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Jurei, jurei, jurei.

For my english followers – I’m sorry for not posting in english, I have not been able to write in this language as when I’m at the bottom of the sea, the portuguese can be a more expressive and strong language to put my feelings into words. 359 altre parole

Dark Times

Four Teams

I’ve been thinking about teams quite a bit recently.  And there are a number of reasons why.  It may take several posts to explain it all, if I even decide to go there.  427 altre parole


Well, okay...

Just met a woman from Champagne, Illinois who is here getting medical treatment at a local hospital.  She was very nice and kept repeating my name – she said she’d had a head injury but didn’t say how long ago.  333 altre parole

you should go and love yourself

“And even when no one is looking, love yourself.” – Alex Elle

I shared this quote on my 21st birthday; I declared that being 21 was going to be about me and loving myself independently of anyone else. 506 altre parole

Daily Reading 2/18/2018

One of my devotionals today was centered around four words – “I am with you.” That is something we should always remember. Jesus is always with us, whether we realize it or not. 23 altre parole


#DSFWeeklyRewind: Can I get a Do-Over?

Good afternoon Rewinders! I seem to have a pattern of good weeks followed by bad weeks. If that’s really true, this coming week should be phenomenal! 1.360 altre parole