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NEIGHBOURLYWAVES has finally recorded our very first episode. Our podcast is preparing for launch and we are launching to space (The topic is space). Although our editing and such is not all together finished yet, we are working on such things. 39 altre parole


An episode has been recorded! Isn’t that exciting?! For those wondering the topic is space. We came up with some questions to ask about space before we started recording. 96 altre parole

What is your passion?

If you have something you are passionate about then it is worth going after. A lot of us have something that is keeping us away whether it is work, money circumstances, pain or another issue. 155 altre parole


Week 11: Finishing the Book

This is one of the hardest parts of writing a book. I’ve always had an easier time starting it than finishing it. I have a tendency to end chapters with abrupt cliff-hangers, but I can’t always do that with books unless I know that I will continue the story. 282 altre parole

Passion Project

Week Ten

This week was great! I spent the week in Victoria and running lots, but I decided to substitute kicking around the soccer ball and running on the soccer field instead of running a specific distance for one of the days. 199 altre parole

Passion Project

Week 10: The Middle of the Climax

This is my favorite part about writing books: the climax. The climax is the highest point of action in the story, usually when some of the conflicts are solved. 477 altre parole

Passion Project

Blog 13

Wow it has already been another week into our passion projects! This project is flying by and so is the rest of the school year! Our TED talks our coming up and soon our awesome passion projects will be complete. 112 altre parole

Passion Project