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I Love Mo'Nique's Stance On Equal Pay, But I'm Not Cutting The Netflix Cord

Actress/Comedienne Mo’Nique has never been one to hold her tongue. So it’s not a surprise to me that she’s asking her fans to help her boycott Netflix. 563 altre parole


TV Show Review #1: American Vandal

“It’s ironic. I set out to expose all the biases in the school. But I got a little too close to my subject.”

Let me first off say that I genuinely knew very little about this show before watching it. 484 altre parole


Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters Review

After all these years it is time for the hype to be realized. Godzilla is an anime film that seemed to be announced 100 years before it came out. 2.045 altre parole


"THE END OF THE FxxxING WORLD", de Jonathan Entwistle

Jonathan Entwistle adaptó la premisa de la novela gráfica “The End of the F***ing World”, de Charles S. Forsman, en “TEOTFW” (2014), un cortometraje con Craig Roberts y Jessica Barden dando vida a James y Alyssa, dos adolescentes de 17 años que establecen una extraña conexión y deciden embarcarse en un viaje por carretera. 559 altre parole


Mo’Nique Elaborates On Her Netflix Boycott: "I Am The Most Decorated Comedian Alive"

One day after Mo’Nique took to Instagram to call for a boycott of Netflix accusing them of gender and racial bias, she is elaborating on the issue in… 643 altre parole

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Netflix Series Review - Mindhunter

TMI About a Serial Killer’s Mind (in a Good Way)

Ages ago, way back in the 1970’s, the FBI had reputation for being a “just the facts, ma’am” organization.  823 altre parole


Tips To Help You Feel Better When You're Sick

January 2018

Hey, my loves.

Sadly it’s that time of year again cold and flu season. Chilling breeze, shorter days, and running noses. We are bound to get sick sadly. 233 altre parole