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Creative Struggles

One of the hardest parts of creating something from scratch is the creative process that gets you to your final product. This creative process has been one of the biggest struggles for both me and my project partner. 1.123 altre parole


So I've come back to it have I?

Time is a merciless thing, slowly creeping away from us as we burn seconds behind TV screens and bleed minutes into smartphones. Trade weeks for fake friends and months for hashtags and a chance to gloat. 368 altre parole


T-Minus 9 Months Part-1

I’ve been married for 10 years and together with my husband for 15 years. I wanted to wait until I was older to have children. But then the years went by and honestly I enjoyed being childless. 483 altre parole


Getting Personal...

You may have noticed my absence the past 4 days. Maybe you didn’t, listen to me- talking like I’m somebody. I was exhausted and having migraines. 437 altre parole


12 Week Prenatal Care with a Homebirth Midwife

I am now in my 12th week of pregnancy. Recently, I made the decision to switch care providers and go back to the homebirth midwife  we used for our first two children. 743 altre parole


STT - Rant Time Thursday

It’s been a hell of a two weeks, and to be honest, concentrating on writing on a story for today is too much for me. I’ve had my mind on a few big issues of late, so instead; I’m going to talk about that. 903 altre parole