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I'm scared


It’s a beautiful Sunday, I just took a nice bath – complete with hair masks and body scrubs – and I have a face mask on, so why not write a new post while we’re at it? 469 altre parole

Post number 2!

Well, I’m back with anther post but not too much of a business update!

I haven’t made anything for my shop yet, but I do have a couple of reasons! 208 altre parole


On Passion turned Profession

When was the last time you ever asked yourself if you’re passionate about what you’re currently doing?

If that’s recent, then you probably looked back at summer before fifth grade, when you were singing your heart out with a cassette mixtape playing on the background, or when you collected stickers to trade with your friends. 1.165 altre parole

Neat Reflections

Let's Stop Telling Kids to 'Find Their Passion'

For a magical–and very trying–two years, I taught Kindergarten and 1st grade. It was probably some of the best teaching experience of my life: I learned about play, motivation, and student-driven learning in a way I had never thought I would. 1.373 altre parole

Personalized Learning

What is a Professional Organizer?

If you do a quick google search on what a Professional Organizer is, there’s a ton of blogs and professional organizer websites you will see trying to explain what a Professional Organizer really is… why? 806 altre parole

Neat Reflections

Day 1 of the Journey

Right, so I’m actually thinking I’m a little bit mad now, so I’ve started this whole separate blog for my little business just to keep my mind straight! 288 altre parole


Sueños de España

I’m not usually a writer of poetry, so I’m not sure if I would even consider the following to be a poem. I feel more comfortable labeling it as a type of written sentiment to a place and to a collection of lived experiences that have changed my personal perception of love and the world. 659 altre parole