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Things Are Getting Sketchy...Sgraffito Image Devlopement

I have taken quite a while weighing the pros and cons of the thousands of design ideas that have been running through my head for my skull project. 241 altre parole

Geometry Stars

I can remember learning geometry units in school on multiple occasions, and while I LOVED them, others dreaded them.

This activity was really fun to do, especially for me, since I’m quite visual. 248 altre parole


Stories should be relatable and engaging

Passion Project: Using stories to teach science. What I’ve learned so far:

I’ve read and skimmed through some of the books from the library and have found a few journal articles on the topic of using stories to teach science. 556 altre parole


In which Tess learns to Teach, instead of Truck

Well…The last few weeks have been challenging to say the least. Amongst those challenges though, have been some of the biggest revelations I’ve had in education so far. 208 altre parole

Passion Project

Watercolour Maps

Michael Tompsett, CC BY 2.0

For my first project,  I am loosely basing it off of the above picture.  I’ve seen pictures like this all over… 371 altre parole

Passion Project

Introduction to my Passion Project

What am I going to do for my passion project??

I was so torn for about a month….

I wanted to learn to cook, to play the guitar, to document my past travels in a blog, to classify all the species on Vancouver Island, to learn a new language. 251 altre parole

Passion Project

Passion Project Progress

Since beginning my passion project, I have been looking through resources and teacher guides to try and find if stories are used in the classroom to teach science. 158 altre parole