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Snapshots of Jesus: Matthew 14

As I read through Matthew 14, I found that we get to see a very intimate side of Jesus. To give some context, in the beginning of chapter 14, John the Baptist is beheaded by Herod Antipas, the ruler of Galilee. 2.680 altre parole


The Jewish Gift to the World

I’m going to start with a disclaimer: please stick with me through all of today’s teaching.  For some, it may cause great angst in the beginning.   846 altre parole


Your Miracle Will Happen!

Ever wonder why it’s taking so long? I used to think I had to wait for miracles? Sometimes we do. Miracles are a process though. We can play a part in making them happen. 329 altre parole


NASA changed all the astrological signs and I’m a crab now

(Source: arstechnica.com)

According to a post on NASASpacePlace, everything we thought we knew about the influence the heavens have over our Earthly lives has been thrown into chaos. 1.005 altre parole


Not a Fish Story

Matthew 4:18-20, 17:27

Have you gone fishing before?  When I was younger, my family and I went fishing with Grandpa Topping many times.  It felt good to catch a fish. 56 altre parole

Humans: Season 1/ Episode 4 - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


There are a handful of shocks and surprises in episode 4. Be it something physically done to Anita, which characters finally have their storylines converge with another, or perhaps who we learn is a possible sentient synth. 1.318 altre parole

TV Series

Cancelled & Deleted

Finally, the last linked I had to Peter Wittendorp is gone forever. I cancelled the subscription to the email that brought him into my life and caused so much headaches and  shitstorm to me no longer exist. 199 altre parole