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Online Learning and Education

Today, as we are changing with the latest trends, then why we will stay back-dated when it comes to education? As online learning, becomes more popular, more online learning options are becoming available. 280 altre parole


Start eLearning, Start Simple

Before starting off with any eLearning course, we need to keep certain basic things in mind, which will act as a foundation for any given project. 340 altre parole


How to Write Engaging Questions for eLearning Courses?

Crafting engaging questions for eLearning courses or Online Forums is not so easy. Neither it is too hard. One has to think out-of-the-box to trick the learners and judge from the course point of view and constantly ask yourself, “Whether the questions encompass the learning outcomes?” 744 altre parole


Training Programs or Courses Failure: What Next?

People love Trainings…

But, they hate the way they get trained

Failures of training programs or courses does not depend only one person or factor, it may have various reasons behind it, which at times we overlook. 244 altre parole


Why Storyboarding?

A storyboard is a written record of the visual, text and audio elements as well as other interactions that have been finalized for each and every screen in an eLearning course. 313 altre parole


Why is eLearning better than PPT or PDFs?

E-learning is designed by instructional designers who are experts in the psychology in learning. So, they design the course in such a way that it will be easy for the learners to understand the content. 221 altre parole


Game as a medium of Leaning

What’s the better way to learn than playing a game?

Gamification is the new system of education or learning by the non-game contexts to engage and motivate learners in solving problems. 201 altre parole