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DMIC: Developing Mathematical Inquiry in a Learning Community

Today in our second callback day we had a PD session from CeRME and Massey University on developing maths inquiry. Our session started with a talk about the traditional accessibility of maths and mathematical development. 1.125 altre parole


I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease in 2014 – the year after my Parkinson’s diagnosis. I was 30, pregnant with my first child, and really quite ill; I had lost a lot of weight, was permanently grey-faced, and couldn’t keep any food down (or up) for months. 726 altre parole


Going into this course I was extremely overwhelmed when I saw that we would be developing our own Institutional Technology Plan.  This is the stuff of nightmares.  484 altre parole


PLN? Say what?!

PLN? Say what, now?! In education we have a tendency to over use the alphabet soup… But look no further! This is one of the… 369 altre parole


Spoiler alert: Growth! That’s what happens!

Well, that’s the short answer anyhow. As my #DBC50Summer implementation of Escaping the School Leader’s Dunk Tank, I chose to participate in at least three Twitter chats per month in order to keep connected during the school year. 1.729 altre parole


My Kingdom for a DVD region hack

Quick update on the old hot turkey process (getting on a first name basis with M. Adopar, Maddie Par O, Mad Opa – suggestions welcome, no really!). 875 altre parole


Why I will never, ever stop loving women full stop

Whenever I start on this most familiar trait of my mental make-up, I can see the assorted eyebrows of – even some very near and dear – gals within my inner circle preparing for lift-off. 808 altre parole