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Focusing in on my personal passions

For quite a while, I’ve been spending my time pondering personal passion projects (pardon the alliteration). I’ve gone over and over the things that make me, me… hoping to identify a focus. 241 altre parole


on a Push (Hargeisa Literary Magazine)

Things are shifting, dear friends, which has been a consistently auspicious sign for me in the past: not of joy or prosperity, which are always welcome, but of the seeds of growth that blow in on new winds. 333 altre parole

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Life Drawing 3: Right Frame of Mind

I’ve decided that life drawing is just like pot throwing: if you’re not in the right frame of mind, you can be at the wheel for hours and just make mud. 309 altre parole

Life Drawing

Glaze Experiments

Glaze is used on bisque-ware to create a glass-like, water-tight, and food safe surface. I put a clear liner glaze on two of my previous pieces to finish them: 230 altre parole

Passion Project

Passion Project

Throughout my life I have always played sports and take pride in being able to play multiple sports and being active through sport. I prefer to be active and workout by playing sports compared to going to the gym and lifting. 105 altre parole

Passion Project

Life Drawing 2: Developing a Process

Well, suffice it to say that the second time you try something, it’s much easier. Today, I attended my second drop-in life drawing session.

This week, Amanda was our model. 1.141 altre parole

Life Drawing

Dawn & Shane. New York City. 1.27.18

“If I ever die, you get my hut” quipped Shane (23). A jubilant Dawn (37) laughing in acknowledgment.

As we interacted with the engaged couple (of 2 years -YAY!), I found myself questioning whether their frivolity was a positive or a negative. 451 altre parole