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The Impossible (2012)

J.A Bayona’s second full length feature is a dramatisation of the true events which engulfed the Belon family (anglicized here to Bennett) in the wake of the Boxing Day Tsunami which struck Thailand with such devastating force in 2004. 814 altre parole

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Gypsy: Netflix Campaign (Petition)

After one of Netflix Original series “Gypsy” has been cancelled, only 6 weeks after it aired, it left us all hanging and distraught. The online Gypsy fan community started a campaign for Netflix to renew the show. 140 altre parole

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Movie Review: The Glass Castle

In many countries, if you want to get married, you need to get a license first. Open up a business? License. Drive a car? License. Build a house? 1.059 altre parole



“Sadly, Rex’s Glass Castle is merely symbolic of a fertile imagination, of wonderfully elaborate gestures, but ultimately represents nothing more than unfulfillment and crushing disappointment.” 819 altre parole

The Glass Castle (Cretton, 2017)

This one’s hard to talk about. Not because of the material, which cuts right into you like a knife with jagged edges, but because the way the material is executed is… rough. 451 altre parole

The Glass Castle (2017): Movie Review & Book vs Movie

😸😸😸🔵🔵 (Rated 3/5 happy lap cats)


(Not Spoiler Free)

The Glass Castle is a new film based on journalist Jeannette Walls 2005 memoir of the same name. 1.260 altre parole


DEMOLITION (2016) starring Jake Gyllenhaal & Naomi Watts directed by Jean-Marc Vallée

Jake Gyllenhaal continues to be one of the most diverse and fascinating actors in Hollywood today. He manages to stand-out in film after film, and his recent innings with films like… 150 altre parole