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9. Doin it Yourself!

If you have spent some time on YouTube recently, you will know that there are SO any ads on videos now. Yes I know it is so that you don’t have to pay to use the website but it can be quite frustrating when you are wanting to show videos to your students and you haven’t the foggiest idea what ad (or ads) will show up at the beginning or halfway through your video. 473 altre parole


Finishing the Body

I’ve knitted almost the entire body of the cardigan. I am finishing off the edging of the sweater with ribbing and smaller knitting needle size. Next I will work on the sleeves! 31 altre parole

Open Inquiry

Rice and Eggs - Open Inquiry

I eat rice and eggs on a regular basis for breakfast, but I have learned in the past few years that this is not a common thing to do. 413 altre parole

EDCI 336

Does the game work?

When it comes to making a game figuring out if the game works different aspects need to be assessed.

First the rules need to be functional, all the cases need to be taken into account. 377 altre parole


Open Inquiry #7 - Let’s Hangout og Spiser Kakker

While I was home for reading week, I took the time to drop in and visit my in-laws, and while I was there we got on the topic of ancestry, and what that means for learning. 483 altre parole