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Toxic Chemicals, Parasites, Flash Burn: The Trees Are Dead

This is a Post Script regarding the current state of forestation in New England and elsewhere…

Parasitic growth signals the decay and immanent fall of oaks and a growing number of other species of tree. 120 altre parole


Aerosols Photographed at Home and Over Key West -Caught on Radar

Yes, there are many online images… Many are better than these. These however, were shot by Crew just missing, first two drones and then the squadron of tankers that flew past overhead, beyond sunset. 224 altre parole

Weather Modification

Tangible vs Virtual Currency

Since the advent of fiat currency, the mighty US dollar (USD) reigned as the world’s reserve currency. When Richard Nixon was US President, the USD reserve currency status was further enhanced as not only a reserve currency, but also the de facto currency for petrol transactions. 540 altre parole


Hogan at Wrestlemania 32

In a recent Interview Hulk Hogan has recently announced that he is going to be at Wrestlemania 32 no matter. For the past two years, he has been at ‘Mania’ since returning from the company from TNA where he had been for about 2/3 years. 658 altre parole


#GoldOutofHiding-"The offer to "Redeemers"

“Discussions with the 1%ers – the offer to “Redeemers”: 1/4 of 1% of the gold minted. https://t.co/RW6FSGgSx8 http://t.co/AbH4dCEj1g