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Swinging to something new

FINALLY I’ve begun the dancing portion of my passion project!  And it was an amazing start! 172 altre parole

Passion Project

A Passion Project

“My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness.

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Done and Done!

All finished! That was even more work than the previous watercolour, by a fair bit actually, but I’m happy enough with the results that I feel it was totally worth the extra effort. 327 altre parole

Genius Hours: Something all Teachers Should Consider for Spring

When teachers adopt and adapt successful  business models in classrooms, the results can be as beneficial in schools as they are in the business world. Here’s one business concept taking classrooms by storm:  … 403 altre parole

Creative writing advice

As I’ve been struggling with my goal of kick-starting my life-long dream of creative writing, I’ve spent a decent amount of time searching out writing advice. 214 altre parole

Social Justice

Duolingo for Schools (& personal use)

And here it is: my “presentation” for Duolingo for Schools!

As you might’ve known, I’ve been learning Spanish for my passion project (summary post to follow soon), with Duolingo being one platform I’m using to complete it.   447 altre parole


Fraction Quilt

Fractions can be a really awful experience for some students, so this could make the subject more interesting and more engaging.
I found this idea on Teachers Pay Teachers from Real Teachers Learn, if you’d like to see her version… 229 altre parole

Passion Project