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It is true

Mama, Papa It is True

He seduced me with sweet lines

He took me to new places

Whatever he did seemed fun

He bought me things… 205 altre parole


The Honorable Badge of "Papa"

(Note to regular readers: It’s a crazy busy week and I’m taking a little hiatus from my chapter-a-day posts! You’re welcome to check out the archive and choose a favorite book, chapter, or simply grab something at random!) 297 altre parole

Wayfarer's Journal

Papá~by Paul Lenzi


Papa c. 1938

there once lived a man

a truly good man

the only man ever

in the history of popes

of prelates and pilgrims… 94 altre parole


This will make you give up Bali for good

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Unless you\u2019re an avid surfer, chances are you\u2019ve never even heard of Siargao. 4.527 altre parole


Papa Ne Pura Lauda Meri Gand Me Dal Diya

Papa Ne Pura Lauda Meri Gand Me Dal Diya main dard se karraha uthi. Main : ohhh .harami baap kya kar diya yeh meri jaan nikal dee. 10 altre parole

#1 Sarah V. (English & Belgian Submission)


From: Sarah V.

To: Dad

Location: Belgium


To my dad,

We have been in so many adventures together. You have always been there. 1.098 altre parole



Aún recuerdo la última vez que hablaste conmigo, muy enfermo y sin ganas de más, hablaste muy poco de ti, solo me pedías que arregle todo, que te deje sólo y que arregle todo. 308 altre parole