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Hello Wonderful People!

Onto the special post I mentioned last time…..WOHOO!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ


Today’s post. About Collages!. ( Wait. Do I sound weird) Anyway, moving on… I have been playing around with collages a lot lately ( and of course with different filters) because, for some reason or the other, it’s so much of fun! 77 altre parole


Plants of the desert

Over the past few days I’ve had the opportunity to shoot some pics of the various plant life in the desert outside Vegas. It’s still winter down here, so many of the plants are still in their hibernating mode. 110 altre parole


Abstract Paper Sculpture and Lighting

As inspired by Frank Gehry’s architecture and proses of screwing or folding paper to come-up with ideas. Above is my interpretation of his abstract approach and my sculptor made of paper. 242 altre parole



The strategy and rhythm of life is different between working and retirement.

Garry just reminded me that he’s busy. By this he means he’s reading two books — one audio, the other print. 449 altre parole


in the wings

She was lonely

she took her world and folded it it slowly

Turning each corner a fan

Which place would each fold show

When opened again… 71 altre parole