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Sunday Offering - Grandkids Sleepover

It is 5:43. Five forty three, 05:43, That’s in the AM. Five forty three in the morning and I’m still a bad ass Papa.
No offense to other grandfathers out there but I am pretty cool, even if I had trouble getting that sleep bag off my grand daughter at 5:30. 577 altre parole


Baby Preparation: Exhausting!

So today we got up early to drive to Westfield shopping centre in London for a Mamas & Papas parents to be event. A two-hour slot in which we would hear talks on various topics and have the undivided attention of the staff to help us get over the hump of all our parenting questions. 446 altre parole


Camping in Colville

Noisy Creek Campground 

 near Cusick, WA on Sullivan Lake

Colville National Forest 234 altre parole


To dance with my father again

Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge,,
inspite of the abuse and the hurts, to give love in return is worth than hating.

So touching story. Your dad, papa or whatever you call your father, might not be the perfect one or he might be hardest person on earth, but Jesus showed through His wildest love how to turn broken relationships into whole again. 73 altre parole


Cerita Lucu Banget : Akibat Nyuruh Joni

Pada kesempatan kali ini kami kemaali hadir untuk memberikan sebuah hiburan yang murah meriah buat menemani waktu istirahat kalian. baca cerita yang satu ini pasti kalian bakalan ketawa-ketiwi gak karuan karena memang ceritanya lucu banget. 152 altre parole

Cerita Lucu Banget

Rahasia Papa

Tidak semua Ayah pandai menceritakan kejadian di tempatnya bekerja. Perihnya dampratan atasan, keributan yang terjadi dengan rekan kerja, fitnah dari koleganya, atau sekadar gesekan kecil antar mitra kerja yang kadang menimbulkan percikan emosi.

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Serenity's new toy.

I love you Serenity. I put music to your video just like on Chase’s corner.