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Edinburgh International Harp Festival - recovery!

I’m finally catching myself up coming the other way today.

Last week the Edinburgh International Harp Festival was on, and what a few days it proved to be. 1.429 altre parole


My Passion Project

My Passion Project
Is basically going to be about a short story about music, yes it’ll have characters. But, It’s not going to be a novel. 162 altre parole

Passion project (class assignment)

My digital communications teacher recently told us about something called “passion projects.” We have been assigned to do said “passion project.”

My project is something I’ve been working on for about a year now. 71 altre parole

Passion Project

Passion Project Update 2.0

This week, I started a fashion website on WordPress. However, it is a work in progress and I will need to start posting right away. But it’s finished being set up and I plan to have a category for fashion watch, personal favorites, award fashion critiques, and Fashion Week Watch. 104 altre parole


Two Longnecks Wishing You a Happy Easter 

A repost from our ongoing passion project http://www.zombiegoodlife.com

Because nothing amuses us more than a zombie in a ridiculous bunny costume.

Happy Easter!

Two Longnecks

What's your Passion Project?

The most powerful thing I have ever heard came from my uptight, relentless professor. He chose to spend our last class lecturing us(which usually makes every one of us moan, so I was a tad surprised). 275 altre parole

Passion Project 12

This will be my final drawing post, but not my final drawing. I hope to continue drawing in the future to ensure the right side of my brain gets some time to explore. 110 altre parole

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