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Blog moved

Hello everyone :D

Glad to notify you that my blog is finally self-hosted and located at ilyabiz.com. Hope you stay with me on this journey ;)

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What is nillbit?


nillbit is a blog that contains anything that dreamed in my mind So I would like to start that dreaming journey.

Since our childhood we like to dream, dream about anything So its make new innovative ideas in our minds, I’ve believed that childhood dreams make our future path, We don’t have any sense about what we trying to make but without any hard trying those childhood dreams come true. 27 altre parole


Dear Mrs Bird, by A.J. Pearce

While I enjoyed this book from the start, it wasn’t until I realized what it was I was reading that I really got into it. … 315 altre parole

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Review: Summerland by Hannu Rajaniemi

I flailed about for a while trying to decide what it was I was reading as I read Summerland, but in the end, I realized I was reading a thriller in science fiction garb.  430 altre parole

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"I Am not medicine" by Dina Farris Appel

“THE TIGER: the tiger as spirit or totem animal can represent personal power and strength. The spirit of the tiger encourages us to be still and listen, and then act with great power, speed and strength! 

270 altre parole


Barry Buschow, Lee Daniels, and Tom Hanley in Raleigh, NC.

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