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hello, how are you?
have you been alright through all those lonely
lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely nights?
that’s what I’d say, i’d tell you everything… 110 altre parole


Where's the Phone?

we’ve all done it at some time – lost our phone and tried to find it by having someone call our number (or doing it ourself from another phone) and tracking the sound of the ringing tone… 11 altre parole


Holed Up At Home

We holed up at home in Kansas for a good 6 weeks before deciding it was time to pick ourselves up by our boot straps, and head to Florida again….. 26 altre parole

RV Oilers


Welcome to this, whatever it is. Hopefully it will be something great!


Feeling Secure

Remember those long drives with your family, when you were small? When even an hour ride would feel like forever.

Remember when your dad drove the car when the stars were out? 141 altre parole