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Latest GOP New Hampshire Poll - Trump Laps The Field... (Full Polling Data Included)

A new poll has Donald Trump riding high in New Hampshire — with more than double the support of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — while stripping away supporters from Wisconsin Gov. 70 altre parole


Centinel2012 l'ha ribloggato su Centinel2012 e ha commentato:

GO TRUMP and Ted Cruz is a Good bet as well for he was the first to stand up for the truth.


I’m going to make this short and sweet. There needs to be a new, major Spanish movement against tyranny. There needs to be a push to spread the message of liberty to the Spanish speaking community. 106 altre parole


Scott Hall Lends his Support to Hulk Hogan

Since the news dropped about Hulk Hogan‘s racist rant, he has been become toxic. So toxic that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) immediately fired Hogan and then completely erased him from its website, upcoming events, judge from the… 97 altre parole


The Destruction of Jannatul Baqi*

The Destruction of Jannatul Baqi*

It is incidences like these that question the true nature of the Saudi royal family, though more political behaviour have led certain non-Muslims to question and answer their Islamic and Arab heritage… 689 altre parole

Global Governance


The Crane  Report on

ISIS, Wahabiism & Greater Israel

I agree with most what Ken says except his apologetic explanation about angry African-American men.

In my opinion there is no excuse for their disgraceful manners and criminal behaviour! 713 altre parole


It's Really Very Simple

Source: Club Orlov blog,  by Dmitry Orlov

There are times when a loud cry of “The emperor has no clothes!” can be most copacetic. … 466 altre parole

The Latest Test Case For NWO

Religious Freedom Under Attack in England

England Attacks Religious Freedom

On Friday night, June 12th 2015 in Farnham, Surrey England, four agents from Trading Standards (Consumer Protection Agency in the UK) broke into a private home and disrupted a church service of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. 4.085 altre parole