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London, England

London was such a fun city to explore, I think especially for Canadians it’s a great place to go considering our ties to the queen and our history with Britain. 463 altre parole


Eating on a Budget

Lately I have been noticing that with all the business of life, food has taken a backseat. I have eaten out lots in the past few weeks and realized this is very inefficient for my food budget. 186 altre parole

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Mandarin Resourse

I recently have started using a new resource that has been helping me progress my Mandarin. It is called Pimsleur. I came across this while having a conversation with my uncle who used to live in China for five years. 277 altre parole



I am very amazed at all of the many things that can be built, created, and destroyed on Minecraft!!

Although it gave me a headache and motion sickness just watching it, it was great to be informed of its many uses and to hear from the three young students that came to visit. 19 altre parole

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Cooking Week 9

This week I decided to make Chicken and Stuffing Casserole! I had all of these ingredients and I wanted to make something with them so I searched Pinterest and found this… 223 altre parole

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Open Inquiry Post #9

I fell off the wagon. I haven’t been on Duolingo for a couple of weeks now. After I lost my streak, I lost the habit of doing it every day. 130 altre parole

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March 19th

My runs have been becoming more and more consistent! This also means that It will probably be harder to improve, but I am trying to be patient. 40 altre parole

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