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イタリアの日本語学校の先生訪問 Japanese teacher from Japanese school in Italy visited Lexis Japan!

今日はイタリア・パドヴァにある語学学校Istituto IL MULINOの日本語講師・西岡芳栄先生と、Homestay in Japanのジョルダーノさんをレクシスジャパンにお迎えしました。

Today we welcomed the Japanese teacher Nishioka sensei from the language school “Istituto IL MULINO” in Padova, Italy.

B1+ 中級クラスを見学していたとき、西岡先生はイタリアの教え子をクラス内に発見しました!西岡先生もアンドレアさんもびっくり!こんな偶然ってあるんですね! 88 altre parole


Tutti piani

Welcome to my first blog from Italia. In short, it’s amazing! The study is engrossing, the people wonderful, a wine costs just a couple euro.Because of difficultly in previous years of the workshop, we aren’t allowed to take many pictures during the workshop, so instead of lots of mask process photos, you’ll enjoy shots of everyday life, gorgeous scenery, and lovely people.  689 altre parole

Creation Process

A Padova Food Guide

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to 
change them yourself.” 
Andy Warhol

My experience in Padova has come to an end and I know for sure that I’m not leaving this city, this country, this university as the person I was before. 2.384 altre parole


Padova, Italy is the City Where St. Anthony Belongs

Padova is one city in Italy that we visited. Actually, it was our main hub when we went to Europe last May to June 2016. They say that it is a city of tradition. 557 altre parole



My last day in Italy! What to do?

The most amazing part of the city—St. Anthony’s church—unfortunately didn’t allow photography, which was a bit disappointing, as there was some… 257 altre parole

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