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The FBI is working in... #Israel what???

Your tax dollars well spent..

“Gal Hirsch claims that reports of an extended FBI investigation into his business arrangements is a “fairy tale.” He added that “every few hours interested parties drip lies and fairy tales to the media, intending to tarnish my name.”Yesterday (Friday), Channel 2 reported that the FBI and the Israeli police have been working together for two years on a corruption case involving Hirsch.

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Stunning Iowa Caucus Poll - Trump Leads, Carson 2nd - Bernie Sanders Closes In On Hillary... (Full Poll pdf Included)

A stunning new Iowa caucus poll holds some very interesting information.  Bernie Sanders (30%) has closed in on Hillary (37%).  Donald Trump leads republicans with 23%, Carson comes in 2nd with 18%, and Jeb Bush drops to 6%. 64 altre parole

Media Bias

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Graham, Christie, Perry, Pataki, Santorum and kasich should drop out and narrow the field down to under 10 and see where the number go. What I would like to see is the race narrowed down to Trump, Carson, Cruz, Fiorina, Rubio and Walker.

Jeb Bush Ground Campaign Collapses - Campaign Fundraisers Quit - Super-PACs Bush's Only Hope....

This is an open request for an investigative MSM reporter to engage in some fact finding. I believe you will find the biggest story of the campaign season within Jeb’s campaign finance manipulation – if you do a little ground work. 1.324 altre parole

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Very interesting analysis, I would add that the RNC does not want to win the presidency other wise why run a weak candidate. One could make a case that the DNC and The RNC are working together to maintain a divided government so the changes that have made ca not be reversed. Running Bush makes it likely the conservatives will not vote and that means the weak DNC candidate Hillary might win.

Is there a Connection Between the China Stock Crash and Tianjin Blasts?

Is there a Connection Between the China Stock Crash and Tianjin Blasts?

By Jeffrey Phillips

China’s stock market has been crashing dramatically in the past few months. 865 altre parole


BBC journalists covering Virginia shooting 'threatened by police,' forced to delete footage #NWO

Two BBC journalists say they were threatened by Virginia police after filming the scene where gunman Bryce Williams crashed and shot himself on Wednesday. They say a cop threatened to confiscate their camera and car if they did not delete their footage.White House reporter Tara McKelvey and videojournalist Fraz Strasser were among the first to arrive at the scene on I-66, where Bryce Williams – also known as Vester Flanagan – crashed his vehicle and shot himself hours aft… 15 altre parole


Opening Pandora's Dox: The Unintended Consequences of an Internet That Never Forgets

Every year the Oxford English Dictionary adds a handful of new words in recognition of how technological and social progress have affected the English language. 2.626 altre parole


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Great information for older user like myself!

Receipt rage: Why food is being served with a side of #hate!

“It was the same as happened in the days of Lot: they were eating, they were drinking, they were buying, they were selling, they were planting, they were building; but on the day that Lot went out from Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all” …

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