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100 Things We Fangirl Over

The team at Fanspeak Files is proud to celebrate our 100th post with a list of 100 fandoms we subscribe to (basically anything we’d wear on a shirt), and by thanking you all for visiting our site and geeking out with us day after day. 324 altre parole


Blog 5

Hi! This is my fifth blog post about my passion project. My project has been fun so far. This past week I have made my blanket a little bit bigger. 137 altre parole

Passion Project

Week 5 Of Learning Spanish!

This week I started with a refresher of basic phrases. I found I was forgetting basic words so I thought I should take a few steps backwards and refresh my memory with something a bit simpler. 341 altre parole

Week 1 Passion Project

In my elevator pitch, I listed out my plan for the week. My first week was entirely devoted to planning and character building. I did most of my planning on the first project day, but the characters required more time than I had anticipated.s… 259 altre parole

Passion Project

Blog 4

Hello friends! This is the fourth blog post, not including my introduction post, that I have posted about my passion project. Over the past week I have been really busy with school and cheer but I did have some time to finally begin my project. 180 altre parole

Passion Project

Week 4 of Learning Spanish!

This week I focused on learning new verbs; specifically verbs that have to do with teaching. Therefore I learned the verbs “leer” and “escribir” which  means “to read” and “to write” respectively. 282 altre parole

1st Group Passion Project

My new Innovation class consisting of 12 students is embarking on their first group “Passion Project”. In addition to other weekly events and activities, these students get 20% time to work on a “Passion Project” of their choice. 262 altre parole

Passion Project