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3 Must-See Gardens In Hong Kong

HONG KONG – first thing comes to mind is Disneyland or perhaps shopping. Others want to experience what it’s like to live in the urban concrete jungle. 422 altre parole


At The End Of The Day

“At The End Of The Day”  (Puerto Peñasco)– Image by kenne

At the end of the day
I watch the setting sun.

At the end of the day… 95 altre parole


One passage on light.

Evanescent blooms, white:
one passage on light.

aesthetic research

A few weeks ago I posted an image where I mentioned my visual research about a certain mood (soft, usaturated)  of color palette when taking landscape photographs. 47 altre parole


Tanka: Sacred Stones

river and soft rains
washing the sacred stones
clear water
arranged by loving hands
blessed by the autumn moon

© Xenia Tran

We wish you all a very happy Monday and a wonderful new week! 46 altre parole


Truth is, if we want the same love,

Same kindness from others,

We have to be ready to give it back.

And the truth is no more simple than, 84 altre parole