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New York City. Paul. 9.28.17

“I am homeless. You can talk to me” a gruff voice said, just above a whisper; while quiet, the voice sounded of confidence.

The voice belonged to Paul, a 45 year old fella who has been homeless for the past 10 years. 347 altre parole

Passion vs Duty - How do we find balance?

How do you focus on what you have to do when you want to be doing something else?

I struggle with this all the time.  I know the things I… 1.212 altre parole


Top Concert Countdown - #1

I have kept you all waiting in suspense long enough – it’s time for the big reveal of number one.

If you know me even a little bit, you’ve already figured out who it is. 1.205 altre parole

Camera Lens Essential I

Lens is a critical part of photography. Without a good lens, you cannot take good photos. The first episode of my Camera Lens Essential series will give you a quick overview of what the basic specifications of a lens are and what a good quality lens means.  409 altre parole


The Reckoning

Nowadays, I find myself accompanied mostly by my maudlin thoughts, and I have dabbled with the idea of returning to my writing roots more than once in the past few months. 471 altre parole


Passion projects

A list of projects I’m looking forward to working on over the holidays

Animal earrings project

Data maps project

Printed bedding project

Tailored clothes project

New bag project

Let's Drive Our Own Learning!

When is the last time you googled how to do something, found a youtube video and watched it to learn?

I routinely look up how to use specific software tools, how to prepare an artichoke, how to stitch a french knot, how to clean my microfiber couch, etc. 286 altre parole

Passion Project