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little red skirt

Hey guys,

today, I’m back with a new outfit post. This is pretty spontaneous because I didn’t plan this at all. My boyfriend finally came to visit me and we went on the usual evening walk with my dog. 230 altre parole

My Style: Sophisticated with a twist

Hi there ladies and gents,

I’m finally back and here to stay. Hope you’ve all had a lovely and crazy summer up until now. Mine has been hectic and confusing but also really fun. 380 altre parole


Long time, no blog post…at least it feels like a long time to me. If you haven’t been keeping up with my social media, I GOT MARRIED!!

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Striped Statement Pants Outfit Idea

Outfit Idea (what I wore August 17, 2017)

So, despite all of my attempts at dating since relocating down to Boston 2 years ago, I’m still single. 424 altre parole

Outfit Idea

Wish List

I am one of those people who online browses at clothes for fun, checks my bank balance and then closes all the shopping tabs due to a depressing lack of funds, c’est la vie. 508 altre parole


Outfit: Beautiful Birds

So, in a perfect example of how I am a walking contradiction, in todays outfit post I’m wearing something that last week, with slightly different accessories, I said I felt really uncomfortable in. 355 altre parole

My Style

A Hermione A week! #5

Week number 5! it’s been a while since my last post but I’m back with more Granger action for you all, this time it’s quite a rare outfit. 194 altre parole