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'Show Me that You Are Suffering' Now Streaming At Decibel

‘Show Me That You Are Suffering’is now streaming at Decibel‘s website.


Three of the four tracks from the upcoming EP are now streaming on-line: 59 altre parole


Two Tracks From Nepente's Upcoming EP Are Now Streaming

The final track of I Will Get Your Soul, “Last Rites” is available for your listening pleasure at Last Rites.

Meanwhile, “Gray Land” is streaming courtesy of… 41 altre parole


"I Will Get Your Soul': "four tracks of abrasive, neck snapping, blackened death metal."

This review first appeared on the churchofthenecronomiconblog on February 7 2015.

Score 9/10 Nepente’s “I Will Get Your Soul” is the kind of music I would expect Freddy Kruger to listen to while killing. 81 altre parole


'Suffering Is The Seed' Vinyl In The Works

Dust off your phonographs because the first CSR vinyl release will be coming your way later this year. A vinyl version of Nepente‘s Suffering Is The Seed… 193 altre parole


Nepente's 'I Will Get Your Soul': "Remarkable work..."

Originally appeared on Queens Of Steel January 27 written by Manuel Servillano . It has been translated from the original Spanish to this butchered English version by Google, but it will serve our purposes. 172 altre parole


Title and Artwork For Nepente's Upcoming EP Revealed

Colombian Death/black Metal merchants Nepente have completed work for their upcoming release I Will Get Your Soul. Release date to be announced.
2002: Blackened Death Metal band… 601 altre parole