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Meeting Circle

Hi Everyone!

Just now, I did a Meeting Circle with the following people; Grace J, Megan, & Sophie. A Meeting Circle, is where one person talks about their Passion Project for 3 minutes, and after that, everyone else comments on what they’ve said, and asks them some questions.It was really interesting to hear what they were doing, and I think that they asked some good questions, and gave me some good feedback.

Happy Drawing Everyone!


Passion Project

A little intro...

As I am writing this I am almost finished my last semester of University for 2016 with the impending New Zealand summer to look forward to. 149 altre parole


Profile: Clare Major, Filmmaker, The Freedom Outweighs the Fear

“I love that my job is to become a serial expert on interesting people doing interesting things, all over the world,” Clare Major, filmmaker and videojournalist, writes on her web site. 1.080 altre parole


After Nearly A Decade Of Work, Pokémon Uranium Is Up For Download

If you’ve never heard of Pokémon Uranium, it’s a fan-made Pokémon game that’s been in development for over nine years. While it certainly isn’t the first fan-made Pokémon game, it is arguably the most ambitious. 107 altre parole


Title ideas :D

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday I drafted up some ideas for what the title could look like. I attempted at lots of different styles/fonts. The one circled in red is the one I’ve decided to use :) 6 altre parole

Passion Project

Week 17: Losing Time

When it comes to writing, time is an essential part. It’s impossible to write what you want without enough time to plan it, write it out, develop the plot, and edit it. 296 altre parole

Passion Project