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Marc Richardson: Has information overload made us calloused?

I’ve drawn a blank this week. Well, at least, I thought I had drawn a blank. There’s plenty going on in Montreal and beyond, yet none of it inspired a moment where I thought: “That’s what I’m going to write about this week.” 648 altre parole

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So, you're new to skincare?

Yeah, me too.

(Note: I’ve already made a poorly produced video on my nightly skincare routine that you can watch here.)

Growing up, the only thing my mom taught me about skincare was to wash my face with a bar of Ivory soap and follow up with some SeaBreeze. 821 altre parole


SDCC 2018 - A look at the new DCU Trailers

Every year at Comic-Con fans are given a glimpse of what’s to come for a particular brand. DC comics in particular released a few significant trailers hyping up their future releases. 608 altre parole


Top 5 Continents To Travel To

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Which continent is the greatest to travel to?

I think it is not easy to choose the best continent to travel to because the changing face of the world means that continents always get better with time. 142 altre parole



AFTER CALLING FOR THE ELIMINATION OF IMMIGRATIONS AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT, DEMOCRATS GO ON TO DEMAND THE DISMANTLING OF FIRE DEPARTMENTS  Nancy Pelosi says “Ever notice those guys always show up every time a fire breaks out? 112 altre parole


"The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss

Rating: 1/5

The title of this book should have been, “The Name of the Long-winded” because it was the most tedious book I’ve ever read. It clocks in at 722 pages, and for such a long book it doesn’t really say much. 787 altre parole

The Millenials... The future is theirs.

I read something today that said America is in a ‘baby bust’ state at the moment.  This means Millenials are opting not to have children.  I have seen this in person. 405 altre parole