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Why My Hobby Helps Me to Be More Creative in My Job

When it comes to art, it’s personal. Just like writing or exercising or cooking is to others, drawing and painting are to me.

It’s a well known fact that hobbies help to quiet persistent thoughts and stressors. 656 altre parole


Live. Create. Dream.

Fresh paint. Fresh cut grass. A fresh start. A few of my favorite things.

Last November, when this blog came to life, it was exciting and fun to do something different than the norm of everyday. 448 altre parole

Affordable Decor

It's time to start asking "What if...?" Begin the new year with a Professional Passion Project! #PassionProjectPL

Too often in education, we eliminate the question of What if…? for our students and for our teachers. It’s time to dream big – what would your ideal classroom look like? 289 altre parole

New York City. Tom & Sadie. 7.28.17

One of the questions we get asked the most is: “How do you decide who you are going to sit down and speak to?” Our answer, up until this week, was simple. 961 altre parole

The Passion Project


As summer holidays are upon us, and I’m finally not working 3 jobs, I have some free time on my hands (!!!!!!!!)

While I’m not completely off, in fact I’m currently starting a business launch, I want to see what it would be like if I planned, every day, for some time to do something I’m passionate about, or curious about. 187 altre parole


Social Media Pressures

I love social media, I’ve loved it ever since I get tweets as texts to my flip phone and built up my Myspace profile to 4,000 friends. 498 altre parole


A cup of tea

Well, it’s a chilly mid-week morning today. As I sit into my cubicle with my hot cup of Moroccan tea while browsing the net, I noticed that I haven’t visited my blog for EONS of years (hehe)! 289 altre parole