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Passion Project 12

This will be my final drawing post, but not my final drawing. I hope to continue drawing in the future to ensure the right side of my brain gets some time to explore. 110 altre parole

EDCI336 Technology Innovation In Education

Passion Project 10

My favorite cartoon movie for a while has been How to Train Your Dragon and also the sequel. I took this opportunity to draw one of the main characters: Toothless. 39 altre parole

EDCI336 Technology Innovation In Education

Passion Project Complete!

I have finally finished my Passion Project. It will be a resource I can use every time I Nanny.

Throughout making this book I learned several things about technology. 115 altre parole

Passion Project

Goldstream Earth Caching

A few weeks ago a friend and I went exploring at Goldstream park. We went for a hike and to see the trestle, but we ended up finding an earth cache. 256 altre parole

Passion Project

Word Choice in Writing

Word Choice is next on our list of lessons to teach.

Lesson 4 looks at Dead words. These are words so overused in writing that they have lost their special touch. 167 altre parole

Passion Project

Lessons on Voice

For My first three lesson, I focused on teach voice to students.

Lesson 1 I already introduced in previous blog post, but basically students learn what voice is then find examples of voice when they are doing their silent reading. 181 altre parole

Passion Project

Passion Project Introduction and Lesson 1

I have started three passion projects now. I have and abandoned project that I started, what became my side-passion project and now my third passion project. 205 altre parole

Passion Project