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Reflections on 1st Pilot

In education, I have always seen the difference it makes in student engagement when students have choice. I have also seen the difference having an actual target audience can make to the finished project. 174 altre parole

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We are extremely excited to introduce our new series, SCOUT. We’ve been so fortunate to have met, worked with, and been inspired by the unbelievably original minds in our orbit, and this series is a response to that good fortune. 43 altre parole


My Success Equation

In my previous post I addressed my success venn diagram and how it relates to a hedgehog. The venn diagram below reflect my Hedgehog Concept. 157 altre parole

Math For Creatives

Fox Or A Hedgehog?

If you could choose to be a fox or a hedgehog, which would you rather be?

Many people would choose to be a fox. After all, foxes are beautiful, sleek and cunning. 563 altre parole

Math For Creatives

Canon Fired

Dear Bloggers,

So this Friday evening, I was fortunate enough to be given a DSLR camera by my Dad! After weeks of wishing, dreaming, hoping for the fulfilling experience of using a manual camera. 207 altre parole


Passion Project - Wk 2

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

Week 2 of my Passion Project! This week, we are required to write about the preparation of our term-long project, the skills, resources and materials that will be needed in order to complete a thorough and well planned project. 422 altre parole


My new passion project: Out and Abroad

After mulling about this for the longest time, I FINALLY started my passion project – a blog collective called “Out and Abroad” for all those like me who are already living and working abroad or thinking about making that big move. 194 altre parole

Rica Facundo