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Let's Overanalyze the Autobiographical Elements of Noah Baumbach's 'While We're Young'

In our memoir-obsessed and “reality”-infused culture, the search for autobiographical details and correlating avatars in the works of filmmakers who create personal (or Personal, or “personal”) works is a temptation we… 844 altre parole


REVIEW: "St. Vincent"

Bill Murray is an interesting actor who has had an interesting career. It has been a long career marked by numerous successes in lead, supporting, or even cameo roles. 649 altre parole

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What did we do to deserve this movie? The Divergent Series: Insurgent Movie Review

The first Divergent movie was a disaster, and one can hope they’ll do it right the second time but we are all up to disappointment. … 430 altre parole

This Is 40? Noah Baumbach’s New Flick Is a Trite Commentary on Middle Age

Another inconsequential Noah Baumbach parody of so-called “normal” people trying to function in a fractional society changing too rapidly to keep up with, While We’re Young is a dreary bummer. 587 altre parole

'Rings,' A Sequel to 'The Ring,' Begins Shooting

We all know the story: you watch a freaky video tape, the phone rings, and a creepy voice whispers, “Seven days.” What happens in seven days, you ask? 323 altre parole

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'While We're Young' Director Noah Baumbach Talks To Us About The State Of Modern Filmmaking

You just never know when you might get a new Noah Baumbach movie. Honestly, the movies from the director of Greenberg and The Squid and the Whale — at least lately — just seem to pop up out of nowhere. 1.759 altre parole


Trailer Park Tuesday

There’s something for all ages at the movies this weekend.  For the kids, there’s the animated adventure Home.  For the tweens, Insurgent is still going strong.   167 altre parole