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Learning to Code!

On the weekend I took part in an event for National Learn to code day. It was put on by an organization called Ladies Learning Code. 327 altre parole


Passion-based KM

My son has just started secondary school and I was at his school last night to learn about their “skills” lessons. It sounds fantastic. More than one parent asked if they could come along. 311 altre parole


Passion Project

It’s been a long time since I truly explored something because I wanted to, so when we were encouraged to dive into a passion to complete a project for a tech class I was initially very unsure what I was going to do. 174 altre parole


Blog #3

For my passion project, I have decided to do markerspaces. I am going to be talking about their rise in K-12 schools, and the impact they have had there.

Passion Project

My Personal Learning Goals for EDCI 336

Valerie Irvine teaches our Technology and Innovation class. She’s a big proponent of student led learning and has applied this methodology to our class. It’s a great opportunity to practice the approach first hand, before we attempt it with our own students. 405 altre parole


Finding your passion project.

Omaha native, Bryant Ott founded White and Blue Review (WBR) in 2009 alongside a group of his college friends.

Ott has always found himself in writing. 273 altre parole