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I created this blog a few years ago. For a long time that I had this, it should have a brand now or something but it didn’t because I kept on resetting everything by deleting my posts. 496 altre parole


That Time I Wrote/Directed/Acted In A Short Film

So this story could be a stand alone story or it could be considered a sequel to another story…. I made a short film. It’s the only one I’ve ever done, so I could just tell you about that, but there may be people who would wonder how you just do something like that with no background or experience. 1.700 altre parole

An Introduction to Watercolours in G8

We have had a very relaxing start with our watercolour unit. Mainly because I was away for one of the sessions so had to make it student-directed. 153 altre parole

Grade 8

The Great Lawn

The Great Lawn is, without a doubt, the most famous aspect of Central Park. Dating back to the initial installation of the park, the Great Lawn was not always what it is today. 528 altre parole

Passion Project

My Life this Week

My life this week involved a lot of time spent at my desk, and a lot of coffee, because this week was the start of NaNoWriMo. 118 altre parole

My Life This Week

Some Of The Most Visited Places

What makes a place special? Is it just its location? Or does it have to do with what it contains? In Central Park’s case, it’s both. 646 altre parole

Passion Project

Inspiring Students w/Genius Hour

When starting genius hour or 20% time or whatever YOU want to call it, the first step is to inspire your students. Most of our students have been told what to do, how to do it, who to do it with and when to do it their entire school career. 264 altre parole

Passion Project