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Will Ferrell And Zach Galifianakis Could Have Hosted The Most Incredible Oscars Ever

The year was 2011. Brett Ratner had been selected to produce the 84th Academy Awards with Eddie Murphy as host. But three months before the ceremony, tragedy struck in the form of… 287 altre parole


Looking Back at 2012

Since we’re in the midst of Oscar season and we’ve already given you our predictions for this year, I wanted to take a moment to look back on last year’s awards. 1.211 altre parole

Review: Bullhead

Belgian writer-director Michaël R. Roskam’s debut feature Bullhead was a 2011 box-office hit in Belgium and earned a nomination at last year’s Oscars, but only finally made its way to UK cinemas in March 2013.  622 altre parole


Undefeated (Oscar Winner for Best Documentary 2012)

“Lets see here, starting right guard shot no longer in school. Two players fightin’ right in front of the coach, starting center arrested. For most coaches that would be pretty much a careers worth of crap to deal with. 996 altre parole



I don’t know if anybody caught the Oscar winning Paperman, I thought it was an amazing piece of animation. Check it out on YouTube but the design and nature of colour within the short film was really great.


And the Oscar Goes To... Part Two: Results, and not talking about Telly (again)

I sat down to write my last entry with the intention of writing about telly, but was sidetracked by the excitement of the Oscars. That’s now going to happen again, as I have unfinished Oscar business –  my predictions. 2.253 altre parole


How Jennifer Lawrence Might Just Single-Handedly Save Journalism

A lot of people like Jennifer Lawrence. Her face has many different faces, she likes a shot, she seems genuinely star-struck by the Hollywood scene, and yes (very much yes) she can act. 453 altre parole

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