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Naomi Watts as the Cover Face for 'Presto'

Naomi Watts has been appearing in many familiar company as their new cover face. She is not only the ambassador for Sports Craft, but now she is also the new cover face for Presto, an on demand TV guide much like HBO. 827 altre parole

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"Birdman" (2014)

Grade: (10/10)

A story of inner conflict and self realization told in an ambitiously brilliant film style, with intelligent writing and near flawless performances.

Synopsis… 947 altre parole


While We're Young - Review (2014)

I probably should be reviewing Noah Baumbach’s newest film, Mistress America, but I saw this one recently and do plan to watch the latter! so stay tuned for that review. 477 altre parole


Naomi Watts is 'horrible' at putting make-up

Actress Naomi Watts says she hardly ever wears make-up when she’s not working because she struggles to put it on.



6 Film dengan Teka-Teki yang Tak Pernah Terjawab

Kita pernah dibuat terkagum-kagum oleh bagaimana Christopher Nolan mampu menyelipkan petunjuk-petunjuk kecil di balik misteri ending film Inception. Ya, sebagaimana layaknya sulap dan teori konspirasi bekerja, manusia adalah makhluk yang senang dibuat penasaran setengah mati oleh hal-hal yang ada di luar batas kemampuan bernalar mereka. 1.285 altre parole

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young love

//- completely slipped my mind that I viewed this, which tells me Baumbach’s done better.