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Baby Name Regrets

Baby names and regret? Yikes. I’m not sure I would have ever thought it was possible to regret—or at least have second thoughts—about your baby’s name, but… 284 altre parole

Parents & Kids

Enter the Spin-Off Novels

I’d like to clarify something, before I put some new 20 time scenes on my portfolio.

I am writing my story, with its three books. That has not changed. 240 altre parole


New Passion Project

Hi guys! Okay, so I have changed my mind twice now on the passion project. I apologize to the highest regards, but I could not get ahold of any hotels locally who would let me shadow. 229 altre parole

School Lesson

In over your head? Try this.

Have you ever been in over your head with a big project?

Yep, I’ve been there! Even when you do this work all the time, you get stuck now and then. 431 altre parole

20 Time Update #7

This week I’ve been working on how exactly I should go about learning bass. My learning target is that I don’t want to just mess around and learn songs temporarily, I want to learn in a way where I can continue growing as a bass player long past this project. 356 altre parole

Weekly Reflections

Finally… Hearts Want Short Film shoot begins!

It says ONE MORE DAY above but as I’m writing this post, it’s actually less than NINE hours until cameras are rolling!! 😬

As you can imagine, my hubby Ivan Maramis and I likely won’t get much sleep much tonight. 364 altre parole

Random Thoughts

To Do - 4/18/17

Update: As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to give students an update on work expectations and deadlines. Please keep in mind during… 178 altre parole