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Twin Peaks: The Return

Dense, dour, dark, and downright transporting, Twin Peaks: The Return is an ode to lamps, beautiful ladies, and dimly-lit nightclubs, a bonkers cauldron of chaos from the master of the grotesque that’s constantly shifting, evolving, and changing shape. 1.213 altre parole


In Style: All Denim Look (September 2017)

This time an all-denim number! While we do not have the shorts or skirt-paired denim look here, how about that oversized patchwork denim jacket dress on… 16 altre parole

Monster Monday: Funny Games (US)

Funny Games tells the story of a family who find themselves the subject of a twisted game between two young men who capture them inside their vacation home.  456 altre parole

The Book of Henry (2017) izle

The Book of Henry (2017) izle
Senaryosu Gregg Hurwitz tarafından kaleme alınan The Book Of Henry, birbirlerinden oldukça farklı iki yapıya sahip çocuğa annelik yapan Susan Carpenter’ın, hikayesini… 17 altre parole


Eastern Promises (2007)

David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises takes on the Russian mafia in a rainy, murky London. We go along with Russian mobsters, Nikolai (Viggo Mortensen) and Krill (Vincent Cassel), as well as the good-natured nurse Anna (Naomi Watts) within the brutal criminal underworld. 579 altre parole


King Kong

King Kong – 4BlueFingers

Watch this movie for:

  1. Graphics
  2. Kong v/s Dinosaur
  3. Naomi Watts
  4. Jack Black
  5. The eye stare between Kong and Naomi atop Empire State building.
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King Kong (2005)

Duration 3h 7m Rating (UK) 12A Source of story The 1933 film of the same name scripted by James Creelman and Ruth Rose. Writer/s Script… 265 altre parole