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Easy flying for all the wrong reasons

Well, this was different.

I entered Terminal 1 at JFK airport and there was no one there, in early afternoon. I exaggerate, but only a little. 1.073 altre parole



Pagi yang terlalu pagi di Perugia. Saya tiba dari Siena, berhenti di Piazzale Umbria Jazz, lalu menumpang minimetro ke pusat kota.

Pagi yang terlalu pagi. Kota seperti sedang bersiap menyusun harinya sendiri. 532 altre parole


umbria: a chilly afternoon in perugia

We drove up into Perugia and walked ever upward. Perugia, population 170,000, is the capital of Umbria. It is a majestic, handsome and wealthy city with trendy boutiques, upscale cafes, and grandiose architecture. 821 altre parole