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The Bread

“Katniss. I remember about the bread.”
-Peeta to Katnis; Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay-

“You’re making this awkward. Why are we doing this?”

“Yes. I know. Just give me your hands and listen to me. 737 altre parole


For Dad...

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Need gift ideas? How about a custom hand painted sign?

Wouldn’t this one just melt grandpa’s heart?

Or how about this one for the superhero Dad?  44 altre parole


Hasta siempre Pocho

Ya pasaron veinte días desde que te fuiste. Quizás ya estabas cansado de la vida, aunque no lo contabas. Cada vez que hablábamos, vos decías que estabas bien. 241 altre parole


Fleeting thoughts of my dying dad...

I’m sitting at our table in my dad’s seat. It’s painful and surreal that this seat will soon be empty at dinner. I do suppose, the youngest of the family will take it’s place as she grows out of her height chair. 33 altre parole

two women in house

Di dapur:
Papa: “He, ada lap piring baru!”
Mama: “Walah, itu sudah kita pakai kira-kira 10 kali.”
Sky: “Ya papa, itu lapnya sudah ada lama banget lho!” 40 altre parole

Galletas De Puros Cubanos

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Hoy crearemos una caja de  galletas de puros Cubanos Cohiba!  Y también crearemos:

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Papa Sam #2

The greatest gifts in my life have come in the form of breast cancer, foreclosure, my drug and sex addicted father, who passed away when I was ten years old, my ex-husband, my children, Jake and Jonah, and their sister, Sydnee, who died two days shy of her due date. 563 altre parole