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Inside the "Cute Culture" Exhibit at Bijutsu-kan Gallery at Epcot

Over Spring Break I went to Disney’s Epcot and they had a wonderfully cute exhibit at the Japan Pavilion’s Bijutsu-kan Gallery called “Cute Culture.” Below are my photos and some more information about the exhibit along with official information from the Epcot website. 783 altre parole


There's Now a Way for People to See Every Photo You've Ever Liked on Facebook

There’s a very simple way to see all the photos that you’ve ever liked on Facebook. All you have to do is start typing in the search bar. 21 altre parole


Poached Egg N00b

This is probably a pretty weird blog post to share after so much time passing without me uploading anything!  Oh, well.  I’m feeling overly excited about the breakfast I made today. 138 altre parole


G i l b e r t & G e r t i e

Many of you have heard about them,
Some have had the honour fright of being chased by them.
I’ve had these geese since I was 11,

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A Multilingual Island Tour

Yesterday, we did a Tenerife island coach tour – covering mostly the west, north and east, of the island. It picked us up about 8am from a nearby hotel. 953 altre parole


GTM Photos: Groovin The Moo, Bendigo (30.04.16)

Groovin The Moo rolled into Bendigo on Saturday and the big rain clouds did not keep people away. The festival started off with a couple of torrential pours before the sun came out and lit up the festival for the rest of the day. 126 altre parole