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Como Hacer Que Mi Hijo Obedezca

Llega una etapa en donde los hijos pequeños se vuelven rebeldes y no quieren seguir órdenes. Descubre cómo hacer que tus pequeños obedezcan sin tener que castigarlos o regañarlos. 166 altre parole

Gli sguardi analitici di Claudio Martinotti Doria. Un “uomo contro” del Monferrato

Contro l’ipocrisia, il vuoto cerebrale eletto a potere, contro le convenzioni e la mortificante massificazione della (in)cultura vigente

Per questo vi segnaliamo lui e il suo blog. 322 altre parole


Yoga with dogs

So lately I’ve been stressed beyond belief and it sucks. I was focused only on the edits & this move. Granted I’ve done a lot of work and I walk 2 to 3 times a day (if not more) with Jax & Holly since I made Flyboy move into an apartment here in Papa. 89 altre parole


The death of Papa

Papa lived through the winter, and died in early May.  I knew when i woke up and he wasn’t already roused that he was dead, and walking to where he slept was merely a formality.   194 altre parole

The Curious Seahorse

Course, one of my first true loves

understandably had to be the story of my life


I asked a father to go

over it again… 57 altre parole


Papa's Last Winter

It’s funny how things you’d never expect fly at you.  My most reliable friends, Pinky and Papa seem to be escaping from me and there isn’t a thing I can do. 209 altre parole