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Anyák napi képeslapok

Szeretek jó előre felkészülni a soron következő ünnepre, jelen esetben Anyák napjára. Személyes motivációm nyilván abban rejlik, hogy évek óta csak postai úton tudom eljuttatni Anyunak a saját készítésű köszön(t)ő ajándékomat, ajándékainkat, amire biztos ami zicher alapon bő egy hetet rá is hagyok. 217 altre parole

How to Get the Most Out of Apple's macOS Preview App

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  1. Editing a Clipboard Image – If you copy an image to your Clipboard from another app, you can quickly edit what’s on your clipboard in Preview.
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Dollard des Ormeaux et ses compagnons - ebook - PDF

Dollard des Ormeaux et ses compagnons, notes et documents, E.-Z. Massicotte, Montréal : Comité du Monument Dollard des Ormeaux, 1920, 91p.

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S2-E02: GM Screen and Resource Book


Today we take a look at one of the most useful resources to any 13th Age GM: The Game Master’s Screen and Resource Book. Join us as we crack the cover and talk about what you can expect to find inside and whether or not we think it’s worth picking up.


Basic Computer Notes

Hardware section.

Understand basic computer easily.

Myanmar version(PDF).



PDF in three dimensions

There are two ways to put 3D models into a PDF file. Neither of them is an extension of the two-dimensional PDF model. Rather, they’re technologies which were developed independently, which can be wrapped into a PDF, and which software such as Adobe Acrobat can work with. 524 altre parole