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Manipulation & 'Personality Disorder' - Dig Deeper

Keir is a Lead Therapist in an NHS Specialist Service and provides training, consultation and therapy around complex mental health problems through beamconsultancy.co.uk

Every now and then people are kind enough to respond to some of the things I’ve written with really thoughtful stories, ideas and comments.  758 altre parole


Is this my life? Really? Is this my REAL life? The past two months of #DBC50Summer have turned into some surreal moments! From receiving the most thoughtful, motivational DMs, tweets, and personal written notes (even snail mail) from these incredible authors to the sheer amount of knowledge and inspiration I have gained – the whole thing makes me question if it’s really real! 1.857 altre parole


When I first started thinking of blogging my thoughts about all of the Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc books, I checked Dave’s website to see a comprehensive list of the books he and Shelley have published over the years. 1.836 altre parole


Review: ELT Lesson Observation & Feedback Handbook - Jeanette Barsdell

For a new teacher trainer in charge of revamping a somewhat outdated and inadequate teacher development programme, I’ve been feeling a little bit a pressure lately. 781 altre parole


My Summer Reading Was AWESOME!

For some reason this summer was less busy than those in years past.  I had more time for myself than ever and I spent a great deal of time on my back porch, 1.176 altre parole


I’m just about to start a MSc in History (with an emphasis on the History of Medicine) next month. I’ve also just been told that I have a ‘corticobasal syndrome presenting as parkinsonism type movement’ 410 altre parole

Before I even start this blog, I feel the need to set the scene around me. I am sitting in a super uncomfortable chair that I slept in for about 45 minutes last night (so don’t be too harsh about a typo here, there, and everywhere; I’ll fix them after some sleep) wrapped up in a hospital blanket (because anything above freezing seems to be too warm), listening to the beeping of the machines (seriously though, why… 1.703 altre parole