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Finding Time

Good Evening! 

Something came to my mind today while I was working out..

So many people create time for themselves to workout and better themselves through fitness. 156 altre parole


I just bought a new lens!

I don’t know what to start this blog now, but I just bought a kit lens yesterday.

Where did I buy it?

Before buying this lens, my dad told me that I have to save money for myself to buy anything I want, so I did it. 180 altre parole

Passion Project

Finding her path between being a military stay at home mom and an inspiring entrepreneur

January of Julie R-Bordeleau

I am a Flighter ! When I read Marjolaine’s proposition I was astonished: her project was totally fitting my personal quest! It has been so long that I have been trying to find my way that I had no choice but to be part of the project We are Flighters, Creative Paths of Wanderers. 918 altre parole

We Are Flighters

On The Way To Become A Surf Instructor

Tullan Strand, a beach I surf at a lot. It’s beautiful at all times of day and all year round. I have even ran along the beach in hail showers.

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We Are Flighters

Plunging into 20% Time

My project is to write scenes set in my story world that highlight specific aspects of government or economics – normally bland topics – and transform them into something that the modern young adult fiction follower will find intriguing. 265 altre parole


Making Time

Lately it has felt like I’ve been running non-stop. Rushing to work, to events, to see whoever I had time to squeeze in before coming home and nearly passing out before my head hits the pillow. 244 altre parole

Then and Now

Jan 2017

Just thought I’d share a few old photos I found on my Facebook. My expression says it all. I still feel pretty much the same way.

Passion Project