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An Extraordinary Journey: Brittany Pearson

“Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens.”
-Carl Jung

Some people cross your path and completely change your life.
It could be a friend, a lover, a co-worker, an acquaintance. 501 altre parole


7 Days of Self Love. Day 7

QUEENSized Challenge

My awesome friend has created a challenge that I feel we all need to participate in. Go to her page for details. Below is my Day 7. 222 altre parole



Road Trip! The destination for this week is “Protection.” We each need a safe place to retreat and we can also be a haven for others. 67 altre parole


You can’t have it both ways in life. And when you try, it will only lead to emptiness and a repeated cycle of pain. When you convince yourself that you can have it both ways, you avoid true commitment. 46 altre parole

What makes you randomly burst into tears?

Confession.  I don’t think I’ve ever found myself seemingly randomly bursting into tears as much as I have in the last few months.  I tell myself a few competing things when this happens. 354 altre parole

Do You Boo

Exercise: Mealtime Gratitude (4 Ways You Can Appreciate Eating and Your Life More)

Do you feel grateful at mealtimes or do you begrudge them?

As you might have heard, humans need to consume a certain amount of nutritious matter (known as ‘food’) per day to stay alive and be healthy. 1.809 altre parole


#134 Defeat is Optional

Is “defeat” a part of your vocabulary?

It is impossible to stop life’s many challenges from reaching us.  It’s also impossible to live a problem-free life. 179 altre parole

Professional Productivity