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Tarotistas buenas en Ourense de máxima seriedad on Vimeo

Tarotistas buenas en Ourense de máxima seriedad https://tarotistasbuenasportelefono.blogspot.com.es/ Tarotistas buenas en Orense de máxima seriedad,In…

José Baqueiro - THUNDERS LOVE

My name is José Baqueiro and I work as a consultant in EOSA, a consulting firm dedicated to the elaboration of European projects of diverse types (LIFE, POCTEP, SUDOE, FEDER and FSE fund management). 200 altre parole


Day 5 - Exchanging ideas of social enterprises

Thursday 9th March 2017

Today we were all put into team based on our personality types. Before this took place, we had to consider which 6 words we were most like. 446 altre parole


Deryck Sealy - The Co-Founder

I am Deryck Sealy, I am one of the co-founders of the social enterprise London Business Partnership, a company that offers a bespoke package of support to entrepreneurs. 450 altre parole


Yaa Asmany - The Social Enterprise Consultant

My name is Yaa Asamany I am a professional who has worked in the voluntary sector for 20 years. I am a trainer and a consultant. 359 altre parole


Ebisiemen Ajayi - Bring Me In

My name is Ebisiemen, otherwise known as Ebi. I run a site that I founded called Bring Me In. Bring Me In is a recommendation and personal development website that I started in 2016, the site seeks to keep our readers and followers up to date on information that can help them along their individual journeys. 639 altre parole


Zara Afflick - Box of Prints

I am Zara Afflick, I am 27 years old and I’m textiles designer from the UK. I have been running a printing company for a year based in Tottenham, North London. 568 altre parole