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Kids' Bathroom

This is what the kids’ bathroom looked like before we started our remodel.  The linoleum on the floor wasn’t horrible looking, but the vinyl-type wall stuff was pretty bad.   594 altre parole


Stefano Zecchi - Dopo l'infinito cosa c'è, papà? (2012)

Stefano Zecchi – Dopo l’infinito cosa c’è, papà? (2012)

Nos illusions de jeunes parents...

C’est un fait, lorsque l’on devient parent et surtout lorsqu’on attend un enfant on est bordé d’illusions.

Nous on en avait pas mal et je n’ai pas honte de dire qu’on est revenu quasiment sur chacune d’entre elles. 592 altre parole


My First Day!

Today I got to go for my first car ride! It was very interesting, I got to sit in the back seat and got stuck in something called ‘traffic?’ I am not sure what that means but it was nice to see all the people out and about.   278 altre parole

Guided tour 

I’ve become a walking zombie, not the zombie that will chase you and want to eat you but rather the one who hasn’t quite figured out that I am a zombie so I am wandering aimlessly because I have no clue what I am suppose to do. 557 altre parole

Meine bessere Hälfte

So, dass muss auch mal sein.

n ich muss euch sagen mein Mann ist einfach meine bessere hälfte.

Als ich ihn damals kennenlernte war mir klar das wird mein MANN, der Vater meines Kindes 😍 117 altre parole

It’s not every day you meet a nonagenarian. Looking good, Papa.