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Media Coverage 8/14/17

Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ last week released a plan for cutting the campus’s $110 million deficit by about $53 million during the 2018 fiscal year. The plan relies on new revenue from expanded academic offerings and gifts to account for over half the reduction. 989 altre parole

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Giorgio Napolitano: il peggior Presidente della Repubblica Italiana

La nascita del secondo Governo Prodi è stato l’evento più disastroso che abbia colpito la sinistra italiana negli ultimi vent’anni. La sua nascita fu una forzatura pacchiana. 562 altre parole

Able Danger: 9/11 Investigation Was a Cover-up


BOOK: Operation Dark Heart by Anthony Shaffer

In March, 2010 , President Ahmadinejad of Iran called for a UN investigation of 9/11. 603 altre parole



Ugo Sposetti lo conoscete tutti: è senatore Pd ed ex tesoriere storico dei Ds. Ieri se ne è uscito con un delirio a difesa dei vitalizi da cui evinciamo definitivamente che “questi se drogano”. 366 altre parole


Media Coverage 5/29/17

Assistant Professor of South and Southeast Asian Studies Blake Wentworth was fired nearly two years after an investigation substantiated claims of sexual harassment made by a graduate student. 546 altre parole

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Media Coverage 5/22/17

The flood of news concerning the UCOP audit slowed to a trickle this week, though the repercussions of an earlier audit made news. The Regents approved a cap on nonresident undergraduate enrollment, a policy change spurred by a 2016 audit that found in-state students were disadvantaged in the admissions process as UC sought the financial benefits of out-state-students. 769 altre parole


Media Coverage 5/15/17

A week-long parade of bad press following the state audit of UCOP has put questions about President Janet Napolitano’s leadership front and center. One lawmaker has already called for the former governor and Homeland Security secretary to step down. 945 altre parole

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