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What the Haiku! - The Complete Collection

Hey everyone,

As you may or may not know, back in January I completed my ‘What the Haiku’ challenge of doing a Twin Peaks related haiku every day for a year and putting them on YouTube. 7.546 altre parole

Getting Outside More With Kids

Welcome! The project that I am presenting to you today is about getting outside more with students, the benefits of doing so, and the curricular connections that you can make. 913 altre parole

Passion Project

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote - Review

The film opens with a title card, and all the context you need for the film.

“And now…
after 25 years in the making…
and unmaking.” 532 altre parole


When To Call It Quits | BEDA 8

Letting go feels like one of the most difficult things to do. There’s a sort of bitter uncertainty when it comes to quitting on something that you’ve put so much time into even when every possible sign suggests its time; it’s like you’re giving up on yourself. 300 altre parole


Selling Out?: Getting a "Real Job" as an English Major

“What’re you gonna do with that?” I heard this question many times throughout my educational career as an English major — eventually I would just respond with a blank smile and allowed the inquirer to speculate on their own. 1.067 altre parole


Pursuing a Passion Project

Do you have an idea floating around in your head that won’t shake? Is there something about it that’s appealing, exciting, or thought provoking? Do you find yourself drifting off to another place where this idea is not only started but thriving? 597 altre parole