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I'm 25 And Have Nothing Figured Out

Sintra, Portugal 2018

I’ve had to repeat it over and over in the mirror. I’ve been working every single day to become more comfortable with the fact that maybe I don’t know it all, and maybe that’s totally fine. 311 altre parole


Starting a Blog 101

Whether it was the title or curiosity that brought you here, welcome!

They say blogging is easy. They say just to write from your heart and write everything that comes to your mind. 272 altre parole

First Time Parents

Creative Expression: A Personal Story

January is officially International Creativity Month, which falls nicely in line with many resolutions made a few weeks ago to start a new hobby or make time for something that used to bring us so much joy. 721 altre parole


Project #1: Action Ministries

Project #1 Complete!

1/5/19- Action Ministries- Food Box Building

*annoying default Apple alarm tone sounds* I, instinctively,
snooze my phone. Being that it is a Saturday morning my body is rejecting the… 758 altre parole

Don’t Find Yourself, Design Yourself

The New Year brings with it renewed hope and possibilities for us all. It’s a time where, along with resolutions like improving our health or being kinder to ourselves, we also set intentions of crossing off big bucket list items in the name of pursuing our dreams. 760 altre parole


Deleted. :(

So, my passion project… My book… Was somewhat deleted. Three chapters… Gone. I didn’t get angry about it, they were just filler chapters anyway. I can rewrite and make it them better then they ever were. 27 altre parole

Passion Project

How to Survive the Comparison and Hustle Trap

I’m not sure when it happened, but sometime in the last couple of years there has been an influx of pro-hustle boss babes circulating the internet and social media. 611 altre parole