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Self appreciation time

I should be grateful not jealous about what I actually have compared to what Francesca or others have.

I’m still studying, but interesting subjects. I’ll graduate later, but I’ll spend four months in Australia. 138 altre parole


“We have such a good connection”

When Jelle asked me where and when to meet yesterday I decided to tell him the true. I told him that it would have been better if we stopped see each other, cause I have a bf since three years. 192 altre parole


What came next and my relief 

What came next:

  1. I deleted Tinder from my iPhone and my profile as well
  2. I felt jealous about Nik and Fra’s daily relationship
  3. This jealousy made me reflect on what I was doing…
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Per la prima volta sono salita su un palcoscenico avendo appena 5 anni. Ne sono rimasta affascinata come una vera leonessa (oppure leoncina ;-) ) e… ci sono rimasta. 224 altre parole



Pini abbracciati nel vento
rinnovando il caro saluto
in un cielo dall’ombra mai spento
ad un cuore dapprima confuso


What am I doing?

What am I doing? This is not me. Why am I cheating to Marco? Meeting new people with Tinder wasn’t so exciting as I expected. Jelle is the only interesting guy I met. 438 altre parole


La Fotografia e l'Ossessione Del Tempo Che Passa

“Time” dei Pink Floyd ce l’ha sempre detto di fare attenzione al tempo che passa (“And you are young and life is long and there is time to kill today, and then one day you find… 657 altre parole

Street Photography