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Patience is a virtue...wait what?

One thing that drives me crazy about myself is my lack of patience! I am the furthest thing from a patient person, and as hard as I try I can not hold it back. 176 altre parole


And So It Begins

I’m sitting here in Cancun looking out at the beautiful blue water – we’re heading back state side today.

As we leave Mexico, we have 12 students working on 10 amazing projects that I wanted to share with you all. 226 altre parole


The Passion Project

Business Coaching for Wellness & Soul Centred Bizpreneurs

Starting a new business or transitioning one to the next level is a Labour of Love, and as your  325 altre parole


Menace In Venice: Field Report + Solé Bicycles - Blackfoot Stomp


Blackfoot Stomp | A visual translation of the modern day native, built to remind us all that a Solé is the key to engaging mobility and conquering your daily commute, no matter where you may be heading. 505 altre parole

Fan Story: Emil Johansson and the Lord of the Rings Project

Published in 2012, the Lord of the Rings Project is the ultimate website for any and all of your LOTR needs, because we know you have them. 326 altre parole

The Lord Of The Rings

My Latest Passion Project

Recently I’ve been pursuing my passions more often than usual. If you know me– you know I love art, writing, photography, film, adventures, music, and all sorts of creative stuff. 177 altre parole


Black Market Trading & Other Updates

I hope you enjoyed Loo’s story. Per standard, I am moving on.

This week I am writing a story about a black market trader, Jack Press, and his fight for hope in a world gone bad. 196 altre parole