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Winding Down

20 time scene 5, Expelled, now graces my portfolio (I apologize for the late post). The main character is a squire (or knight-in-training) who goes to a “school” to become a knight. 152 altre parole


On Self Care

What do you do when when you wake up and feel a little out of sorts, a bit sad, and can’t quite put your finger on it? 618 altre parole


Why Creativity Outside the Office Transpires Into the Workplace

It started out as just a hobby. I always enjoyed drawing and painting, picking up the hobby again in senior year of college. It was a way to relax and create something — to be more productive than simply sitting in front of Netflix during free time (nothing wrong with doing that, by the way!). 348 altre parole


Thumbs Up for Us!

Today all 3 levels of my Innovation class presented their final projects. First, Demi conducted her TED-style talk in the auditorium for an audience of parents, school district officials and peers. 99 altre parole

Passion Project

Passion projects - what's in it for you?

Passion projects are what I call adult hobbies. No, not that. I’m referring to investing your time and energy in projects that broaden your horizon, enrich your mind and nurture your soul. 202 altre parole

Helpful Hints

My latest scene is up, titled A Tale of Two Societies. It’s a break from my previous scenes because the social issue – the split of the social classes – is not the main focus of the piece. 112 altre parole


Freedom Yogis Website Launch Announcement!


Brian and I are absolutely ecstatic to have just launched our website, www.freedomyogis.com! We’ve been working hard to get this site up and running, and we are so excited to get to share it with our friends, family, and the world. 329 altre parole