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Be free like a bird... 🦅

Quite proud of this shot I took over the weekend… ‘The only way you know how far you can go in life is to spread your wings and just fly… be free like a bird…’ #capturemesmiling #photography #capturemesmilingphotography #eagle #freelikeabird #wings #flyfree #birds #


The Eurasian Tree Sparrow

En av de aller vanligste spurvefuglene i våre lokale omgivelser. De fleste benevner den som ‘spurv’, men – det riktige navnet på denne fuglen er altså en ‘Pilfink’!  142 altre parole


#140 - Hang On

Photo taken: February 4, 2016

The very lower limbs on my backyard oak tree are not in the sturdiest of shape.  So I was quite surprised to see a couple of squirrels involved in a chase where they were jumping between these rather skimpy twigs and somehow not managing to come crashing down to…. 74 altre parole