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Portrait of Jose

I was driving to the library when I noticed an individual randomly walking around with a bass drum. No marching band. No group. For that matter, no groupies. 207 altre parole


Face and Flower Illustration

This incredible artwork by Livvy made my day! We are going through some real rough time now and drawing is taking a back seat. With abusive parents in the house you cannot keep your creative side up for too long. 258 altre parole


The Tourists

Ok- I’ve had my fun. Off to walk the streets! Good day all….


Baked With Love

This is straight up ooey, gooey, delicious, beautiful, almost-too-amazing-to-eat, baked with love goodness! I said “almost” too good to eat. *Chomp* *Yum*


Portmagee Ireland, County Kerry | Photo a Day | Ireland Travel Photography

The tiny fishing village of Portmagee has always been known for its boats that go to the historic Skellig Islands. Since the latest Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, was filmed here, it’s seen a massive influx of tourists. 30 altre parole