Davis approaches a vending machine with the aim of scoring some peanut M&Ms. 498 altre parole