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Week 4: Research, Story Themes and Characters

Hello Everyone!

Once again, this week has been very busy for me, but I’m sure it’s the same for every student and professor at UVic! Yet, I pushed to find time to meet another professor for help with my story’s theme and characters. 760 altre parole

Open Inquiry

Passion Project

Our first project of the year was a passion project loosely based on the contracts we had drawn up. 766 altre parole

Second Year

Week 3: Part 2 of Short Story

Hey Everyone!

I apologize for the late post; it was supposed to be blogged last week. I’m currently waiting for a response about my short story which is vital to the theme. 236 altre parole

Open Inquiry

Lynsy Leads...introducing my passion project

Passion Project


work outside of your chosen career
path that gives you satisfaction; something that one escapes to; your
contribution to the world.

As I embark on my 36th year of life I am proud and excited beyond belief to announce the launch of…

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Exploring Techniques...

We are continuing to explore techniques to use in our passion project. Unfortunately this week I have been unable to make it into the studio but this week I have four experiments I want to work on. 166 altre parole

Week 2: Research, Part 1 of Story, Professional Learning

Hey Everyone!

This has been a very busy week for me. Not only am I writing my story, anxious about available time, I’ve also began my research. 620 altre parole

Passion Project

A Culinary Exploration of Culture

I’ve decided to do my Open Inquiry project for EDCI 336 on Brazilian food.

As you may have noticed, my “About Me” page is in two languages: English, and Brazilian Portuguese. 269 altre parole

Open Inquiry